Survivor's Diary, entry one

Greetings, readers!

Let's tell you about Ragtag Crew - the game we make with a very small team for our own pleasure and explain why exactly this game. But first, let's introduce ourselves. We are Hardlane Studio - a young team from the CIS, and Ragtag Crew is our first project on Steam (the first was Wondrous Lands). The founders are Vladimir and Mikhail, friends from Minsk, who started making games as a hobby.

Now they are working on the game: Mikhail is a programmer and game designer, Vladimir is a game designer and animator, Alexandra is a game writer, and Zack Parish creates music.

Art for Ragtag Crew is done by Anton (Tony Sart), which we are incredibly happy about. The game is developed on the Unity engine. For animation we use Spine, and for sound we use FMOD.

What is the Ragtag Crew?

You almost certainly know the desktop game system D&D. We are familiar with it very intimately and practically. But for us, good character wagering has always been the most frustrating and stressful part of the game. But it is really interesting to watch the game when all the players play their characters vividly, with immersion, keeping track of all the backgrounds and interactions.

And then it occurred to us: you could make a computer game, and there ALL the characters would ALWAYS play well!

We were inspired, first of all, by Death road to Canada, a horror game with great humor, about a squad of characters traveling together during a zombie apocalypse. Also, the Warhammer Quest board game inspired the combat mechanics, and Darkest Dungeon inspired the animation style. Often when we were playing RPGs ourselves, we would mentally start making up stories for the characters, and that was reflected in our concept as well.

The result is a turn-based tactical "roguelike" in which party members have both classes and vivid characters, and consequently quarrel, bond with each other, catch flashbacks, try to change their lives, change each other's minds, or listen to the opinions of their comrades. Also, depending on the combination of the character's class and character, their special starting skills and abilities are selected.

And all this in the setting of a hostile post-apocalyptic desert with soulless marauders, intimidated tribes and wild mutated creatures.

What about the combat?

On the surface, the battles resemble JRPGs, but we are careful to ensure that there are no "unimportant" battles in the game, when the player can just press the same button and win.

The main feature of the combat system is that the player can find out all of the enemy's actions for the current turn and adjust his plan of action. No matter how strong the enemies are (and they may seem stronger than your squad), the player can outmaneuver them with intelligent damage calculations and the use of abilities. Enemies get more personality, and the player is much more involved in every action in combat and is less burned by sudden injustice.

What stage of development is it at right now?

Overall progress:

Code: 90% complete. We've sorted out all the key elements of the game, and are now mostly busy adding content, fixing bugs and QoL improvementsImages

: 90% complete. What's left is mostly the game's endingMusic

: 45% completeSound

: 50% complete

Right now, we're adding content to the game.

Creatures (50+ in game): 90% done. Almost all creatures are finished, but some still need to be animated and "groomed

"Abilities (50 in game): 90% finished. All abilities are finished, but we're still fine-tuning the balanceEquipment

(60+ in game): 90% done. There are some item icons leftEvents

(134 done): 75% done. The process takes the longest, with many different outcomes and variations in each event.

What's left to do before the game's release?

-More events;

-Music and sound effects;

-Anlock system -the ability to unlock new content for passing the game with different conditions;

-Balance for all three difficulties;


-Localization. Now we are mainly focused on English and Russian.

Over the past three months we have globally redesigned the interface, added most of the sound effects and the mechanics of the influence of the character's initial abilities, and put it all together in a fresh demo.


The game's release is planned for 2022, and now there's a free demo available for you to try the gameplay and form your own opinion. We will be very grateful for any feedback.

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