Memo to the novice author and his reader

I always get asked three questions: why do I post my advice on blogs, how old I am, and why do I have Batman in an earflaps hat on my avatar? I'll start with the last one: Batman is wearing an earflaps hat because he's in the wrong part of the cartoon universe. I'm thirty-one years old and my anniversary, now, is not soon. And I'm on the Stopgame blogs because I was kicked out of the other sites - for conviction.

- Do you see the joint on the blog?
- No.
Neither do I
You do!


, 2018.


Why it's here

"I myself, when I first came to blogs, first methodically studied them for days, looking for examples of good blogs that I want to be like, keeping track of bad blogs that are frowned upon.As they say, I was studying the charter of the monastery I was going to enter. It was a glorious time! And I believe that everyone who reads now probably shares this simple desire to respect the site, and, first and foremost, each other."

Dmitry KungurovGeneral
Editor " "

I know that such a topic hangs in the "hat" of blogs, in the "Recommended" section.

However, it starts with the following disclaimer: "The topic is obsolete, the author has long been out of sight, the functionality of blogs has greatly expanded, and they themselves have turned into a slightly different place than they were at the time of writing this manual. The links used by the author of the thread are mostly dead.

In light of this, I see no reason not to do a remake.
Studying the blogs, I've noticed that every year in spring and summer is the season of "dying" StopGame in general and the blogs in particular.

This is most likely due to new users coming to the site and, as a consequence, new blog authors. This year it has also been aggravated by the invasion of "young and talented" video bloggers.

However, there is an alternative point of view on the issue of "umirant":

"Regarding - "Stopgame umirant" - he has long been umirant ... But, we must not forget about such a curious phenomenon that the site umirant is a constant and inexorably tied to time


That is, the "Stopgame Umirant" is linked to the present and only to it. As soon as the mark of the present is overcome, the resource immediately becomes better, more beautiful, everything gets smarter and writes only prose and poetry. A curious paradox follows from this conclusion: the resource is dying every second and getting better every second. It combines two opposite states, two opposite vectors. Which is curious.


, 2014.

Putting one theory on top of the other, I tried to find a solution to the "umirante" problem.

So, if "young and talented" authors, who are not as responsible in writing their first articles as the editor-in-chief describes in the above quote, and angry blog readers, who are blowing everything right and left, are working to bring the "umirant" closer.
Then, to prevent it, there must be users who care (I know I'm not alone in my beliefs) and articles like this one.

A month ago, unable to stand the grammar hell that was going on in blogs, I created a thread that was supposed to help both novice and experienced authors in checking their texts before publication.

To my surprise, the topic aroused unprecedented interest and, it seems to me, turned out to be really useful. The level of literacy in the topics has improved noticeably. And since it worked, I see no reason not to finish what I started.

This time, I decided to throw out an ultimatum memo, which will be useful for those authors who have decided to write in blogs for the first time. I hope it will help them to avoid stupid mistakes and begin their way on our site not with misunderstanding and negativity, but only with approval and support. Well, and reflect a little on the culture of using the gifts of their creativity.

I should say at once that I don't consider myself a very experienced blogger and I have made many of these mistakes myself. Actually, on the example of their own topics (not the same in others pointing fingers) and show some of them.

But, that is why I understand how good it would have been if I had been told about it before I posted the texts. Be wiser than I am - learn from other people's mistakes.

Okay, that's enough talk.

Here we go.


First things firstIt's weird

, of course, that I have to write about it separately, but still.
When you come to a new resource for yourself, please be kind enough to familiarize yourself with the local order:

1. Site Rules2

. Blog rulesRemember

, ignorance of the law, does not exempt from liability (reprimand/ban)!


The clips from YouTubeTaking

this as a separate topic, I believe that it should be dealt with immediately and never return to it.

- "Dear" authors of the themes of a video with titles in the style of: "All HELLO! WITH YOU PETE. I STARTED SAWING FUNNY VIDEOS ON CS:GO/DOTA2/PUBG MOBILE. WATCH AND SUPPORT THE CHANNEL.

Know that your "creativity" here no one fucking need!

Stop littering live blogs with it. Your topic will be deleted anyway (because you're not even trying to follow the rules of blog topic design), and you'll be banned when you try (and you will try) to post it again.

- Really respected YouTube authors who have been posting their work on Stopgame blogs for years or plan to do so.

Remember, you're suffering because of those dickheads in the first paragraph.

And since you've been conditioned to post the text version, have some compassion for those who are trying to read it. We all understand that you spend a lot of time creating a clip and we don't expect you to work in depth with the text version, but at least a little formatting never hurts.

And yes, as I've noticed, posting the video after the text version or under a spoiler greatly reduces the amount of negativity to your topic.


Choice of topic

"In blogs I mostly read reviews of little-known games - personally this topic is the closest to me and interesting, and many others too, judging by the votes. I like discovering some new titles I never knew before... And not only for myself but also for the rest of the bloggers, because I myself, in fact, review what is unpopular or has simply passed by the majority.
In general, most of all I respect the work that are informative and informative nature - the same stories series or game developers, for example. Ideally, of course, the same little-known and unaffected on blogs."

Daniel Loginov

, 2018.

The first topic on Stopgame blogs is like first sex.
If successful, it can give confidence and define preferences for the rest of your life.
And, in the case of failure, can reward a lot of complexes and uncertainty in further undertakings in this field.

Therefore, and to approach the selection of the subject should be with all possible responsibility.
Each of us every now and then, and understands in some way better than others. Someone has already completed all parts of Zelda, someone knows all the lore of Warcraft from beginning to end, someone has played those games that only a few people remember and so on. For these users, the choice is obvious: what I know, I write about.

But many of us want to speak out on a number of topics. Especially for such authors, I, using the science of surveying readers and authors of blogs, brought up a rating of popularity of the topics. Perhaps this information will be useful for you to choose from several topics for the first publication.

Since more than 250 people have already voted (measured at 270), I think the data is quite representative.

Special thanks to all for complying with my request to choose 3 to 5 options (average at the time of taking the measure was 4.3). This helped to make the results as reliable as possible in conditions of scarce instrumentation.

Feel free to use it.

Question: What topics do you prefer to read on the blogs?

The distribution of places is as follows:



Little-known game reviews
2. Game universes

Game creation stories

4. Game developer histories

Retrospectives of video game series

6. Reviews of classic games
7. Stories of iconic figures in the industry
8. Easter eggs, secrets and references in games
9. Scandals, intrigue, investigations in the game industry
10. Topics devoted to movies and TV series
11. Offtop
12. novelty reviews
13. topics on literature


Topics about hardware
15. topics on NRIs (tabletop role-playing games)


Previews of games

It is clear that it is impossible to find an ideal theme for the first blog, but it is possible to estimate its relevance in principle.

An example from my own practice:A
long and hard to write a theme, and then sat and wondered why no one looks at it and does not comment.
The answer is simple, by and large, it was a preview of the novelty with bits of literature (C-c-combo).
The level of demand for such topics can be gauged from the table.

Again, you should not take these statistics as the truth in the last instance. You can write a good blog on any subject and you can find a lot of examples.
However, if you are writing for the first time and are not completely confident in your topic - check with the table.

Separately, I would like to note the desirability of uniqueness of the material: reprinting of posts from conventional Pikabu and Wikipedia is highly undesirable!

"The main point I would put here the expression of their own thoughts, because this is primarily a blog. As far as I'm concerned, thoughts, ideas and other subjective things will always prevail here, no matter what you write about."


, 2018.


Check the text for errors

"In the days of doubts, in the days of painful reflections on the fate of my homeland, - you alone are my support and support, oh great, powerful, truthful and free Russian language! Without you, how could I not fall into despair at the sight of all that is happening at home? But one cannot believe that such a language is not given to a great nation!"

-I.S. Turgenev, 1882.

It's simple here


No one likes to read topics written with mistakes. All novice and not-so-novice authors are strongly advised to check their texts before publication.
Options like "I got a C in Russian at school" or "That'll do!" don't work.
At best, you'll be poked in the nose at your mistakes, and at worst, you'll be marked without explanation.

Yes, we're not writing dictation here, but to avoid negativity, you can always run the text through Word or use one of the themes written for this purpose.

- A topic written as far back as 2010;

- A topic written a month ago


For those who are too lazy to read the whole topic, here are some useful links.

The information was provided by the user SkyKoala. Thank you very much for that!

Introductory words and constructions: how to distinguish when to put a



: in general, difficult casesHow

to distinguish participles and verbal adjectives and write the H and HH in them correctly


here and a little easier here (differences between "doubled consonants" and "doubled consonants", "fried" and "roasted")

Words like "glass", "tin", "wooden "

Declinations of numeralsSingular

and plural predicate ("Did many publishers present(-l?

To distinguish one part of speech from another and to put a comma in it, we use Gramota, and for translations


There's also an excellent translation proofreading guide by Zone of Games.

Semantic Text AnalysisWhenyour

text is ready, copy it into the box at this link and click Analyze


The program will analyze your text and give you some tips on making your material more readable.

And remember, it's not just what you want to write that counts, but how you do it.

"Chronic or deliberate illiteracy is also not welcome

Respect your native language and the other members of the site. Remember that others may just hate to read sloppy answers, replete with errors.

""Rules of communication on"
Version of July 30th 2014.



Theme designMeting

in blogs, as in fact everywhere else, is by the clothes. So if you want to make a good impression on your readers, try to devote enough time and attention to the design of your topics.

In this section, I'll run through the design of topics abstractly, as for a deeper acquaintance, you can always use the F.A.Q.
(This is actually a very useful section. After all, if you have a question, you can always check there first: most likely it has already been asked and found the answer).


. At a minimum - should reflect the essence of the subject, as a maximum - while being brief and concise;
2. should not contain dots, if it is not an abbreviation

A common mistake: stop writing subject names in block letters-it is forbidden!

Picture in preview1

. Must be (even in surveys);
2. Must correspond to the subject

A common mistake: Thinking that this is an optional feature and does not affect anything.
A topic without a preview picture looks like a draft.

Introductory textRemember

: The first 2-3 sentences of your topic text are displayed in previews when you view the list of topics


Think about where your text begins.


. Canvasses of text without paragraph breaks are very difficult to read;

2. Use "Enter,"



the choice of text formatting features isn't great, it's enough to turn faceless text into a neat article


A common mistake: Don't go overboard with formatting: not everything that looks nice is easy to read.

Pictures in text1

. Bad when there are a lot of (unless required by the format of the topic);
2. Bad when there are few (unless required by the format of the topic);
3. Do not forget that images can be centered and scaled


A common mistake: By default, when you upload an image, the function "enclose picture under a spoiler" is enabled. Don't forget to uncheck it if you don't want all your pictures to be spoilered.


here they are better not to take out from under spoiler, because traffik (you do not want your topic to be loaded, as "smoking room" after the 500th comment?)


. It's bad when it's a lot (unless the theme format requires it);
2. It's bad when it's not a lot (unless the theme format requires it)

Don't forget that if your rating is too low on the site, your ability to add a video is disabled. Take care of the honor of the rating tarry.


only clips from YouTube



Publishing and maintenance

- Before publishing, check the topic once again using the "Preview" function ;

- If you missed something and/or found your mistake after publishing the topic, you can always use the "Edit" function to quickly correct it;

- Be sure to write the first comment to the topic (or leave the


publish 'first comment' to output to 'live'" checkbox checked).
This is necessary for your topic to appear in the "Live Stream" column (on the "Blogs" page to the right);

- Respond to your readers' comments


If you don't engage with the people who write comments on your topic, they will simply stop writing them.

If you don't follow these simple rules, you'll get the impression that the author doesn't care about your own topic. And if the author doesn't care, why should others?


A little bit about the culture of reading blogs

"It was enough for me for 2 days and the negativity I experienced to choose a completely different resource and increase its traffic with my content, rather than work for a questionable site pompous and totally unfriendly to new users. "

User who will not write to SG blogs anymore

, 2018

I know that many people have encountered this problem, so I feel the need to bring it up in this thread.

I'm not arguing that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But, friends, don't you think we've become a little too intolerant of new authors lately? I understand that we all have the ability to evaluate both the topics and their authors.

However, why do so many of us have made a habit of unknowingly bashing? Why is an opinion expressed only by click of the mouse?

I already wrote about it in one of my past topics and I'll repeat it here:

A huge request to users, bumming the topic: do not do it silently


It is not at all obvious to the author what you are dissatisfied with.

If you have a complaint about the form or content of the topic - express it in the comments. After all, if you can rate a topic, you can use the comments function. It only takes a couple of minutes, and the author will be truly grateful to any reasonable criticism and will take all your comments into account for the future.

Every time you put a minus to the topic - think about it. If the experienced author will just be unpleasant, the user who is new to the site, you just deprive the opportunity to try to correct their mistakes.

I know that not everyone will take my words as a guide to action, but it's worth a try.
Friends, let's help new authors, support for the good, scold for the bad. An adequate person will always take adequate criticism correctly and try to become better.
Yes this will not solve the problem of mediocrities and those who simply don't care about SG and us, but at least, it will help not to scare away potentially good young authors.

By the way, I'm not the first one to say this. Here's a thread from 2014




sincerely hope this text really helps our beloved blogs become better and cleaner.

And no one is a "hoot."

Let's return blogs to their former glory!

And I would like to say to young authors:

Welcome to!

(+10). Positivator

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