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"A high school student from Ufa has invented a weapon of the future based on the hadron collider principle.

The Ministry of Defense was interested in the electromechanical rifle invented by a young resident of Ufa, which is superior to sniper weapons.
The genius invention of the 8th grade pupil Maksim Kotelnikov was prompted by a television program, which told about a similar type of weapon used in the United States and Korea.

"How are we any worse?!" - the schoolboy thought. And he put his idea into practice. It took him a year to create a rifle. The basis was a broken game gun he found at a friend's place. And then he used other spare parts.

The rifle weighs almost six kilograms and shoots special cartridges which should be magnetized.
- This weapon is promising in that it can shoot without sound, without recoil and without a flash from the shot. No sniper rifle can do this now, but mine can," Maxim Kotelnikov proudly tells Life News. - I invented my own system, which I called "The Core System".

It is based on the principle of an accelerating coil. The rifle works only on electricity. The bullet picks up speed instantly.

Maxim showed his invention to his physics teacher. The teacher sent the "young talent" to St. Petersburg to the forum "Young Intellectuals of Russia".

The 15-year-old won first place there and was invited to practice. He will be trained by scientists of the Russian Defense Ministry. During one month of practice in the northern capital of the country Maxim Kotelnikov will have to assemble three prototypes of the "Electromagnetic Sniper Rifle."

Remarkably, the same article was on just yesterday. But today it is long gone. Looks like the FSB decided to deal with secrecy.