Call Of Duty: MW2 All-Blog Tournament Final roster, schedule, and grid (End :3)

So, by this evening a clear decision has been formed. We already have 32 registered players, and we don't want to look for another 32 for the 64-place playoff. Therefore, the tournament is held with a variant for 32 people. Namely.
12:00 The first 8 matches of the 1/16 are played.
13:00 The second 8 1/16 matches are played.

18:00 First 4 matches of 1/8 are played
19:00 Second 4 matches of 1/8 are played

Eight people by about noon will randomly split into two teams.

16:00 Quarterfinal bombshell is played.

19:00 The first semifinal is played.
20:00 The second semifinal is played.

By 9pm the finalists and participants in the third place match will be known.

16:00 Third place match is played.
18:00 The Final is played.

The rules are simple:
Need: License of the game, the desire and the ability to play from Wednesday to Friday.

Forbidden: Nubomeths, RPG, Last Battle, Steam Glocks, well and cheats offkors.

And, perhaps most importantly:
You must themselves contact their opponent, add each other to friends, and play a match. The result will report suydy. You got it? Well, I'm glad.

___________________________________________________________________________________________ВНИМАНИЕ ХОСТАМ!
Matches must be exactly as specified in the instructions. And if there to forget to set the time to infinity is still forgivable, then forget to include hardcore - this is a clinic. What should be the rules of the matches - below.

Matches 1/16 finals and 1/8 finals are one round between two players. Who the host is is decided separately in each pairing.

Map, in both cases - Rust.

Mode - Every man for himself, hardcore, no time, up to 1000 (20 kills only)

As a result, the window of the rules of the match at the host should look

From eight people randomly formed two teams of 4 people. Play hardcore bomb to 12 on the Estate. Winning team goes to semi-finals, losing team - takes 5-8 placesEach

man for himself, hardcore, played until two rounds won, up to 1000 points (20 kills)


Cards - Terminal, Scrapyard, with third round - Favela


Match for Third - Every Man for Himself, Hardcore, played up to one won round, up to 1500 points (30 kills). Map - Invasion.

Final - Every man for himself, Hardcore, up to one round won, for up to 1500 points (30 kills). Map - Skidrow.

___________________________________________________________________________________________________Stig88Олег Черенков (PWNocchio
SoleSurvivorНикита Хлыбов (Nikintosh
CactusJackДмитрий Полянский (dimdemon95)

markiz2236KillcamTubeKuKuKurtIntelXeonGRIZL11dasglukНиколай Гнеденко (MadMan22)

Vasilyev (Trice)
S@H4O (sanekveygant)
Sergey Podlesov (SH1FT)
Denis Bystrov (DeNiS1176)

Totmin (BoJlk)
Kirill Meschersky (Charterboy)

Basanovich (basan95)


Barykin (xKENTx)

, 12:00pm


1) AlexMahor - Motaro86 10-202
) CactusJack, maxxxon11 - markiz2236 technical win3
) Oleg Cherenkov (PWNocchio) - Egor Totmin (BoJlk) 20:164
) Nikolay Gnedenko (MadMan22) - SoleSurvivor 20


125) Stig88 - Bairto 20:
126) friend4you - Fedyanv 20:
17) Killcamtube - Dasgluk 20:
198) GiLmOn747 - Basan95 20:9 Wednesday

, 12:309
) IntelXeon - C@H4O (sanekveygant) technical win10
) BobMarleybro - Aleo 16


2011) Kukukurt - ARRR952 technical win12
) hardz - klaud999 19:

2013) DiscoDed - Nikita Hlybov (Nikintosh) technical win14
) Denis Bystrov (DeNiS1176) - Dmitry Polyansky (dimdemon95) 20:815
) Kirill Meschersky (Charterboy) - IamAcio 8:
2016) Zeys747 - Kirill Vasiliev (Trice) 8:20Matches

are one round between two players


Who is the host is decided separately in each of the pairs.

Map, in both cases - Rust


Mode - Every man for himself, Hardcore, no time, up to 1000 (20 kills only)

As a result, the window of the rules of the match should look like Wednesday, 18:
001) Motaro86 - markiz2236 7:
202) Oleg Cherenkov (PWNocchio) - Nikolai Gnedenko (MadMan22) 20:
123) Stig88 - friend4you 20:
124) Killcamtube - GiLmOn747 18:20Wednesday

, 19:


) The match between the host and himself:

) S@H4O (sanekveygant) - Aleo 9:
206) ARRR952 - klaud999 20:197
) Nikita Hlybov (Nikintosh) - Denis Bystrov (DeNiS1176) 12:
208) IamAcio - Kirill Vasiliev (Trice) 17:20Thursday

, 16:

001Team: Aleo, Denis Bystrov (DeNiS1176), Kirill Vasiliev (Trice), Oleg Cherenkov (PWNocchio)

Team 2: Stig88, GiLmOn747, markiz2236, ARRR952


6-12The rules

are simple: hard bomb on the Estate to 12. Winners are in the semifinals. Losers are 5th-8th place.

- Gilmon747 2-020

- ARRR952 2-0

- ARRR952Stig88
- markiz2236_______________________________________________________________________________________8-5

places Aleo, Denis Bystrov (DeNiS1176), Kirill Vasilyev (Trice), Oleg Cherenkov (PWNocchio)
4th place ARRR9523
place Gilmon747 (Htekotomestit


2 place markiz22361
place Stig88Mestes
to 8 - some strange guys :3Ah

yes, and more - from now on this

is the main page of the tournament.

And here will be the grid, and the results of the matches should be sketched here.

And also - I think it would be nice to have 2 or 3 substitutes. Volunteers?

P.S. Streamer already chosen. Denis Romanov, or Morpheus. And the main replacement - Amerbaev, or just the Bronx. So, do not offer any more candidates. Thank you.

P.P.S. Prizes, MAYBE, will be.) Or rather, there will be. One, yeah. But a cool one. Or for someone like that. But it's a secret :



who played, sorry those who still did not get, spent a great three days, I think all very pleased remained, well, and Stig so shit from happiness :3 In general, if it is all this and at the amateur level and collects a bunyu nice, then I seriously think to throw Kiroslavs this event


An official tournament, with streams on the main screen, and with a crowd of about 128 people... Powerful, powerful.

Oh yeah, and the prize - sort of an Achievement "Blog Nerd". Now I'll have a nerdy Lorse face next to my beautiful avatar.

Kill me please :(

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