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Anyone who still has old tapes of various TV shows about video games on any medium... anyone interested in seeing them or even getting involved in finding them - get in touch!!! Anyone interested in knowing what hits were on gaming consoles and computer in the 90s, please don't skip around either. Any suggestions and feedback is of interest! Who is interested in the "old" issues of TV shows "Agent-Z Megadrome" (This is the oldest TV program about video games, which is still alive (closed in June 2013.), Although somewhat changed and is now simply called "Megadrome"), "Game World", "32-bit Tales," "Option" , "From Vinta! ", "From the Screw!", "Dendy New Reality," "New Reality", "Dendy World," "Dendy World t / k Premier (Kaliningrad) ", "X-Play" (in the first place translate Rambler tv and MTV) , "Cybernet" (translated by Channel 4 Ekaterinburg), "My Computer", "Navigator" and others, please write in this group or discuss on the forum.

The TV program "Megadrom".
Information about the program "Agent Z's Megadrome "

October 22 - The weekly program "Megadrome" first appeared on the air of "Channel 4" (Yekaterinburg) in November 1995, and thus became the first and only program in the city and region, regularly covering the world of electronic entertainment


The running time of the program is up to 30 minutes. The main sections are movie news, film premieres, new home video and video-game releases. The program is currently broadcast twice a week at its traditional time, Saturday afternoon and Friday evening, on OTV channel. This allows us to reach the largest number of viewers not only in Yekaterinburg, but most importantly, and the majority of cities in the region. Fresh releases of "Megadrom" can be seen on the website of the TV company archive. The author, director and producer of the program Stanislav Puchkovsky.

Looking for TV shows:

"Megadrom of Agent Z" (TV channels 4 Kanal and 51 Kanal in Yekaterinburg from 1995 to 2013
) - "32-bit fairy tales" (TV channel ATN later, TVC, 1996-2004, Yekaterinburg)
- "Option

" computer review (TV channel SGTRK, 1995-1997, Yekaterinburg) - "

Game World

" (TV channel 10 Kanal, 1998, Yekaterinburg) - "


Play" (TV channel 10 Kanal)

"Extended Play" (TV channel "OTV"-"Rambler-TV, 2002-2003)-"
X-Play" "Continued Play" (TV channel "OTV"-"Rambler-TV", "MTV Russia", 2003-2013)-"
"Cybernet" - several broadcasts with translation (ТК "4 Kanal"-"TNT", 1996-2012 years.)
-"Terminal" (TV channel "RTR", 1993) Interactive media training; new computer equipment-
"Game Library" (TV channel "Gameland TV") (game reviews) from the channel Gameland TV-
"Case of Technology" (TV channel "TNT")
-"Virtual Worlds" (TV channel "TNT") - there are issues-
"Century Hi-Tech" (TV channel "TNT", 2007)

" (Moscow, Russia).

Nizhniy Novgorod)
-"New Reality" (ТК "ORT", Moscow, 1995-1996)
-"Dandy New Reality

" (ТК "2x2", 1995)-"

From Vinta!"(RTR, NTV, Moscow, 1994-1998)
Bez Vinta
"(TV channel Gameland TV)
Mir Dandy" (TV channel MTK, Moscow)
-"Mir Dandy" (TV channel Premier, Kaliningrad)
-"Mir Dandy" (Krasnoyarsk)
-"Mir Dandy

" (

-"Call Kuz!"(RTR Russia) - "
TV-quiz Sonic the Superhero" (RTR TV)
- "From Mario to Sonic" (Volgograd-TV, Volgograd)
- "TV-DJ-2" (Cheboksary)
- "Bonus

" (Efir TV, Velikiy Novgorod) - a little bit found.

Velikiy Novgorod) - a few fragments found-
"Computer Hall" (TV channel ORT) - two found-
"My Computer"
- "Navigator" (Dmitry Stroyev)
- "Monitor 2000" (TV channel ASV)
- "Program "8-16-32 " - Intellectual contest for fans of computer games (TV channel GTRK Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk)
- "Internet Cafe" (TVC)
- "High Tech News Hi-Tech News" (ТК "OTR""Rambler TV")
Upgrade" (ТК "Tsentr-TV", Yaroslavl)
-"Computer Games World

" (Nizhni Novgorod) - available on torrents.

"Internet World. (Novosibirsk)-
"Computer World" (Novosibirsk)
-"Games Pro" (TV channel "O2TV", ~2007)
- "Tsifra" (?) - mentioned here-
"Virtuality" (TV channel "MTV Russia")
- "Unreal Games" (TV channel "MTV Russia")
- "Scary Interesting

" (TV channel "MTV Russia", 2007-2008).


" - "Icon of
" Russian translation (

ТК "MTV Russia")-"

Filter" "Filter

" (ТК "MTV Russia")-"

Video Mods" - Clips with characters from games (ТК "MTV Russia")
-"Virtual Treasures of Humanity" (ТК "MTV Russia", 13.04-19.06.2009)
-"Takeaway Games" (2009-2010, regional TNT)


FAQ" (TC "Muz-TV")-"
ZOOM" (TC "Muz-TV")

" (TC "7TV") - "


" (TC "7TV

") found-
"Games PRO" (TC "O2TV")
-"On Game" (TC "O2TV", I think)



" (TC "O2TV", ~2007) - not about games, but about hardware and the Internet, but still.

"-"The Mystery of the Green Room" (TVTs)
The Key to 90" (Kemerovo TV)
- "School 13: Gaming" (TV channel 2x2) - "Bonus Club" (TV channel "Shark TV", UFA) - "Battle Territory" "Battlezone" (TV channel "OTV", Ekaterinburg) -
"Lots of cybersports" (TV channel "NTV+")
- "Igromania" (TV channel "A-One") - I have some records of my own -
"Thirst for Speed" (TV channel "7TV", 2010-2011?)
Virual Selection" (TC "A-ONE") - is on now-
"Level UP" (TC "2x2", 2013-2015)
- "IGROPROM" (TC "Moscow 24", 2012-2016)

"Dandy - Everybody Play

" (TC "1+1", Ukraine) - the host was Christina.

When there was the very first "Dandy - Everybody Play" program with Kristina... the shooting was very often held in one of the shops in Kiev on Bessarabskaya Square. and in contests all the winners were given the same cartridge - Prince of Persia (8 bits)
- "Nedilna Shkola Rozvag" (TC "1+1", Ukraine) - the presenter was Lena -
"Gromnavty" (TC "QTV", Ukraine) - is still on

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