Metro Redux or Redux. Or Where We Got Fooled.


The first thing I want to say is that I was introduced to the series through the first game. But a couple of years after its release. And I was generally expecting an open world and something like Stalker. But I was a little bit wrong. Although I didn't regret it.

The first part was a masterpiece. The atmosphere of a fallen world and strong people who, despite the...schwag around them, survive, rejoice, trade and love. And take care of the children. And suffer. Yes. It was well done. Every conversation, every child's drawing on the wall, every pixel breathed and gave us a great atmosphere. I went through it more than once, but I never could find all of its secrets. I did have my favorite stashes, though. They were mostly good revolvers, shotguns, and yes gear. I expected that to be in her re-release as well. But more on that later.

Then the second part came out. Already from the clips it was evident that they changed the combat part a bit. For example, the shotgun (Killer, not a duplet) now had the aiming, although before when you press PKM it gave out a blow with the barrel at the enemy. Or a bayonet, if equipped with one. That was a plus. But after the release of the second part, I realized that this is almost the end of the pluses, because they killed 30% of the atmosphere by changing the combat part.
1. Now you have to stab just by pressing the stab button. Even if you have an assault rifle in your hands - Artyom bravely beats the enemy with a blade at the touch of a button. It's a small thing, but it's a start. I hadn't used it before. So I resigned myself to it.
2. Now throwing knives are thrown with the same key as the grenades. But to do this, they have to select the shortcut menu. But this is a blow below the belt. Previously they were chosen instead of a weapon, displayed as a fan of knives in one hand and a blade ready to be thrown in the other.

You had to swing and aim and throw! As a bonus we can say that this also applied to grenades. Previously they had to ignite them with a lighter, wait and throw, but now (perhaps I'm just crooked and missed it) just press the button, the grenade flies, after half an hour it explodes, and the enemy is no longer there. Saves liquid and spiked, but that's a minus.
3. Weapons can be modified, and there are more of them. Plus. No reasoning.
4. The maximum number of rounds is limited and collection from the corpses occurs at the push of a button. Yes ... If before the revolver was just imba, especially in combination with the stock and barrel, but now due to the katostrophic lack of ammo, and the ability to carry three guns (on high difficulty levels - yes. On low levels we were given the opportunity to carry three guns, but no one forced to take a revolver, although in the first part of it was strict. Gun and two free slots) have to give it up in principle. Too bad. Too bad. Plus, collecting items used to go like this - what you saw and took, it's yours. And if you can't get it, it's not yours now, but Metro's. In the new part of everything is reduced to one button autocollection. A bit of a shame.
5. The ability to leave enemies alive. I remember when throwing knives and Helsing were my faithful companions, because they killed silently, quickly and beautifully. Yes, and allowed to pass with "chelenge" (in Russian - with a ponce). Now it has faded into oblivion, because the "Challenge" "kill all quietly and pass" loses to the "Challenge" - "without killing anyone, quietly knock out all. That's how we live. We create boundaries for ourselves because of our biases. Well, I can't kill if I have a choice and nothing prevents me from doing the opposite. And that just kills the very idea of carrying a Helsing and using knives in general! Now I have to sneak up on everyone, knock them out at the push of a button, search them, and go to the next one.

Okay. That was the gameplay. Now let's take a look at the world and the atmosphere. Um... Not that it's bad, but it's not cake either. Pie, yes. But not cake. Delicious, with a layer of berry pie. But not fucking cake. Why not? Well... I can't explain it in any other way than gameplay. Sorry. Maybe it's the story, though. No, the first part had it. In the first part, there was saving the world by saving the hometown. There was a long road, there were obstacles, there was a "villain" in the form of Black. But the second game focuses on the fact that "War doesn't change, people don't change, nothing changes. Because of the lust for power, ordinary people die, the fact of using Ebola as a terrible disease, and the subsequent rescue of the U.S. from it by the Reds, is shown. Then it turns out that it was the U.S. Reds who caused the disease, that they are Evil, and that people in general are Evil. Hapi End, my ass.
But in general terms, it's all good. I'm happy with it. But the gameplay...Eh...

Then there was Redux. It gave the second installment a bit of a makeover, and the first one handed all of its gameplay. At the time of this writing I have NOT played the re-release of the second part. So I will NOT talk about it. But I do want to talk about the first one. I really fucking want to.

1. All five complaints from the list above, you can transfer them here yourself. It ruins the whole thing. Poor Helsing, poor revolver, poor knives. I miss you guys.
2. The old stashes are now either empty or contain keys to safes that hold stuff, money and guns all. What did you want? Guns? What for? Here's your money - modify them yourself. You can even sell weapons to make more dough. This is good from the gameplay side, because now you are not limited by anything. But the atmosphere hits the pickaxe with the swing.
3. Two guns. Flamethrower portable, which I posted, leaving the train, because I thought that it will not have ammunition, and in general I will not give you a machine gun now. And a revolver shotgun. It's like a submachine gun, but worse. And it's not much different from a slugger, either. I can't trace the difference in damage, but the reload seems to take the same amount of time, but it looks different.
4. Character models are taken from the second part.

That is, Han now flaunts his parrot outfit, but the rest of them did NOT look like the same person. I spent a long time looking for information on the budget of the first part. Maybe I didn't look hard enough, but the information is 0.00. There you go. So I can NOT say that the game was FACTORY indie, that's why they saved on models, and the second part changed publishers, made some dough and splurged on models. But I can see a trend. In the first part Khan looked like a soldier and was a tunnel shaman, who was trusted implicitly by Melnik, so they found Artyom on the way out of the library in time. In the second part, Khan started looking like a rastaman parrot, and the people's trust in him is gone. They think he's the local lunatic, but in the end he turns out to be right about everything.
But that's just reasoning. Models are good. I'm just used to the original ones.
5. Gone are the "not out of Artem's eyes" moments. In the original, there were moments when the camera flew out of the hero's eyes, showed other angles and returned to the hero almost as in DOOM 3, but the moments were fewer, at this time the hero was silent, and in general we decided to do HL2, get lost.
6. Darkness, flashlight and UAV. I'll start with the UAV. It was a useless piece of crap. It was not visible, it limited the hellish view, it was almost unnecessary, but it was like a real thing! Now it sometimes even helps, because it does not interfere. They ruined the atmosphere again. Next came the lantern and the darkness. The darkness was thicker. Now the lantern isn't even needed sometimes. So they killed the atmosphere again. The lantern charge now has less effect on the light. Sad, but it felt that way to me.
7. Once or twice you could buy armor that would better reflect your way through. What happened? Why was this cut out? If they cut it out to add one single dash at the beginning, then I'm against that kind of change!
8. The real perks of the re-release. To see them - you have to go through the whole game and get to D6. Or rather, to the bottom of it. Biomass. Well, and its arguments. I remember what a hell it was to break through the spores. Maybe that's a downside, but now it can be avoided by shooting spore feeders. But that's not what matters. The important thing is what they did to the biomass. You look at it and see how it smothers and lives! It's an indescribable experience. Plus, I did find a plus in the re-release)))! Well done, guys! At least something good was done.

Bottom line. for nekstgen at least it's something. But on PC it's worth playing the original.
Thanks for the attention. Your H.

P.S. Completely forgot to tell you that I got acquainted with the books after the passage of the second game


Therefore, my ancient comment, where I thought that Hanse is one or two stations, please consider not idiotic, but ridiculous.
And anyway. The books aren't bad. Although the first one had some boring moments (I think there were worm worshippers, I don't remember exactly), it's quite a brisk read. But the second one has a slightly different tone. And the finale at all makes you if not weep, then at least horrified at what happened to the two surviving characters. Especially the one that hums in the far reaches. metro 2033 Write a comment Total comments: 42