Lore Connections and Nuances of Nuclear Throne

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with a reviewer is such a thing, because there are already many more experienced people, but You have to start somewhere.

The first time a person plays Nuclear Throne (hereinafter just Throne), he is visited by the thought that it is a usual RPG with simple and understandable mechanics. However, Throne, is much deeper than it seems.

A brief glimpse into the lore, there was a nuclear apocalypse on earth that wiped out all life. After a while, life on earth began to recover, but all living organisms became mutants. From the large amount of of radiation, the organism could get mutations that altered it. Then there are the mysterious wormholes, that take everything from one place to another. It's worth mentioning that the portals only work one way. All portals lead to the throne. There's a legend among mutants that one mutant managed to to reach the throne, but the throne was not what it appeared to be. Mutants still believe that the throne may be the way to save the world and every time they send one mutant so as not to die all of them.

The actual throne

At the beginning of each race we choose a character, there are 12 in total, but only two are available. only two. Each new level begins with an exit from the portal and a complete sweeping the floor. After clearing, if the player has accumulated the right amount of radiation, he has the opportunity to choose a mutation. The game already has well-established Meths, but that's another topic. It seems easy and straightforward, but there are a lot of secrets and connections of characters and bosses.

For example, Rebel is the sister of Big Bandit. After Rebel kills her brother she says something in a very sad tone. Also, the blue scarf is a gift from the brother.

Another example, Rogue is the only person among the mutants who left the IDPD of her own free will. So who are the idipidis? Well this is the Interagency Police Department, can also be called the game's main antagonists, who trying to get in the way of the player's goal. Back to Rogue. Rogue was Lil'Hunter's best friend, but one day he was sent on a mission that was failed, causing him to be kicked out and left to die in a winter city. There apparently he mutated and became insane, leaving behind a rocket pack, a powerful rifle and an IDPD summoner.

If you get to the IDPD headquarters for Rogue, a modified music theme will play, reminding her of home.

The floors, their generation, and the behavior of the enemies are worth special attention. The floors in of this game are never repeated. Each time the design will be different, the number of enemies, too, and their layout, too. If there is a specific set of rooms and they are chaotically arranged, but in Tron there is complete randomness. Every enemy, EVERY enemy in the throne has its own unique behavior. The ultimate enemy has certain sets of actions, but you can never accurately predict what he's about to do. Like a scorpion would shoot at you a thousand miles away upon seeing you, but now he won't shoot until you get close to him and his decision will be to kill you with a battering ram. It's impossible to convey that feeling in words, you have to play it yourself and understand it.

What is the purpose of the throne? In the final battle you can either sit on the throne, or you can go on an endless cycle that goes on and on.., until the mutant dies. Each new cycle the enemies get bigger, their characteristics increase, but the drop rate of weapons increases.

All of the above is just the tip of the iceberg. There are still many lore connections and interesting points.

This is my first post on this site, before that I had no experience at all in this kind of thing. Criticize as you see fit, but point out what specifically didn't I liked it or what went wrong.

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