Days Gone - How the Press Lies About the Game of Life After

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Today we would like to talk about how the press lies about the game Days Gone (Life After) and why Western journalists really hated it.
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Days Gone, the first major game from Sony Bend Studios, was immediately buried under low critical acclaim on release day. 72 points on Metacritic equates the game to such in quotes "masterpieces" as Mass Effect Andromeda, Dead Rising 4, Just Cause 3 and other games that want to quickly forget. In this case, most players around the world now pass Days Gone, enjoy an interesting story, dashing rides on a motorcycle and steep battles with crowds of zombies. The fan community of the game is only growing every day and many are wondering - how come that the press just took and trampled a good game? And to find out, all you have to do is open and read the reviews of the major portals that have the most influence on Metacritic's overall score.
And that's where the real horseshit begins. What did the press dislike Days Gone for?

The Western

pressVG24/7 says that Days Gone is a dumb game because its main character, biker Deacon St. John, has his own code - not to kill women unless necessary


The reviewer calls the main character a fucking sexist right in the text. The author is silent on the fact that Deacon has a psychological trauma and that this code is justified.

The Guardian expressed their dissatisfaction with the game's scenario because, in their opinion, the love between a girl scientist and a biker-jokester who wears his cap visor backwards is just impossible. Portal Polygon is not happy with the fact that the main character of Days Gone is a white male in his 30s. According to the reviewer, this type is a relic of the past and now we should make games with female protagonists. As an example of games with correct modern heroes he cites the future The Last of Us 2, Assassins Creed Odyssey and Battlefield 5.

Kotaku found the game boring, because players have already seen a thousand times how white grumpy man is torn between the welfare of survivors and personal interests in a post-apocalyptic world


ScreenRant praises the gameplay, but is unhappy that the main character is a white male and calls the story "the story of Oregon's whitest guy." They also didn't like the fact that the authors tried to explain why there were no black men in Deacon's Biker Club before the crash. This, by the way, is a lie - Deacon, on the contrary, tells us that they had black people in the club. And yes, as you can see, there is again the clarification that the main character is white. And that's a bad thing for some reason.

A journalist from Eurogamer immediately began her story about the game with discontent that the main character is a man. She complains that Sony could pay attention to the Horizon: Zero Dawn's success with the female protagonist and make the right conclusions. And she writes about it so sincerely, as if she really doesn't understand that the success of Horizon has nothing to do with the gender of the protagonist, but with good gameplay and an interesting storyline. Days Gone has all that, but the journalist doesn't care - the gender of the character is more important to her.
She goes on to say that the writers of the game poorly portrayed the main character's girlfriend, Sarah. In the storyline of the game, her car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, and there is no connection to her phone. A biker stops by her, they start a dialogue, and when he is ready to go further, she asks for a ride to town.
The Eurogamer journalist is extremely unhappy with this scripted decision - in her opinion, no woman would do such a thing. A woman asking a man for help - what horror! And in general, according to Eurogamer, the game industry has done so much for female characters lately, and the authors of Days Gone spoil everything, because here the girl is just the cause of the protagonist's heartache. This information is not true. The journalist of the publication clearly did not go through even half of the game.

This is a common problem in all reviews of Days Gone. Already many people have noticed that the vast majority of journalists obviously haven't played the game for more than a couple of hours and made completely wrong conclusions about the characters.
And in fact Days Gone is first of all a great story adventure, where the main emphasis is on the characters and their relationships. And these relationships, like the characters themselves, develop as the story progresses. How can you even draw conclusions about a story game without having completed it?

The task of any reviewer, a game journalist - to pass the game and tell everything about it, so the viewer or reader can draw conclusions based on the information and decide for himself whether he wants to play it or not. Here we deal with the fact that the so-called journalists played Days Gone a couple of hours, made a lot of wrong conclusions and began to openly blame the authors for their creative vision.


the authors of the major portals went to Twitter and continued to spread false information there, trying to make players hate the game


Alex Eward of GamesRadar is mad that the game has a scene where during the wedding Sarah says to Deacon: "Promise to climb on me as often as you climb on your bike." Alex clearly doesn't know that this is a famous phrase at biker weddings in real life, but he's already ready to crucify the developers for putting it in the game. What's more, Alex confirms with his tweet that he, too, did the review without even halfway through the game, because the phrase is explained in the game, Sarah and Deacon were joking about it between themselves and she said it in this scene for a reason.

Kelly Plag from Gamespot is extremely outraged that during her date with Sarah, Deacon dared to compliment her by looking at her butt. She was also unhappy with the following:

1. There are no blacks among the mutants in this game, only whites! How so?
2. One of the characters calls his wife Old Lady.

And from this list of issues we can once again conclude that Kelly hasn't played the game much. There are no black people among the mutants because the skin of infected people loses its pigment in the process of mutating into a freak. This is told through the story. The expression "Old Lady" in this case is a slang term for a beloved woman in adult men. That is, Kelly is extremely unhappy with one of the characters emphasizing her masculinity.

Cass from IGN writes about how Days Gone is clearly a game from the past, it has outdated attitudes, and it's generally a game where a lesbian focuses on a male protagonist - what a terrible scenario.
In all of this coven, other publications have also noted and started actively supporting these posts.

Luckily, the players didn't follow the journalists' lead and tried the game out themselves. The rating from users on metacritic is now 8 points, and the players are not too lazy to catch the press in a lie, which really pisses them off. Journalists call everyone who disagrees with the reviews misogynists and aggressive straights. As a result, we are witnessing the censorship of the creative vision of the authors. When a game is tried to be buried for not conforming to the views of the press. Do you have a male protagonist? Minus a point. If it had been a woman, it would have been a plus. Do you have a white hero? Another minus. And to top it all off a bunch of incorrect conclusions about the plot and characters, as journalists evaluated the game on the basis of the first hour.

The Russian pressRussian

press also decided to keep up with their Western counterparts


They did not scold the hero for the color of his skin, but they spread incorrect information just like that.
The portal GameMag, for example, were happy with the characters and the storyline, and see the main problem as the need to mop up the map to progress through the storyline. That's a lie. The progress system in Days Gone has nothing in common with Mafia 3 and Far Cry 5 - you do not need to clear the map and you can easily pass only the storyline.

A review from Stopgame in general deserves a separate demolition video. There almost every sentence demonstrates that the author has played the game for a couple of hours. Why the hero can not swim? Explained by the storyline. Not enough weapons? Weapons are added according to the story. A small map? The map expands according to the storyline. The main character is evil and vengeful? Only at the beginning of the game, Deacon's character develops over the course of the story. And the cherry on the cake is the inscription on the review cover, "Plastic World Won.
It should be recalled here that Stopgame praised Mafia 3, Far Cry 5, and had no complaints about the sterile world of Marvel's Spider-Man.

So what's wrong with the world of Days Gone?
Six large regions with unique environments and weather effects, random events, its own eco-system: predatory animals hunt herbivores, attack local zombies, go to watering holes, fight among themselves. Bandits attack survivor camps, fight the infected, fight the animals, ambush them, and take hostages. The infected sleep in caves and nests during the day and go out hunting at night.
Each camp has its own atmosphere, somewhere 24 hours a day military training, somewhere in the evenings people gather in the gazebo to play songs with a guitar. The world of the game evolves with the story and it's not just about visual changes.

The entire review is an ode to misinformation, double standards, and personal dislike of the game. Even the fact that to skip hints at the beginning of the game you must not just press a button, but to press it, is written down in the minuses of the game Stopgame. It is surprising that the editor in chief even allowed such material to be released.

And about Anton Logvinov's review I don't even want to say, he, as usual, passed the first few missions. It's enough to look at his PSN-profile and see what story trophy he received on the eve of the release of his video.

The bottom line is that lies, wrong conclusions, and outright dislike of the press for the developers put a good game in a negative light.
That's why it's important to read reviews, not just look at the final score. It is important to check that the author has been through at least half of the game before listening to his opinion on it, because the conclusions he has made can be misleading.

The word of critics in today's industry still carries weight, so this precedent may lead to the fact that publishers will start acting according to even safer schemes: they will completely deprive authors of their creative freedom, and future games will be developed according to the template that the minority in the press wants to see. Well, reviewers will continue to lie to their audience with impunity, drawing conclusions about the entire game from the first hour.
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