F.A.Q. of the creators of Elite World

After reading the comments on the Elite World series, I thought, "It would be nice if the creators themselves answered them!", so I went looking for their answers to questions.
So I translated their F.A.Q., but not all of it, just the Elite World stuff.

Who are you guys?
Nick Comardo, Daniel Miller and Eddie Rivas do all the production work. Jace Ford wrote the music, and Jeff James was the webmaster. For more information, see this page - "http//smoothfewfilms.com/about."

Are you working on something new right now?
The Smooth Few Films team is currently on indefinite leave.

Will there be a third season of Elite World?
No. The main storyline is complete.

If I send you money, will you do a third season of Elite World?
Please see above.

What about an Elite World movie?
No, there won't be a movie.

What happened to the G.R.I.E.F. series on the Halo engine announced in 2008?
Unfortunately, we didn't have time to make it and it was quickly relegated to the back burner. We currently have no plans to revive it.

How long did it take to create one episode of Elite World?
Each episode took a different amount of time, depending on the complexity of the special effects and the number of sets, but on average it took several weeks. That's why we never kept up with our schedule.

Can I buy Elite World on DVD?
No, we do not have a license from Valve and we have confirmed that they are not interested in licensing Machinima.com. If someone is trying to sell you Elite World on DVD, or if you see something on eBay or another auction, please do not buy Elite World on DVD!

Who voiced Elite World?
Chet - Nick ComardoWestheimer
- Eddie RivasLyroy
- KerryMontrose
- Eddie RivasEllis
- Daniel MillerCortez
- Eddie RivasAhmad
- BenProducer
- Nick ComardoAdam
Sisler - Daniel Miller
"Dominator" - Eddie RivasMendoza
- T. MahenyPablo
- Doug HenshawDoctor
Sun - Jeff JamesAsher
- T. MahenyWho

writes the music for Elite World and Web Zeroes?
Jace Fore. His MySpace page:
www.myspace.com/damndangerousДжейс wrote all the music for our shows, except for the remix of the song we used in episode 14, season 1 of Elite World
It was done by a contest winner. The rest of the Elite World and Web Zeroes episodes used his original compositions.

Where can I download tracks from Elite World?
Here: www.myspace.com/damndangerous.

I have a great idea for an episode. Would you like to hear it?
Please don't send us your ideas because we won't read them. It's a legal thing, guys. We don't want to, get accused of plagiarism if the episode is similar to your idea. We have very specific ideas about what our shows should be, and we're not looking for stories for them from other places.

Did you use Gmod to make Elite World?
The show was primarily filmed on Counter-Strike Source. Gmod was only used in a few moments.

How do you shoot the footage for Elite World?
With the AJA Kona LH (PCI-X)

What programs do you use to create your shows?
Final Studio Cut, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe After Effects.

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