Navy Day at Navy Field

The administration of the free online multiplayer strategy game Navy Field congratulates its players with Navy Day!

Together with our long-time partners of ITI MENU we present you the contest for the best alternative history of the development of the Russian Navy!
The contest will last from July 29th to August 21st. So there will be enough time to do it in time. You may learn more details and take part by following this link.
The winner will get an e-book INCH A6s so that to read the necessary and interesting books was always comfortable.

The second place winner will get a Creative Video IM Ultra VF0415 webcam so that at least sometimes he/she can see those who breaks through the crackling of the air into the headset.

Well, the winner of the third place will receive SVEN HM 80 BK headset in order to always be in touch.
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