EarthBound. Review in 2021

History of acquaintance with the gameIn

In 2018, after buying the re-release of SNES MINI in the basic collection of games was found Earthbound, which was unknown to me, after searching the Internet and not finding the Russian version of the game, I I gave up on it and got involved with other retro games.

Before I only knew that the author of Undertale

, Toby Fox. was inspired by Earthbound in the making of the game and made declarations of love to it.

Toby Fox's game as a whole. Overall I liked it for its atmosphere, characters, story, and of course the memes.

И 2 years later I was still wondering what made Earthbound so different from of the vast number of games of its time that it made it into the basic collection recommended by Nintendo itself. Searching the Internet I finally found the Russian translation of the game.

The game was translated relatively recently, and quite well (the memes are still there).

The first thing I tried to run the game file with translation on SNES MINI, for For maximum convenience and atmosphere, but the game stubbornly refused to work with Russian localization, or I'm too clumsy.

So I had to use the emulator on my computer, which led to some inconvenience, but not about them, so not the point.

A little about the plot

We play a little boy who woke up from the rumbling outside the window in combined with the sound of sirens and went to see what was going on (and ended up We also get a request for help from the boy next door, Porky. with a request for help from a neighbor boy, Porky, who lost his little brother. The children go to the scene and find out that the cause of the night's turmoil was caused by a meteorite, and Porky's brother is also there. A talking bee appears near the meteorite. A talking bee appears near the meteorite, saying that it is a messenger from the future and that the boy's world boy's world is threatened with destruction and conquest, only we can save everyone if we find 3 more special children and visit all the places of power on the planet, absorbing their power. At The boy is soon attacked by an envoy of that very conqueror, but the bee protects ...and tragically dies. ... . . . Before he dies, he still manages to tell us where the first member of the team is.

It was at this point I wondered why I was I thought, "Why am I playing this game? It's all so childish, so distant for me, and to associate myself with the little boy is not very good (I'm 22 years old, healthy forehead). BUT after a while, I couldn't tear myself away from the game at all. The game is exactly what keeps you going this atmosphere of childhood, adventure and encounters with something amazing and unusual (despite the fact that the game often breaks 4 the wall and communicates directly to the player, suggesting a break in the game, or when the chief scientist of this world contacts the characters on the phone and asks the player to identify himself so he knows who his son is walking around)


In fact, Throughout the game we explore the world in search of places of power and new friends: A psychic girl, the son of a scientist, and a prince of a faraway land.

The first place of power, the Great Footprint, turns out to be in our city.


The game consists of many stories, cities and dungeons (the game even has its own dungeon master)

Visually the game looks very nice and detailed

Modern games give less and less freedom.Freedom to act, freedom to find a goal, show where to go and highlight everything. But EarthBound

strives to give that freedom. The linear, corridor-based game is head and shoulders above and smarter than large-scale open-world projects--and that alone is due to limitless imagination.

A big of the atmosphere are the characters we get to know. Someone will mistake us with a waiter, or ask for the autograph of a famous singer on a banana peel, or or complain about a wife who's thinking about philosophy and has given up selling of "magic" cupcakes, or just meet the cult of the color blue.

Where is Navalny

A good example of responsibility for one's actions in EarthBound

is the dream of the hero. The place where he must fight his nightmare, the dark side, and win. The character's bravery in the form of 6 bird men agrees to help us. У I didn't do it on the first try... ...or the second... ...but six. And every time after we lost, a small tombstone appeared with the following inscriptions:

The last of them also yelled at me:

Additional immersion in the game helps to choose names for the 4 key characters, indicating a favorite food that helps restore health, to come up with a name for his dog.



is a pure JRPG where you have to move around locations and constantly fight monsters to Grind, is the main minus of the game.

And often you have to Press only one button to defeat the enemies, such moments frankly tiresome. Only in a few battles with bosses really have to do Ability management to win.

The swing affects only on the damage numbers, and sometimes gives new skills.

Here are a few pictures of the bosses:

he likes flies and burps he will show you the pain I'm a rat.


the 1994 game


in 2021?

I think it is. And not just for fans of the JRPG genre, the game unfolds a rather adult story about self-sacrifice in a visually childish wrapper. In part, the game reminded me of the MOB PSYCHO 100 manga with its anime moments. And it's just funny.

p.s.-this is my first writing experience, don't beat up

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