Deadbolt Review] Another Night, Another Roll

Night, Street, Lantern, MurdererThere's a meaningless

Cold light.

# Live another

even for a quarter of a century ♪

♪ It'll be like this ♪ # You're going to die

Okay, poetry isn't my strong suit, but if our in-game recruiter does it every mission, it was worth a try for me. It's actually funny, but a game that tells the tale of the undead returned to sinful earth (if it land) of the undead itself has recently gained a sort of second breath. More memes are starting to be made about it, people are remembering it, and how about a roll in deadbolt, hmm? I suggest we look into just how good Deadbolt

was good then, and how interesting it is now.

We're going to start with classic with the story. It's not much here, but considering that the game runs in about four or five hours, it's not surprising. At the same time, let's immediately understand the question of duration. Under the control of the player is given the Reaper

, the same one, Reaper, who is an old woman with a scythe, although the latter seems not much the latter, though he doesn't look much like the latter. And he deals with his immediate tasks, with the only the only exception is that he does not send to the other world the living, but the dead... the dead, who for some reason have remained on this side. These include zombies, vampires and other creatures of the night. The task selection here is designed quite stylishly

And every kind of The game represents the undead in this game with its own criminal grouping with its You can see the features of the Yakuza or the street gangs, for example, Yakuza or street gangs. Because of this in the dark streets of a certain town H The usual story of crime unfolds, but in the entourage of the world of darkness. of the world of darkness, where the reaper is essentially a hired assassin who receives an order from a certain fireplace. I mean, literally from the fireplace, sitting behind a cozy chair. So the plot is more of a justification for the murders, while the lore has a little more importance. For, despite its secondary nature, there is plenty to dig into.

Unfortunately, the conversation rarely goes further than the briefing.

An attentive The player can easily make a complete picture of the world and learn, for example, That a person can be reborn as a zombie if he died of an overdose. Or why it is so important that the Reaper is reflected in the mirror. Maybe. And you'll mostly have to find answers either by sitting by the fireplace, which is almost the only way to have a dialogue, or fishing tapes out of your enemies' corpses that tell their backstory. Quite interestingly framed in a video of the inner voice. Many questions arise during the passage, but, importantly, you don't have to look for the answers. True, unfortunately, it's unlikely that you'll find answers to all of them you are unlikely to get. In general there is a probability that any lore in The game is added for fun, because some moments seem to be too forced, but We don't want to talk about that. The main thing is that the game doesn't let too much distract you from the gameplay and we will dwell on it in more detail.

On paper, which we have a description in the steem, Deadbolt is a stealth action game. В In common parlance, it's Hotline Miami with a side view. And, in general, the comparison is very accurate. Only instead of a phone we have a fireplace, and as the silent murderer is the literal

embodiment of death, who still dies with a single shot. Although the Reaper will still be more talkative than Jackett. The catch, however, lies in the word stealth, which you you might not have noticed. Because it completely changes the rhythm of the game. Call Deadbolt purebred stealth, because it's more about changing the way you approach adrenaline. is designed rather to change the approach to the adrenaline carnage, which this time you have to do with the lights off. You won't be able to hide from your enemies in hiding or eliminate all the targets without disturbing anyone. No, you you still have to shoot in all two directions like you're supposed to, but you have to do it slowly and preferably head on. you have to do it slowly and preferably in the head. Obtaining some of these achievers is a real pain. Thank you at least for the local currency you get for them.

And that's the main obstacle for most new players, because the developers don't encourage a rush if you don't want to knock out a speedrunner's Achievement (but on the first playthrough you definitely won't do that). Yes, sometimes you'll have to run Yes, sometimes you'll have to run, but you have to be as accurate as possible, waiting for the enemy to He came to you at that exact moment so that you can kill him in the head after the opening the door, exactly as you plan it. And there's a lot of factors. To begin with, there's not a lot of ammunition on the level, and if you shoot at everything that moves, you can easily sit in a puddle, because... until you buy yourself a scythe, you can't save money even on close combat. И This is also helped by the fact that while the protagonist can die from a Some of his enemies can chew up a clip.

There is nothing wrong with brutality here

Also, animations are quite important - it takes a while for the enemy to pull out a gun or for the player to get into the vent takes some time. At first you don't notice this, but once you understand how the timings work, you you start to act strictly according to them. Ah yes, the vents. Aside from the fact that the main character can see in the dark and can run silently, his main ability is the ability to move through the vents in a haze. This is your main advantage, and that mechanic alone takes almost all of the stealth out of it, especially considering there aren't many weapons with a silencer is a bit lacking here. In this way, Deadbolt develops its... Let's just say. so, a philosophy whereby you play more like Hitman, if he was doing sweeps, rather than the Miami Ripper that we're all familiar with. And that kind of rhythm it's hard to get used to at first, which can make the game seem quite challenging, but I assure you, you learn very quickly.

It's nice to feel like a local celebrity

The developers of have tried very hard to make each element of the gameplay here work properly. and in addition to the mechanics this is evident in the design of the levels, which, despite the two only purpose "to kill or watch"

constantly try to diversify their structure. There are levels for time and sniper duels and constantly new enemies being added all the time. There's probably someone new every three levels. The only thing that seems a little superfluous here is the shelters. Sure, it's better with than without them, but I think they only have a place to go when you don't have time to kill an enemy in the head and you don't want to restart the level. want to restart the level. Throughout the game there are only a couple of moments where they can really During the whole game there are only a couple of moments where they can really come in handy, and for the rest you can do without them. But on the other hand, the enemies also use them a lot and... it doesn't help them much either, so... so let's skip the shelters.

And let's talk about about the local soundtrack, because it's just beautiful. It's very much different from what we're used to hearing in games like this and what we still so far. It's slower, a bit noirish even, and has a touch of horror. This music suits the game just perfectly. And, most importantly, it perfectly to the local tempo. Chris Christodoulou

did an amazing job, because his soundtrack perfectly suits both the noisy club and the cozy apartment of the main character. I even advise those interested to check out his comments on the creation, if your knowledge of English allows. The most fun part of the Reaper job is in 3...2...1

And a few a few words about our accommodations. This is your safe zone. This is where you can listen to, or rather read the tapes you find, get and choose missions, and you buy for the souls of defeated enemies the equipment for which you have to for which you have to go down to the pier to Charon, who transports us weapons from the other side. В All in all, there's not a lot to do, but it's interesting to see how the hero's as you go along, the hero's apartment gets a little cozier, and, for example, how he gets a kitty cat. The kitty is important.

The game has, probably already obligatory, the option to start a new game +. However, in addition to the increased difficulty, it also provides another nice bonus for lovers of lore

Find out what's changed

So what's What makes Deadbolt so good? Because it's a well-tuned stealth action game where every detail is in its place. Yes, you may not see it, but this game is literally made to a ruler, where everything is in its place. And after those four hours it takes you'll want even more. In that case, a good option would be to turn to the level editor. Here, however, not as much variety as in the editor of Hotline Miami 2, but add yourself a couple of hours to your playthrough. Yes, and for sure you'll want to replay it. So if you've ever missed an opportunity to play as the otherworldly John Wick. - it would be a great idea to do it on Halloween.


if you've ever let Deadbolt past you, now's the time to catch up, because it's worth it. deadbolt, Halloween, more murders Write a comment Total comments: 8