The hoarder's notes or buying and pitfalls of PlayStation 2 in 2018

:Somehow, under one of the blog reviews on SG, there was a heated discussion in the comments about buying the PS2 for its intended use. However, the comment box didn't allow me to turn in full force and tell you all the pitfalls of buying a PlayStation 2, and blogs are just fine for that.
So, let's begin...

1 Determine the modelThe most

common revisions of PlayStation 2 are as follows:
SCPH-3xxx - so-called Fat-version

("thick" console).

SCPH-7xxx - Slim-version(slim design, takes much less space than the older model).

SCPH-9xxx - similar in size to Slim version, but has several significant features which are described further in this blog. It can be distinguished from the Slim seven-thousandth models by the glossy panel on the left side of the console.

There's an 80 percent chance you'll get the 7,000th version when buying the console at Avito/Yule/Molotka unless otherwise stated. As a rule, a person who doesn't know what he's selling is selling a Slim.
In the period from 2004 until the sunset of the sixth generation of gaming systems in Russia, almost everywhere, sold just the Slim-version- Seven-thousand and Nine-thousand.

1.1. Features of modelsFAT-version of

the console is remarkable for a rather cumbersome design, moving the carriage of the DVD-drive and the possibility to install an IDE-hard drive inside (though, only after buying a Network Adapter'a from Sony


Keep this in mind if you're going to play games on your PlayStation 2 that require direct interaction with the hard drive.
Typically these are RPGs (Wikipedia answers this query quite obviously - Final Fantasy XI). But it's fair to say that the number of such games is negligible. PlayStation 2 itself interacts with the data of any game through a direct and constant reference to the DVD-drive. This leads to a number of problems, which we'll talk more about later.

The SCPH-70008 (Slim version) has no hard drive, most likely this was done for the sake of compactness. Also, you will have to put up with a separate 8.5V power adapter which tends to get rather warm, but in general everything is individual and depends on many factors.

A special case is SCPH-90000 - in spite of its compactness, it has an internal power unit, but they still haven't imported an internal HDD. So why do we pay so much attention to it? Let's find out a bit about it later.

2. BudgetFirst

you should understand that PlayStation 2

is a gaming console of

the sixth


It has been out of production for quite some time (five years ago). So you can not find it in digital stores and other hardware. Have to look towards the secondary market, and there, as you know, it all depends on the greed of each individual. Someone is ready to sell the console for a reasonable, by today's standards, price, and someone will ask you a pretty tidy sum under the pretext of an extreme scarcity and limited edition of the console.
Therefore, after you've decided on the suitable model - distribute your budget. Yes, an extremely rare console with a unique design is certainly cool, but the hardware inside is exactly the same, as in the "standard" brethren. Conventionally speaking, a normal / adequate / loyal price for PlayStation 2 on the ward - 2 - 2 500 thousand rubles, excluding rare and "design" consoles.

3. BuyingWhen

buying, you should pay attention to the following things:
1.State of the laser in the console drive - remember that when you play on PS2, the console every second reads the data from the game disc. Inoperable drive = limited console functionality.
2. The presence of chips on the case - strictly a cosmetic thing, but can help in bartering and negotiating with the seller as an argument for lowering the price.
3. Condition of the gamepad, wires, video jack (and PS2 has it "its own") and other such things.
4. The presence of the original memory card - all game progress on the PS2 is stored on the memory card. Other "pirated" things are also associated with it.
4.1. Order memory cards from China of course you can, but there, in the vast majority, sold non-original cards. The original is very easy to distinguish from the Chinese counterfeit. On the original cards you will find the inscription "MagicGate", and the presence of this technology will play an important role for us.
The absence of the memory card you can also use as an argument to the seller.

Original Memory Card (Memory Card) for PlayStation



Thepresence of a mod chip (more details below).

4. The technical side of the issueYouare the

happy owner of PlayStation 2


It would seem that the way passed, you can relax, but not quite ...
Since you have a second-hand console - prepare for the following:
Wear and tear laser head


Due to constant access to the disk, the laser can lose its power and the console will lose its ability to read disks (but certain, for example your PS2 will refuse to read DVD, but will perfectly eat CDs- due to the fact that for the CD and DVD responsible for the different "readers"). On top of that, the lens may become cloudy and lose its sharpness, which means the laser won't be able to focus and hit the necessary track on the disc.
Cures all this by ordering a new laser head (reader) from China or from hand (or directly from another working console, whatever). The price of a question - 400 rubles.

Laser head drive PlayStation 2Laserhead clogged

drive spindle rubber


Over time, the rubber on the spindle, which scrolls disk clogs and the drive begins to drag or poorly held in the drive (relevant to Slim models).

The spindle of the PlayStation




Pirating and licensing, chipping and

flashingIt's worth


with the fact that in most stores there are no discs for PS2


And even if there are, they're hardly licensed. Since the time of PS2 release, Sony hadn't even thought about Russia as a serious game market, supplies of translated licenses wasn't, and those that were, mostly in English. Of course there are exceptions, but officially localized games are few.
So if you are a principled licenser - prepare for hardships and privations.
Licensed games have to look for profile sites and collectors flea markets. This will cost you 700-900 rubles.
Licensed games must be in a particular region.
In the case of the console with a Russian interface you need to play PAL-region.
In the case of "Americana" - NTSC.

Steelbook-edition PS2-exclusive- 24: The Game for PAL-region

of its own collectionIf

you're not so principled, or just understand that the cup of problems simply outweigh the pleasure of buying, then you can find a console with a mod-chip (many consoles from the store in Russia already had this same chip inside)


Himself a mod-chip is a microcontroller soldered to some tracks processor console and other chips on the motherboard.
Mod-chip allows you to run the game with dongles or flash drives, bypass regional game protection, run your own software for PS2 (homebrew), and of course play projects from the first PlayStation (it can not chip the console, but with limits).
Under homebrew software we mean media players, text editors, image manipulation software, FTP-server and so on. In fact, it turns your PS2 into a powerful, albeit obsolete, multimedia station.

If you don't have a mod chip inside your console, it can, with some knowledge and circuitry, be soldered into the console. The chips are still being manufactured and sold.
Recommended brands of chips are:
Mars Pro - the oldest chip for PS2
with standard functionality, but extremely reliable and unpretentious in use.

The Mars Pro GM-805SL

mod chip installed on my console is

ModBo v.4.0/5.0 - actual chip for PS2 with possibility of fine-tuning via service menu and also having sleep-mode in case you need to become a fair person (e.g. play online).

The ModBo 5.0

chip on theMars


console motherboard

doesn't have service menu and sleep mode, so there's no turning back, if you decided to become a pirate, then for good


The author of these lines found in his console is Mars and not much to complain about it, the only important remark that the compatibility of this model chip with the games from PS1 worse than analog ModBo (picture moves down), but in general, if the game from the first PlayStation are not particularly important - you can live.

Most often the seller even doesn't know that there is a chip inside his console, so before going to the meeting with the seller write a couple of games on the DVD-R burners and try to run them on the console. This way you can assess the condition of your DVD-drive as well.

5.1 About the firmwareIf

you want to run games on your PS2 using a USB flash drive or an external USB drive as well as run your own software, you will need to install Free MC Boot and Open PS2 Loader

(OPL) on the card.

That's why we need the original memory stick with the MagicGate data encryption technology.
The point of Free MC Boot is to allow you to add additional items to the PS2 boot menu (bypassing the original boot loader) and allow you to run any software from that menu directly from the memory card. How to install it some other time, but it's important to understand that installing the boot loader to the memory card without MagicGate support will not work (personally tested) - be careful.

Free MC Boot

version 1.8 running on my consoleStandard

PS2 boot menu on console without Free MC Boot5

.2. About the firmware on SCPH-9xxxThe thing


that Sony

in the latest revisions closed the vulnerability that allowed easy installation of boot loader.

It is still possible to install it, but it's a time-consuming process and not a five-minute affair.
And in general, with mod-chips on the latest revision of PS2 everything is a bit more complicated, so, if you are offered this exact console - act at your own risk.
In short - pirating is difficult, but possible.


ConclusionThis is


all I wanted to tell from my experience of buying and the pitfalls of PS2

on the secondary market.

I hope you find this blog useful and responsive to the readers of blogs at StopGame.
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