Games for which it is worth investing in a dedicated server

Multiplayer is one of the basic branches of gaming nowadays. Every day millions of people spend their free time playing Call of Duty, Fortnite or League of Legends. However, there are games that can be taken to an even higher level by moving from public servers to your own dedicated server.

Over the past few months, OVHcloud and I have been sharing the idea of dedicated servers with you in detail. If you have been following our material, you already know exactly how much the famous "dedicates" cost, what are their advantages and disadvantages and what distinguishes OVHcloud. Today it's time for us to help you get the most out of your investment. Here are some popular multiplayer games that are even more fun on dedicated servers.

Counter Strike

There's a reason this is one of the games that comes to mind first when you think of dedicated servers. One of the most popular shooters in the history of video games has already had several versions. Each of them has its own fans and each will provide you and your friends with plenty of entertainment.

First and foremost, dedicated servers guarantee full control over gameplay. You no longer have to search for specific servers that have the rules you prefer. Forget about standard matchmaking. Get a group of friends together, set up your own server and play as you please.

Counter Strike offers plenty of dedication options. The basic option is of course a simple 5v5 match between a group of friends. Beyond that, however, you can take part in a deathmatch, move onto less popular maps, or even use what Steam Workshop has to offer. Players craving a bit of madness can be treated to a turn on the console and a variety of commands. You'll gain access to fly over the map or infinite lives and ammo, allowing you to step away from the CS norm and play on your own terms.


I perfectly remember my childhood, when Minecraft was still in alpha, and after school we'd spend evenings with friends, expanding the city on our own server. Trips to deep mines in search of diamonds, smelting iron together to make spare tools and PvP battles in full armor with swords in hands.

Minecraft has changed a lot since then. You can now find villages, underwater structures, and fancy, colorful resources with surprising uses on the map. The game has evolved from a nice game for kids to a title that provides a ton of entertainment for adult players. The millions of people following various servers on Twitch and YouTube are a perfect example of this.

The game is also strongly developed by the community. You can find tens of thousands of different mods on the Internet, which will provide a completely new experience to players bored with the basic version. Alternative game modes have been very popular for years. Instead of building more houses and filling boxes with diamonds, you can look for a server and join the PvP competition. One of the most popular modes in Minecraft was Hunger Games, a movie-inspired battle for survival on various maps with Jennifer Lawrence. Back when battle royale games didn't exist, it was Minecraft that offered this type of gameplay.

A dedicated server allows you not only to customize the game conditions to your own requirements, but also to dress up in different types of activities that Minecraft has to offer. The game is watched by millions on Twitch every day, its community grows every month, and the Internet is full of mods, modes, and tutorials that will allow you to make your server a veritable theme park.

Survival games

Although Minecraft partly belongs to this large genre, it's long since stopped being just about survival, finding resources and fighting the monsters that haunt our buildings at night. Meanwhile, the number of survival games continues to grow, some of them even coming out of early access and each one of them being made for dedicated server owners.

This is where the arguments of diversity and customization once again come into play. Survivals offer a very wide range of possibilities. You can gradually raise the difficulty level, change the threats around you and have fun with what the title has to offer. Dedicated servers are an attraction primarily for experienced players who still enjoy a game, but are tired of the conditions set by the developer. Investing in your own server puts the power in your hands and allows you to modify what can irritate in the original product. In many survival games, the possibilities are almost endless, and the fun of competing on your own server with friends is unparalleled.

When it comes to specific titles, the options are extremely numerous. A lot depends on what kind of gameplay you prefer and how much you want to focus on PvP. The biggest classic is of course DayZ - a game that in many ways defined the survival genre. Right next to it stands the famous Rust. A few years later, the regularly updated ARK: Survival Evolved gained a lot of fans, with tons of DLC introducing new activities, challenges, and dinosaurs to tame.

A slightly less standard choice in this genre is Arma 3, a title which focuses primarily on the atmosphere and a fair representation of the chosen realities. The Army servers are hugely popular, and the game itself has gathered a dedicated community around it and offers a ton of entertainment.

The above titles are only examples of games that can motivate you to invest in your own dedicated server. Matchmaking in Counter Strike can be a lot of fun, and classic co-op in Minecraft with the right company can last for weeks. But nothing compares to playing with your close friends, with low latency and smooth gameplay, under your own rules.