A hero from your head. Childhood is over, but dreams remain.

I don't even know where to start... I'll start with my childhood. Didn't you have imaginary friends? We did, I don't even doubt it. We watched a lot of cartoons and movies and imagined ourselves as heroes, fighting against evil at all hours of the day and night. In the wildest pathos, with loud shouting, we ran around the apartment exterminating the invisible evil. We were the Ninja Turtles, Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and many, many others.
But childhood passes. We no longer run around with sticks in our hands, imagining we're holding a blaster in our hand. It's not that we don't care about it anymore, no. It's just that if you start acting inappropriately at 16, you'll get laughed at for sure. In rare cases, you might be sent to the hospital with a personality disorder. That's funny. And we keep it a secret. I may be wrong, but I'm sure I know from my own experience that many of you are still "flying in the clouds." Imagining the struggle against evil. Not like when you were a kid, no... different, on a higher level. And in my blog, I want to share with you my dream that has been flying around in my head for a very long time. I'm going to try to plunge you into a fairy tale, sounds funny, doesn't it? Sounds like I'm a storyteller from a children's book. I don't just have a story about some moment from my childhood. I'm not going to tell you what I raved about during my childhood. I'm going to try to open "that door. The door to a world that is lost. One that is not spoken of out loud by the wealthy, by students, or by a man in his 50s. It's more than that. I even, at one point, wanted to write a book about it... Ridiculous... What kind of book can there be if I break the rules of punctuation and spelling? Okay, if you'll excuse me, I'll start.

You know that great feeling when you're watching a flashy action movie where the hero is literally tearing and swearing to upbeat music? Or when you listen to your favorite music? What happens to your body at that moment? Yes. A shiver. A pleasant one. It makes your hair stand on end. That shiver starts at the top of your head and goes down to your feet. And what happens in your head? I can't describe it in words. For some, it's a landscape of incredible beauty. Space. An endless desert. Or at the very least, a Pony. Everyone has their own cockroaches, that's normal. Everyone has different ones, but personally, I have... Hero. For four years now, a picture of my character has been in my head. All of his wanderings, his struggles with evil...no...that's not how I started. It's complicated. Perhaps I'm not educated enough to convey what I see...

Let me do a description


As is customary here on blogs. When there's a story about a game, the character and his characteristics are cited first. Okay.


m sorry, I couldn't find the right picture on google
But it's clear to everyone that he's wearing a hood and you can't see his face. And he's not standing. The character, whose name is Frank, by the way, is down on one knee. His left hand is clenched into a fist and pointed at the ground, and his right hand is rested palm down at his side. And yes, Frank has superpowers. He's able to control bandages... It's a strange ability. Yeah, regular elastic bandages. That wrap around his whole body. The left arm, the one that looks down, it only goes to his wrist. But the right one goes all the way around. It's like a ligature... It's horrible. I feel like an idiot. But you don't know my name or where I live anyway, so I'll continue.

So, the hero is ready. And I'm ready to continue the story.
How do I envision this very struggle against evil? There's a whole system of "transformation." I go to bed, put on my super headphones, put on some music, and dive in. Very deep. What? Oculus Rift or other immersive virtual reality helmets? Bullshit! I have my own reality. When the music comes on, no helmet can help.

In order... The story begins. Here's how I see it:
He was just a regular guy. He didn't have a girlfriend and didn't have many friends. He was withdrawn and didn't talk to anybody. But he managed to open the curtain. Parallel universes! The action also takes place on the planet Earth. But in this other universe, everything is different. Magic, the ability to fly, and much, much more. I put on my headphones and am transported to another world. I turn into my hero. And I live the hero's life completely. In the real world, while the music is playing from the player, there, in the other universe, time flows differently. One minute of real life equals one year in my fictional universe. I live the full life of my character. Living 10, 20, 30 years of his life. And in reality, only 30 minutes pass.

If, thanks to my crazy thoughts, some author suddenly takes this as the idea for his book. I would love to read it!And when the playlist I picked up runs out, I come back. With a very good mood.


two kind of luminous plates
That are attached to the palms of Frank's hands. In that parallel universe where I go every night, they keep them. Because according to their writings, a man must come to save them. They don't know what he will look like. All they know is that his face is hidden under a hood. And when needed, the plates themselves will point to the hero. And every time he completes his work, the hero dies. Yeah. It's not a happy ending. Although, in my mind, it looks very epic. Frank sacrifices himself. When the fight comes to an end, Frank unleashes a tremendous amount of energy. It glows. And there is an explosion, a beautiful, kind explosion. Illuminating everything around him with sparkling lights. And all that's left in the place where the hero was is these very plates. Which are put away by the locals in a vault. Who, in turn, will wait for the hero's return.

I don't know. I've got Frank's complete story in my head, which I've been thinking about for about four years. Maybe it's going to be more than that someday. I don't know... I even tried to ask an artist once to draw my character from my description. It didn't turn out well. Either the artist is crooked, or I didn't describe it right. But that was two years ago. Now I have a picture in my head.

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