DND Story The Adventures of Theron at the Penal Colony 2

Good evening! Tomorrow I'm going on my first adventure with a group of adventurers. We are going to infiltrate a dungeon full of mystery and danger. Unfortunately my friend Theron will not be able to take part, but I finally learned the continuation of his adventures on the penitentiary. We met at the tavern, where with a mug of strong alcohol and good tea Theron continued his story:

Well, I think it's time I told you the rest of my adventures, my friend. Where were we last? Ah, yes! A riot! The guards have fled, and the warden is held hostage. And all thanks to my helpers Fox, Bear and Wolf, as well as companions

  • :- The dark-haired man Faheem is a mage of fire and ice. At first I thought it was just fire.
  • - Tiefling Maeve is a paladin of some kind of goddess of goodness. At first I mistook him for a Priest... or her... The prisoners mistook him for the Goddess Mother, but we treated him as a man.
  • - Elf Kelass is an illusionist magician and a bit of an oddball.
  • - The man with the ringing voice Nikon Bush is a bard and a lover of getting into trouble

After the fight Nikon went straight to the underground river to check something there. I with Faheem found a peaceful sleeping dwarf at the outpost of the guards. Attempts to shake him were unsuccessful. So Faheem, Wolf and Bear poured water over him from a barrel. He jumped up immediately and started muttering in displeasure. We've heard from the head of the penitentiary that the dwarf was here before he got here. He got wind of the ore and immediately set up mining operations, accepting as miners any ragamuffin the local government sent him. The dwarf was hired to determine the value of the ore we were digging. Ha! He was so valuable to them that the guards spat on the warden and were willing to trade our bearded friend for food or something else. Except that the dwarf himself didn't want to leave and didn't give a damn about anyone else. With difficulty we managed to figure out the reason for his stay. He was searching for something or someone in the caves, he looked everywhere but couldn't find it. The only thing he didn't check was the underground river. The guards closed the entrance to the cave without waiting for an answer to his demand for a handover. Only at the last moment Fahim managed to shoot an arrow in their direction. And he even hit someone! Now there was only one chance for salvation! The underground river! That's where the bard Nikon was headed.

That's when the prisoners gathered in front of Maeve. To them he was an icon of liberation and was even regarded as the goddess Mother. Our paladin encouraged the people and promised to find a way out. Then together with me, Faheem and Kelass he went to check the river. Our guests were left on care of assistants. Kelass had been amusing himself with illusions the whole time. He gave me the illusion of a mouse twice. As I approached the river, I had a rope idea, but had to go back to the outpost for it. Unfortunately, only stumps for tying were found and I had to return with empty paws. Fahim, on the other hand, decided to use the wooden bench right away to check out what was next. As I walked, he was carried off somewhere in the darkness, under the water. We followed him. Maeve first, then me and last Kelass.

Maeve, when he swam ashore, found Fahim nailed to the wall on a bench. The paladin tried to call out to him, but he could see nothing in the darkness. I ashore and immediately helped him to land. But as soon as we got out, the unconscious body of the elf was thrown to the surface of the water. It was very dark in the cave, and only Maeve and I could see anything. There were huge mushrooms growing near the shore. Faheem found the driest one by touch. Swung the bench... Blow! Improvised weapon in half, and a piece of the mushroom chipped off. A little fire magic and we had a bonfire. Afterwards, our fire mage threw fire over the whole mushroom. This caused the cave to fill with stench. We had to endure and dry off. Maeve was the first to walk around and check the passageways. Only one led further and the rest were blocked. Faheem tried another mushroom to roast, but before that he broke off a soft piece and tested it on it. This time was successful. We had a snack, rested, dried and it was time to move on. That's where Kelass felt really good. Apparently elves are sensitive to mushrooms. We had no choice but to leave him and go on with the three of us.

I saw more mushrooms in the depths of the cave, but those were already of normal size. At some point we heard some sound. Maeve and I surreptitiously looked at its source. It was a huge snail! There was a trail of slime coming from it with something sparkling on it. Once it crawled forward Fahim decided to check what it was. He touched it and cut his hand. He had to cauterize himself. Turns out the whole path was covered in crystals. After that, we went to check where the snail was coming from and found a pile of human bones and 2 more skeletons in the nook. One was holding a book and the other was clutching something in his hand. At the beginning of the book was written in common and at the end something in a language unknown to Fahim and me, but understood by Maeve. It said something about some kind of creature blocking the exit, and a weapon against the creature that was made as a result of the sacrifice. The hand clutching something strange was partly black. As soon as the paladin tried to unclench the hand with his spear, it turned to dust. There turned out to be a black stone, the touch of which stained black. Faheem had warned us about the danger of the stone and that we should leave it behind, but the book said there was a strange creature and that the stone was made against it... I immediately thought that we might not get out without it. Maeve was of the same opinion too. Carefully we put the black stone in a bag and picked it up with a spear. Walking forward, Faheem decided to take a chance on examining the snail after all. It turned out to be peaceful and just gobbled up rocks and left crystals afterwards. Apparently this was the creature the dwarf was looking for after all. We approached an underground lake with a huge whirlpool in the center of it. In this whirlpool was visibly a pile of bones. That's when I remembered! After all, people periodically disappeared somewhere on the penitentiary. And it appeared that the underground river was leading to certain death. Not a very pleasant fate. The bridge was broken, and on the other side we noticed some creature and a human silhouette beside it. From the edge of the bridge I jumped onto a scrap of land and then helped the others over to it. Next I was hoisted up and then climbed to the other side. A little more effort and we overcame the obstacle.

And then we were met by him! A water elemental, and in his tentacles the unconscious bard Nikon Bush! Faheem immediately used a cold ray! This was the first time I had seen him use anything other than fire. Maeve quickly dropped the sack and tried to pierce it, but missed in his haste. I snagged the sack with my cane and launched it at the creature. The touch of the stone clearly hurt it. The sack with it fell down next to the paladin. Maeve thought quickly, picked up the sack with his spear again and prepared to strike. Faheem continued to use the cold ray. The elemental was unhappily responding to his cold shots as well. I tried to hit him with my rapier, but almost got caught in his tentacles in time to bounce back. Maeve shoved the black stone sack into the creature with his spear. After that, he cast some kind of spell... And then! Buuuuuuuum! The magic of light and the stone of darkness created an explosion. The paladin was thrown back against the wall, and I had time to jump back. The water elemental was really pissed off by the prank. He tried to catch the nearest one, which was me. I nearly had all my bones broken, but I struggled to break free of the grip. As soon as I was free a powerful stream of cold from Fahim flew beside me! The flow instantly destroyed half of the creature, and Maeve used black stone and light magic again. Boooooom! The elemental flew off into the wall and smeared itself on it. Nikon fell senseless into the water and was about to find himself in a whirlpool. The paladin immediately jumped to his aid. He was able to push off to the shore where I pulled the bard out, but the savior began to get dragged into the whirlpool. Still Maeve managed to get a hold of a rock, from where Fahim and I pulled him out. Luckily Nikon was unharmed, though he was in no condition to feel it. After walking a little ahead we finally got out into the fresh air. There's freedom!

We each went our separate ways. Nikon was healing after the elemental. Faheem took the black stone and took it to a necromancer he knew, and wanted to report the mine to the orcs. Maeve went to town where he found those in the tavern to help rally the people to save the convicts. It was going to be a mess, but the first thing I decided to do was to check out the teleportation site. As soon as I got there... Eh... I got teleported right away. Too bad... I never found out what happened next in the convict cell. That's the end of it! Thank you for listening to my story, my friend. Good luck on your adventure!

A night in anticipation of adventure. My trusty hammer and a flask of fine alcohol ready to conquer the dungeon. As soon as I return, I will tell Theron all about it.