Iketsuki - Horror, Platformer, and Fish Collector Review in a Destroyed World

It's good to see you in this world, a world that is on the brink of destruction and you get to see the last day of its existence. What are you doing here? Are there any survivors? That's what we'll find out with you in this review, and let's get right to the details.

We begin without any prologue, appearing at once in the middle of nowhere. From the first seconds you will be met with not the most beautiful picture, the world is destroyed, all the sky is colored red, and of the whole surface of the earth there are only flying islands. Your eyes cling only to the bright glow that emanates from one mysterious tower and goes all the way to the heavens. This tower will be the center of all your adventures. Here you'll find a mysterious sphere surrounded by water, as well as your first character, a mysterious monster that sits in its dark hole.

The creature will narrate your goal for the entire game, nothing epic, just find him a fish. That's what you'll be doing the whole game, getting fish.

Fish? In a ruined world? Yes, but it's not that simple. First you have to find special seeds, which are scattered somewhere in the ruins surrounding the tower. And no, this game is not a normal walking simulator, but a whole platformer. You'll have to jump, constantly and a lot, from one small island to another. If you have fear of heights, then do not be afraid, in this game you can not suffer, at a meeting with endless abyss triggers revival, after which you will move to the newly familiar center of the tower.

The mysterious light will lead you to the safest and most intact place in the whole world.

And in the game there is also a jump improvement, you should only collect a couple of fish and mysterious creature will reward you with the ability to almost plan in the air, because now you can make 3-4 jumps at a time.

After a couple dozen jumps you will find the right seeds, but what to do with them now? Will they help you find the fish? No, you can use them to create fish! To do this we will linger with you in the central tower, there throwing a seed into a sphere almost immediately a live fish will appear. But your adventures do not end there, because the creature will soon ask you for a colored fish, which means that now you have even more work to do.

And now the game turns from a platformer into... a very strange fishing game. Remember your collected seeds? Now you have to feed them to the fish, which will cause them to change their color to the color of the seed. Does that sound easy? It is, the game is not particularly difficult, it's more worth playing because of the style and the lore, about which almost nothing is said. Speaking of which.

Let's start with the environment, because it tells a story best of all. Something very horrible has obviously happened to the world, apart from the tower nothing else has survived the changes, the ground now levitates and presents separate pieces of earth, only pieces of walls and bricks are left of the other buildings, and there are strange plants growing everywhere and rewarding you with unusual seeds. The rest of the world is already destroyed and you are traveling through the last existing place on the planet.

But the world here is still not completely empty, during the adventure you will meet 2 characters. Expect from them long and informative dialogues, the dialogues with them occur only at the beginning and end of the game, and they say very little, the rest you have to come up with yourself, just like in the beloved by many Dark souls.

The fate of the world depends on a couple of characters, the knight is one of them.

One character you already know, a mysterious creature in a dark hole, you can only see his hand and hear a strange alien voice. At first it seems that he can only talk about his favorite fish, but eventually he will share with you some hints about what role he played in the end of the world.

The second character you meet just outside the tower, a mysterious knight who can't get into the same tower unless you bring him a special artifact. This character reveals the ending of the game and will tell and show what happens to the poor world in the end. Further only spoilers... which I won't write you about.


whole story is revealed in the last 4 minutes of the game, it sounds sad, but the game itself lasts only 20-30 minutes.

Forgot to mention that you're not exploring the mysterious world in complete silence, all the way you will be accompanied by a pleasant ambient, which builds the perfect atmosphere for the game


If you don't spare half an hour of your life and you like games with interesting (but not really beautiful) visuals, then you can find this game for free on itch ioThank

you for your time and hope to see you in my blogs again. I'll be glad for your comments and pointers to errors in the text

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