Sonic's Amazing Adventure! Sonic Unleashed - the unseen and misunderstood potential of its time!

Good afternoon, gentlemen, here's Morallist and today we're going to talk about the game Sonic Unleashed - let's go!


Sonic Unleashed is a multiplatform game about our blue Hedgehog, released exclusively on consoles: PS2, PS3, XBOX 360 and a side-by-side Wii. About the fake from Gameloft let's keep silent... So, what can we say about the game? A lot! But I'll start, so to speak, with the basics and charming stories (all by the canons of the genre).


And so. Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 was released in 2006 and it was promised to be the mega cool super-technological exclusive for the new generation consoles! But, as we know, it actually turned out to be... a half-dead, crooked-cursed piece of code (we'll probably come back to that point again). The story doesn't start here, but in 2005, when the Sonic Team finally made their own engine and

named it... Hedgehog Engine... I'll keep silent... Well, of course, if you have a new and even technological engine on your hands, what should you do? That's right! Milk the franchise even more! That's what the bosses at Sega(i) decided when Sonic Unleashed originally went by the name of Sonic Adventure 3, which was originally planned as a sequel to the excellent Sonic Adventure dilogy! But then the heads of the project sat down, thought and realized that after Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog and the failure with Sonic 2006 - no one gave a shit about the Adventure series long ago. And then these bosses had an idea - to create a strong and independent Sonic game with a lot of blackjacks and whores! Well, and a movie... everyone loves movies, don't you Sonicboys?

Well, in the end they decided to call it Sonic World Adventure, but in Europe it was called Sonic Unleashed (the marketing guys works in mysterious ways). Sega gave money, time and Sonic Team started the process... of creating... (Trust me, if it wasn't for the total failure of Sonic 2006, Sega would have given a shit rather than money and time, so making a really expensive and high quality Sonic game was everyone's priority).

Announcement and Release

The game was announced on March 12, 2008, and on November 18 of that year, the game was already on store shelves. But first things first: the announcement!

The game was announced at E3 2008 and remember I said that Sega had budgeted for a new Sonic? The trailer shown did show the fruits of it, for the trailer itself was just... ah(censored), see for yourself:

How was it? Not bad? That's what I think! You can tell we're in for a truly amazing adventure. Beautiful music! Dynamics! And the graphics! And all this in 2008! I understand that Crysis was released back in 2007, but still! And here we are on November 18... several versions of the same game are coming out: versions for XBOX 360 and PS3 from Sonic Team, and PS2 and Nintendo Wii versions from Dimps. We'll talk more about these versions, but now about the game itself.



The story starts with the epic assault on Doctor Eggman's base by Sonic. The hero of course wins and...I swear to all that I hold dear...this is the most ah(censored) opening cutscene I've ever seen...well back to the point. Sonic, while in his Super Sonic form, stops an evil old man, but... the old man is not only evil, he's sneaky! He tricks Sonic, traps him, pis(censored) the energy of the Chaos Emeralds and un(censored) the planet, unleashing Dark Gaia (another ancient deity in Sonic's world). Sonic himself, exposed to the Dark Gaia's dark energy - turns into a werewolf (surprise!). Well Eggman doesn't need Sonic at(censored) and throws the hedgehog into space.

Sonic, falling through the atmosphere, lands thanks to some unknown force that keeps him from dying as he falls. Sonic falls and with his carcass lands on some... incomprehensible creature that now suffers from amnesia. This sick Japanese fantasy doesn't remember ANYTHING, not even who he is. Well Sonic of course says "Bro, I'll get your memory back" and... as the sun rises Sonic turns back into Sonic. And then the adventure begins... I will not spoil, but I will tell the gist in brief:

1) We give the name Chip to the sick Japanese fantasy2

) To restore the planet - we have to visit all seven (unexpectedly) temples of Gaius3

) Through the temples of Gaius we will return the stolen force of Emerald of Chaos

4) Save the World It is better

to familiarize yourself with the plot, because-tell it to me makes no sense


Better to see once than hear a hundred times


Well, seriously, what inspired the artists from the Sonic Team?


The graphics (on XBOX360 and PS3) are fantastic. Except... sometimes the FPS sags on both consoles! SONIC TEAM! AND SONIC TEAM?! WHERE'S THE OPTIMIZATION?! But it's a good thing the FPS doesn't go down very often. I don't know about the PS3, but on the XBOX 360 it does. I will give you screenshots so you can look at the graphical capabilities of the engine:

How? It's not bad, is it? Even now it looks good!

Music:This is what the game can't be criticized for - the music! It's just perfect! Listen to these tracks:

Windmill Isle - Night

Tornado Defense - 1st

BattleSkyscraper Scamper - Night

Super Sonic vs. Perfect Dark Gaia

Endless possibility

And this is just a small part of all the great things that are in the game! Just look at the title theme itself! In one sentence, the music is awesome! That's all I can say! It fits to any situation in the game and perfectly conveys the atmosphere!

The Gameplay:

Now we are moving on to the most important aspect of the review. The gameplay. In Sonic Unleashed the gameplay is divided into two parts: Daytime Gameplay and Nighttime Gameplay.

Day: This is classic Sonic gameplay. We run, jump, destroy robots, BUT! Sonic Team upgraded the gameplay and improved it! They have added BOOST, that is - Sonic super acceleration, which nowadays, many bored, but this game uses it as it should! That is, look: in the same Sonic Forces, most of the levels are passed in one piece, because the levels themselves represent a single gut. In Sonic Unleashed, on the other hand, the possibility for boost is limited by the precipice and transitions from 3D sections to 2D perspective or to platform one. I would like to note that the speed and platforming sections are perfectly balanced! The levels feel big and seamless! Sometimes you don't have time to realize that just five seconds ago you were rushing at the speed of light, and now you're jumping on platforms! This is the kind of level design that every Sonic game should have!

Night: Night gameplay is... a slasher. Not perfect, but a slasher. We have combinations, the ability to explore locations, and a few enemies that present themselves:

Dark Gaia spawns, which are divided into:

*Dowagers *

*Something small and fat Chihuahuas

*♪ Some kind of feral cripples

And some mini-bosses, which are represented as:

*♪ Some kind of wild jocks

*Some kind of wild fatty

Also, Eggman's robots have gone nowhere.

The night gameplay itself is a MUCH slower than normal. And passing the night levels can take 15, or 20, or 40, or even a whole hour of this time. In fact, because of these levels fans doomed Unleashed to eternal torment.

I have to be honest, the slasher part is done... not badly. The combat system does not force you to break the gamepad, the animation is good, and the effects are beautiful! And the musical theme of the battle gives them... comicality and a kind of ardor, liveliness! The only thing I can seriously criticize is the camera. I swear to God, that thing can give you such an angle sometimes! Here's an example: you're jumping off a platform onto a railing. The railing is surrounded by spikes (spikes on their sides) and here you are approaching them, ready to land, like an assassin, but the camera chooses another angle and ... you catch the spikes and fly into the abyss! The camera is your eternal enemy! Never trust it 100%!

Also, while in normal gameplay Sonic dies if his ring count is zero when he collides with an enemy, in nighttime gameplay Sonic has a whole health and shield scale that he can put up! Just don't think that rings are no longer needed, they now restore health. Also, from the dead enemies fall valuable experience points! I can not say that this gameplay is a breakthrough, but it has a right to live.

Speaking of experience points. On XBOX360 and PS3 you can level up yourself, on PS2 and Wii the game does it for you.


Like any game, Sonic Unleashed has its problems and shortcomings. One problem is the FPS slumps. The camera sometimes you(censored), but trust me, it's all minor things compared to what I'll tell you...

Medallions - that's what this stuff will piss you off oh-so-much. They're good to collect on night levels, but trust me - on daytime levels they can break you ALL the dynamics. This, to me, is a huge disadvantage that can ruin the experience of the game, as it can turn into a non-original stinking wanker.

Version differences:

The XBOX 360 and PS3 versions are, shall we say, the real deal, with the game's potential hidden in them. But now I will tell you about the versions for Wii and PS2Wii

and PS2 in generalThese

versions were made by Dimps and they differ from Sonic Team version by everything, except the storyline:

Reworked locations, removed medallions, changed animations and combat system, removed "adventure fields", trimmed graphics, no day and night levels in "Mazuri", cut Empire City location. The graphics have been cut and the boost has been changed, now it's not a scale, but "spurts".

Wii version (screenshots):

Wii and PS2 separatelyThe



was cut down significantly in graphics, up to cutting out all the shadows, also the sound was compressed. The most stripped down version of Sonic Unleashed on consoles. The funny thing is the pirates don't even stick it in their "PC version" repacks.

PS2 version (screenshots)


Bottom Line.

I've told you briefly about the game and its aspects, now to the conclusion.

Is the game worth the rehab? Yes.

It has everything: high-quality clips, beautiful music, bright and juicy graphics, and most importantly - the feeling of breakneck speed


And, it should be noted, this is one of the last games where Sonic behaves... like Sonic, like a hero, not a caricature of himself! He's moderately serious and moderately funny! He treats saving the world as something serious rather than a must! And he feels more real as we see his experiences, his emotions. It sounds too loud, but we see it, even if on a primitive level!

This game isn't great and it's certainly not the best, but it's worthy! It's worth mentioning and worth playing for a little while, but it's played!


I personally got to know the severely stripped down and stripped down version for PS2 when I was 6 years old and you know what? I fell in love. I fell in love with the awesome opening cutscene, the story, the gameplay! This game became my MOST favorite! I literally lived in it! I played it for days! It was awesome. And now that I've replayed the PS2 and XBOX360 version I understand the differences and...really brutal in its time with this game. It may not have been perfect, but it worked! It showed a beautiful picture and told an interesting and hilariously simple story! And the music... even the cheesy PS2 version played beautifully to this music... Yes, it has its problems, but it's a good game! Every game has problems, but it's a shame Sonic fanatics love the hideous Sonic 2006 and this game has been consigned to oblivion... Thanks for reading to the end and please don't stigmatize worthy games

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