StarCraft II (2010)

"Hell, it's about time!"

Finished the SC2 campaign yesterday. On EA. Never been a fan of the Tara universe, but played it on beta and dragged.
If we look at the singleplayer separately, it's objectively the best RTS ever.
It is noticeable that the twins do not stand still. Striking attention to small details. Very much at the expense of added "rpg" elements - after each mission you can "wander" around the cruiser - look for news, improve the arsenal, hear the opinion of your companions on the mission. It is all at the level of Mass Effect 2, but without the possibility to choose the lines of opponents.

From time to time we enjoy juicy CG-rollers. Which, by the way, sometimes lose videos on the engine - it is good that the twins have changed their priorities. It's clear that in 2010 we can't do with 2-3 CG and crummy engine-based cutscenes, like it was in WarcraftIII and Diablo.
After so many years, I don't really remember what was in the first Starcraft campaign, but it's not a problem. Even if you haven't played the first part, everything is covered in detail here, even during the installation of the game. Therefore, you will start the campaign knowledgeable. In addition, in the campaign we control almost all the units of the first part. In multiplayer they are naturally absent, not to ruin the balance, but, you must agree, it's a very nice little thing for true fans of the series - to run in single player with the usual guys.

But all this beauty is not without its downsides. The biggest minus for me was the ending. I do not know how it is in the last mission on other difficulty levels, but on the Expert there is a real hell. I think that these missions made for the Asians, who spent 10 years killing in the first SC. So here we go, I mean, I'm going through this brutal mission, I thought it's going to some super pathetic roller and "fuck yea", but not there it was. Like that all too banal and briefly ended after the meat grinder last mission. Well and such a minor minus - traceable analogy with the Warcraft campaign, legion hybrids threaten all the races, races unite, ...., happy ending. I sincerely hope that the next campaigns deal with these minuses.

All in all, if you compare it to the first part - a giant breakthrough, a masterpiece, brilliance and all. But for me personally SC2 was still not good enough. All this because of the blurry ending, which left an unpleasant aftertaste. Had to wash it off in multiplayer. Probably my fault and my overexpectations, because I was hoping for a fresh story idea and such, ok.

9.9 out of 10.

Btw : the credits are really, really scary. I've never seen so much text after a game. Good thing there's a pause and speed buttons.
Now all that's left is the excruciating wait for the next, most coveted campaign - for the Zerg. That's why favorite zerg, do not go first:,)