ABZÛ is a short poem

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Everyone has probably seen Konstantin Trostenyuk's news that it's time to summarize 2016 at STOPGAME. And we noticed that among the nominees somehow there is no game "ABZU"...



I present you a little poem dedicated to maybe not a worthy contender for any award, but definitely an entertaining underwater voyage.

(Inspiration was the poem "Mtsyri" by Mikhail Lermontov)

Enjoy reading.

***Beneath the
peaceful surface of the clear waters,
Where life moves on quietly,
All alone, washed by water,
embraced by the beauty of nature,
He woke up. As if aliveLost
of all fetters In
the silence of countless centuries,
Eyes opened after sleep,
Ripped out into reality For
goals clear only to him,
And, unknown why,
Decided to swim always forward In
the dashing stream, in the depth of the waters,
A great force guarded,
Wanderer, wanderer, pilgrim


*** What
does he want here? Why,
without yielding to anything,
Does he tear down the local order And
bring the law down


oblivion? The
stench of foreign stench
, Like a terrible dream,

And the underwater garden will grow up again,
With bright colors


And with blue light,
in a place once rotten,
will return
to the altar,
Bringing with it good tidings,
A joyous song,
"Nature will come to life again,
Nature will take hers again."

***But is
nature's way so easy To
bring back splendor In
out-of-nature pyramids,
Inside which fear rages,
Screaming light, burning squeak,
Bursting with a ball of bright sparks,
shocks of current bring death?
That path is not an easy one.

The shark, daughter of the deep sea,
And the son of science, the pilgrim,

will pass through it,
Swimming against the odds,
Uniting to fight back,
Uniting to stop the oppression,
Resolving to win together


The shark, daughter of the deep sea, And the son of science, the pilgrim,

will strike the last blow


days of rest will come,
And the pyramid will be carried away Forever
into the clutches of clinging dreamsGreen
careful cover
And the serenity of red words....

Thank you for reading. Leave your comments, thoughts on the game, critiques on the mini-poem.

Personally, I didn't like the game much in terms of gameplay, but the beauty, music and tranquility of the underwater life was awe-inspiring. Awe and awe of the underwater depths.

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