Slaves to Armok 2: Dwarf Fortress [Game Review]

Good afternoon. Before I begin directly reviewing the game, I want to note 2 very important factors that will be fundamentally present in this review.
1. The review was created solely to popularize the game and it will only touch on its most basic aspects, in order to show at least part of its enormous potential. All of the more complete and necessary information in the form of wikis and guides to download the game, you can here

2. Important aspect that wants to emphasize is my illiteracy, out of respect for the reader I want to apologize for this factor, I hope you understand me)

losing is fun
"Losing is fun" Here is the main slogan that guides the game


This statement is the best way to characterize the whole idea of her. The author of this statement is Tarn Adams aka "Toady one", which is the sole developer of the game, and to this day is engaged in its development since 2006.
On the fly you can ask, but what is this game is such that it develops so much? The graphics? Animation? The plot or simulation? On all of these aspects, you can definitely say No.
What is Dwarf Fortress? It's primarily a Roguelike-style sandbox, with elements of "god simulator", strategy, and thanks to the second game mode "Adventure" we are given the opportunity to play a single hero who is looking for adventure.

Looking at the graphics, or more precisely the lack thereof, the unprepared player may fall into a kind of bewilderment. The question immediately arises, "How do you play this? Unfortunately, the main problem of the game (although many veteran players do not think so) is the graphics. In many ways it saves the graphical version of the game, which replace the standard ASCII pseudographics, on more understandable images. But the graphics are not the only problem a newcomer who are trying to her mastering and somehow understand. Among other things, due to the huge abundance of text, the game is still unable to fully translate, which means the game is supposed to be more and English. Perhaps the last bullet in the beginner's head is her very system, namely created by the world and the immediate gameplay.

On this topic there is even a joke by veteran veterans, because. Threshold of entry into the game is clearly not for the faint-heartedGameplay

: It is worth assuming that the first mastering the game inexperienced player may think that the game is very similar in gameplay to "Rimworld", "Gnomoria", and other strategic "sandbox" games, but here it is worth noting that it is they are similar to DF, it is worth noting even a fact that Marcus Person has expressed his preference to create Minecraft like Dwarf Fortress


Starting the game, we are engaged in such a seemingly trivial thing as world creation. When generating the world, in addition to the usual us biomes, animals and plants, we generate cities, their inhabitants, cities of elves, humans, goblin settlements, various lairs of randomly generated creatures.
It is very important to emphasize the fact that the game has a difficult game system, and that is why it is hardcore. The whole world lives by its own laws, all the player can do is partially interfere in the process by changing only its small parts, everything else is independent of the player. Among the various factions there can be war, some may destroy other cities, and somewhere in a distant cave sits a living skeleton of a dragon waiting for its time. The world is constantly moving trade, between the cities of moving caravans, if you create a fortress somewhere on the glacier is likely to caravan to you may simply not come.
Before disembarking we must of course prepare. With the starting 7 dwarfs (which of course is a reference to the 7 dwarfs), we spend all the initial points on the formation of the dwarfs their food, tools, animals, and most importantly on alcohol. The point here is only one, if a dwarf drinks beer, he is happy, if he drinks water, he is not happy. Each dwarf is an individual, with his own, please note, thoughts, needs and ideas. If you don't satisfy the dwarf's wishes in the latter, he might go mad and start smashing everything in the fortress after which he will have to be coaxed somehow, and most likely that will be with a crossbow. And when he dies his relatives may also get upset and go into a "tantrum" frenzy, which will eventually lead to the so-called "tantrum spiral" when everyone is beating each other indiscriminately, some calm down, and others will beat them again, and so on in a circle. The game is just saturated with this kind of logic, and appropriate humor, which is what the slogan came from!

Having collected all the most necessary, we disembark at the desired point. Depending on what place we have chosen on the map, will depend on our playing location. Outside of it we can not get out, but the other factions and randomly wandering creatures will constantly visit the fortress. There is a huge pile of ways to develop, you can create a wooden ground town, you can dig a fortress in the mountain, underground, if you want you can, and above it, a huge pile of tasks that can be performed solely for the sake of self-interest.
Vdade in the smallest details of the game mechanics makes no sense, because it is necessary to go straight to one of the most fun parts of the game, this wasps.
Combat system
Analogues it, personally on behalf of the reviewer, I just do not know. Every creature in the game, be it a human, dwarf, elf, goblin, dragon skeleton, living dragon, huge slug with no limbs and organs, absolutely every creature has its own body structure. If living creatures have details such as skin, subcutaneous fat, muscles, internal organs (lungs, brain, heart, etc.), then the dead or any other sophisticated entities may simply not have them, therefore, that would have to destroy them VERY hard.
Absolutely normal situation in the game, if not particularly lucky dwarf hit with a sledgehammer on the head and did not knock it down, then he runs around the map and shows his "inner world" to his comrades. As in real life, without the most essential organs of life creature will not live, but here without an ear or finger, eye, etc. may well afford to survive.
Paying attention at least to these small but still important game features, you can immediately imagine the thousands of situations from which the fortress can die, and here we again remember the slogan, because it was made for the sake of it all. There is no point in worrying, the next fortress, will die even more fun.
Having beaten off the siege, there will come another one, and it will be stronger than the previous one. In addition to eternal "aggro" goblins can attack and it would seem quite peaceful races, for example Elves, who did not like that in the last caravan arrived, you tried to sell them wood products, they are very jealous of this, and are a local Greenpeace. People who don't like the fact that you attacked their caravan for no reason, or whose ambassador died falling into your moat, can also attack. But even if you're not under siege then the fortress will be destroyed either by huge creatures from the dungeons that you dug to extract resources, or creatures from the outside that came to you in the first place. It's not unlikely that a hooded stranger will come up to your walls and whisper spells, only to find the skin of a recently killed sheep strewn about your fortress and kill the butcher in revenge!
Tricky BrainsStarted
a new fortress, for excitement in a cursed biome
Emigrants went with the flow and after 3 years I had a fortress with 140 dwarfs. And suddenly the cook began a strange mood... Grabbing the brains of a cow, he did not expect that they will come to life directly in his hands (a cursed biome).So out of the kitchen came artifact revived cow brains.Here all the fun began.Jumping out of the hands of a hapless cook they quickly crawled to the exit from the fortress, scaring all the dwarves on the way. Having sent all the soldiers to destroy and eliminate the aggressor, I did not expect the cook to fall into tantrum. What came out then you probably know - a dozen dwarves fighting back guts, brains, arms, heads and other body parts. And so ended the glorious life of the fortress settled in the cursed lands.
As in real life, each material has its own strength, weight, and special characteristics in production. So we can see that leather armor is more likely to be pierced by an iron spear, and iron armor will protect against a wooden spear that won't even scratch it. Since the game is not devoid of certain physics parameters it also implemented armor action. If your opponent has good steel armor, which is unlikely to be pierced stabbing / cutting weapons, do not worry, it is quite fit to battle hammer (in general the game you can fight all sorts of things, including even the limbs of fallen comrades) with which you will be a good one punch to crush the enemy's insides.
Just as in real life, a huge role is played by the number of battlers, the more the battle the more fun. Severed legs, arms, heads, broken teeth, vomit, and other pleasures of the flesh inherent in the local entertainment.

Adventurer Mode : Having said a little about the fortress mode it's worth talking about the adventurer mode. We are starting to play for one character, the game has turned from a strategy into a "bagel" with an open world. Choosing the race we want to play for, and these are the standard humans, elves, dwarves, to which the latest versions added goblins that can be played in the case where the people and goblins mixed, tame humans such as satyrs, centaurs, polu-tigers, chelovekozmey, etc., we proceed to pumping the character.
As we can see the game boasts an abundance of all sorts of skills and professions, which alone is the skill "biter. Yes, not every game can boast that you just bite your enemy with a sword in his hand (which, by the way, adds to an even greater fanfare from killing enemies).
Selecting the necessary skills we appear in our chosen point, from this point we are free to do whatever we want. We can take jobs and perform them, getting fame, hunting, go to the tower to the necromancer after reading a book which you will be subject to the secret magic raise the dead, and you can just climb into some cave and proudly declare it his, though I doubt anyone will hear you, but it does not matter, the fact is that you can.
Here it would seem the simple essence of each in which it would seem to be boring, but no, the scale is amazing, you are unlikely in any other game, you can throw a berry kill Cyclops, pump up to demigod killing enemies with one punch, then die from the accidental hit of a crossbow in the eye. The world of the game is rich and unique, the events it happens every minute, and for such cases, there is a special mode, legends, which reflected all the most interesting events of the world.

Conclusion:The game is under development for 11 years, it has no graphics and adequate translation, its system is difficult, the threshold of entry is simply awfully high, which creates a huge clod of difficulties, but thanks to the difficult structure of the world, its autonomy and independence, its perfection and the opportunities that gives us the game, you can make a clear conclusion. You have to play, at least to get acquainted. This game as clear as day shows itself that it is not for everyone, someone will be far away from the genre, someone will not be comfortable in the management of the keyboard only, someone does not want to play without a localization, but you should definitely try, at least to expand their izlugorazor.

P.S. Personally, I want to highlight the talents of the DF community and give some links to the most interesting stories and sketches from the game.likota Ubendeba story (soap) and brave fortress that repelled the terrible attacks 14 towers necromancy slaves to armok 2: dwarf fortress, roguelike Write a comment Total comments: 3