Is the true interpretation of Inside unraveled?

Glad to welcome everyone to my blog! I will be honest, this is my first experience of writing such articles and blogging in general. But the series of events led me to the fact that I could not resist and decided to share my opinion.

And it all started because just today, four years after its release, I decided to play Inside. Once I launched the game, I couldn't stop playing it until the end. From the first minutes it attracts you by its dark atmosphere and mysteriousness. At first, the game I, like probably everyone else, did not understand absolutely everything. Who is this boy we have to play as? How did he get to this place? Where is he going? What is this place anyway? Who are these people who are trying to kill us? Why are they trying to do this? And the many questions that followed tormented me, until one moment, in the final part of the game, when we get to the "creature" (it's that incomprehensible biomass of many bodies), it dawned on me, and everything fell into place. I made it through the game, and leaning back in my chair at the closing credits, I thought - "the developers of this game are DAMN GENIAS!". Impressed by the masterpiece passed, I decided to go scour the internet to confirm my speculation on what's happening. And to my surprise I found no similar views to mine on any game forum, or on YouTube, and even all-knowing Wikipedia has not considered this game what I saw. So here we are at the point that brought me here and made me pour out my speculation. Here we go!

So, here we are not going to discuss "terrible disasters", "evil corporations" and "mind control". Try to look at everything happening in a more abstract way. Now get ready, I'm going to blow your mind! What if I told you that the entire time we went through the game, we were watching the process of fertilization? Yes, you weren't imagining it, and I didn't misspell, it was the process of fertilization. And the boy we're playing as is the sperm that is destined to get to the egg and fertilize it. So let's take our biology textbooks, open up the human anatomy section, and try to figure it all out together.

I'm not going to tell you the process that precedes sperm entering the female genital tract, I'm going to start where the game began. We find ourselves in a dark and hostile place where death awaits us at every corner. So, sticking to my theory, I dare say that the scary dark forest where we start our journey is, I'm not afraid of the word, a vagina.

We've decided on a place of action, let's set goals. Our sperm needs to:

  • 1) Survive by any means necessary.
  • 2) To move forward and only forward.

And we adhere to these objectives throughout the game, with the survival here is all clear, but we are always moving only in one direction to the right, that is forward.

Now let's find out what could threaten us?

During intercourse, about 300 million sperms enter the vagina and only one of them manages to reach its destination. The vaginal environment is noxious for the sperm, due to its acidity, and most of them perish for that reason. But that is not the only threat, the immune cells (lymphocytes) and the white blood cells (white blood cells) see the spermatozoa as foreign organisms and kill them mercilessly.

Having analyzed the above, let us compare some points with the game. Apparently, our hero is not from the timid ten (a million) and on acidity he does not care. but mentioned lymphocytes and leukocytes he meets on the way. Everybody remembers evil people in white masks who are ready to strangle us with their bare hands, shoot us and release the dogs?

Well, we have solved that too, what awaits us next? And then we get past the roadblock and into the cervical canal. This is where the submarine ride begins.

At this point, the sperm has to make its way through the cervical mucus. For some, this becomes an insurmountable challenge. Likewise, many get stuck in the folds of the cervical mucus.

Comparing this to the game, we can assume that we are very lucky and we managed not to get stuck anywhere, and we got through all the mucus on the submarine.

We are approaching a large gate with a dial, to open which we need 20 "zombo-men", and just behind them is a uterus. For successful fertilization, at least 10 million sperm must enter the uterus. Based on this, we can assume that the "zombie-men" are likely the same sperm as the main character, only the very same ones that have met obstacles in their path, somewhere they got stuck and became less active. If you listen standing next to them, you can hear the snoring, and the various sounds made by sleeping people. The more active ones we met just at the checkpoint, where we had to march in their ranks. When we opened that very gate, we noticed strange and powerful impulses. Here I will make an analogy and assume that this is how the developers portrayed the muscular contractions of the uterus.

That help the sperm move on

The surviving sperm move to the fallopian tubes. One half goes to the empty fallopian tube, while the other half goes to the one where the egg, which is ready to be fertilized, is waiting

After passing the pulses section, we get in the elevator, which is knocked down by the last couple of pulses, and we get into one of the fallopian tubes. At this point, most of the sperm can't make it to the end of the fallopian tube, getting tangled in the cilia of the epithelium. Which is what happens to our hero at the moment when he falls off the dais into the water and is dragged away by the girl(mermaid), hooking us up with a strange hose.

Other tangles

These are the cilia of the epithelium. They do not harm the sperm and over time, the entangled sperm will continue their journey. In case other sperm fail, one of the entangled ones will fertilize the egg. This is what happens, we are released and swim further towards the direction of the funnel of the fallopian tube. As we approach further we see some people running inside a large building. There it is - the funnel!

After a bit of puzzling, we also reach the funnel and enter it. And we find that other people are not trying to attack us, they are in a hurry, looking back at us, clearly seeing us as a competitor.

They are in a hurry to be the first to fertilize the egg, because they are just like us, the lucky ones, the most active sprematozoa. Finally we reach the egg, but it's not over yet, we see other people crowding around the big glass, staring at it. The big glass is nothing more than a radiant wreath, the outer layer of the egg. Other sperm are already trying to penetrate it, but only one is destined to get in.

Having found a bypass, we finally get into the reservoir with the entity that is the egg. Sperm penetrating through the shell of the oocyte loses its tail, in the game it is played as flying off the boy's clothes. Here's the finish line, the boy merges with the essence, the sperm fertilizes the egg.

Yes, we have fulfilled our purpose as a sperm, but by fusing with the egg we have formed a new organism, the zygote. And it has its own way, we need to go back through the fallopian tube back to the uterus, and get a foothold on its wall so that the fetus can develop normally. This zygote is aided by the contractions of the muscular layer of the tube and the cilia of its epithelium, this time depicted in the game as workers opening doors for us and helping us with puzzle solving.

Performing a blistering run and solving the puzzles along the way we finally get in front of a wooden wall, breaking it, we roll down a hill and slide down to the coast in a ray of sun, the same place we previously saw on the way here (why does this panorama and the ending look the same, because the female body already knows where the zygote should be located for normal development of the fetus, and this is the plan for the workers, where they should lead us).

So our adventure has come to an end, the zygote has fixed itself on a wall of a uterus, and after thirty-eight weeks, a baby boy has come into the world.

This is how I saw this masterpiece, I do not claim a hundred percent that what I have described is exactly what developers were vklydavliv this game, but somehow it seems to me that I was right. I deliberately kept one trump up my sleeve, that would show it at the very end. Let's go back to the very first thing we should have been paying attention to, this game's title, Inside, which means "inside". As for the alternative ending, it seems to me that by doing some crap (breaking devices) and not following the original goal (getting to the egg first and fertilizing it), our sperm just lost its activity and someone else fertilized the egg. That's it. Thanks to everybody who read this article to the end, even though in some places I was not able to express my thoughts more deeply, despite the messy charts drawn in pintint, and sure enough, I was wrong somewhere in the biological terminology. Share your comments, maybe I'm still not the only one who interpreted the game that way. Thanks again, and see you around, I guess!