The Chronicles of Cookie Land. The Beginning.

- General Napoleon! They're already in the palace, you need to leave now.

- How much time do we have, Major? - The old general suddenly felt the reality of the threat. He remembered his childhood. Once upon a time, he had felt the hot breath of death up close like this. "Birthday." Few returned from there. He remembered forever the knife they used to do all those terrible things...
- I'm afraid, my General, time is running out. - Major Cracker collapsed gently onto the soft wool of the President's carpet.
- Comfortable. You don't even have to clean it. - The familiar voice was calm and childishly surprised; too carefree to speak, considering the position.
- You?" the general was dazed. His custard turned noticeably pale.
- Yes, but you've done a good job and thought it through, General.
- Yes, you're right about that. I have indeed thought of everything - interrupting the biorhythms, a gunshot rumbled, smelling of smoke. The air had grown viscous, so viscous that even the great Mixer himself would have wrung his glistening hands against it.

The General slowly approached the body. On the dead man's face he saw a peaceful smile, one last diversion, one last shot. The air along with the realization settled to the floor in small drops. The old general took a deep breath...

- Yarik, finish talking to the groceries! We've already been put to sleep, Gambler #20 is asking when. What are you doing there in the first place?

- I crushed you. So did all your friends. Now Cookie Country will forever be in my hands. - The general spoke emphatically loudly. So even Major Cracker could hear him. Wherever he was.

- Not much of a line, either. Now the protagonist is going to win anyway. Predictable and shit!

The general had calmed down completely. He even covered his eyes. In just a second, a maid would be here to change the rug and replace Cracker with a new Cracker. To him, they all looked the same. "I think they even have the same goddamn name," the warrior thought to himself. He forgot about the dead men completely, walked over to the chair and stretched out in his usual spot. He poured himself a drink. He grinned as the warning on the bottle said that he risked turning into a rum baba if he abused it. He drank the whole glass in a gulp. A warm wave of alcohol slowly erased from reality the room, the corpses, the shiny casing, and the whole awful day.

- Is this a post already, or did he drag out the intro so long?
- It's still an intro, info 100%.

Rustle. Some extraneous sound crept into Napoleon's benign reality. It was so clearly dislodged from his reality that a black ripple ran through the general's peaceful reverie. A sudden realization struck him; he opened his eyes with difficulty, but it was too late.

- You forgot to provide for something. - The Cookie Lord smiled warmly at the old general. The refrigerator door closed with a humming squelching sound.

Now, on to the essentials. This is the first, foundational post. I've been looking forward to blogging for a long time. Someone once told me they wouldn't mind reading something else "mine". Warms my ego, of course, but I'm not a fan of Livejournal, we haven't even been introduced to Habra, and I only read at Sovereign, it's good (or bad, who knows) without me, amen.

You understood from the previous paragraph that I will run my own blogger almost like I did it for the first time. But the posts will always be weighty and thought-provoking. I hope they will not be only about what a fool the author is. (And what a fool he is!).

What will it be about?

Naturally about me. Naturally about different and at times even interesting things.
In fact, here I will be expressing all sorts of things. Politics, sociology, psychology, interpersonal relations. This is about different things.

The interesting stuff - about hardware overclocking, hardware in particular, but also about sports, exercises, long-distance running, mountain biking, diets, and how to eat at Subway for 200 rubles together so that there was enough money without change. And other things that I've somehow been systematically doing for some years now, to get smart in posts.

And if I think I'm an editor - from time to time we'll take a look at the best work of our readers. I like the text, so I'll rage :)

Or fiftieth. Starts nonsense, my nonsense no one reads, all trying to win. That's not going to happen :) I've decided I'm going to put in my own mini contest.

The gist is simple - I need an image of a glamorous cookie. The contest is primarily for photoshop lovers. We're recruiting from activists here, remember? So, all with meaning + a StarCraft2 key to the best work. Leave your works in comments, I will be happy to.

And in the end I'll post all sorts of videos and songs I like. One per significant post. So those who don't read it won't be bored.