Return To The Neverhood. The lost Neverhood spin-off.

I want to tell you about such a little-known project as Return to The Neverhood. Everybody knows the original Neverhood, the unsuccessful sequel SkullMonkeys, the unsuccessful Armikrog reboot. But not many people know that Terry Scott Taylor has his own band called Daniel Amos. This band has its own website, and you can find an inconspicuous label like this in its store:

Notice anything? In 2012, Sir Terry Scott Taylor, along with his band Daniel Amos and Doug Tennacle, released a little comic book on the beloved universe with an original soundtrack. I wonder how the publisher allowed them to do that. The comic is in the genre of the musical novel. Those who don't remember this format of works, let me remind you that you have to listen to the music in parallel and flip through the pages when the track changes. It is the music that comes first, the pages should only guide your imagination.

The comic book is small, just 32 black and white pages that consist of just sketches and walls of text. The OST, on the other hand, consists of 19 songs averaging 2 minutes each. But the fact remains that we're looking at a lost canonical slice of the Neverhood world, with art by creator Doug Tennaplast and music by Terry. Why lost? You can't find it anywhere but the official store, and it's $15 for the digital version and $20 for the paper version with disc and shipping. And it's because it's officially on sale that I can't share it with you publicly.

But I wanted to share a different story with you. After I got it, I thought there's a reason this work is nowhere to be found, the comic is average, ost average. It's kind of a big name, but it doesn't inspire fear or awe. I put it aside for a while. As it turned out, in vain, because not for nothing on the official site hangs a warning: "To order the physical product (the only way to truly experience it). Yesterday I had the occasion that I had to wait an hour for a friend outside the house. So I thought, why not listen to the OST and reread the comic. I brewed a bong, opened a can of beer, cranked the speakers to full volume, printed out the comic in paper, and then I just sat and enjoyed this creation for an hour. They are, as the warning states, to be enjoyed only in analog form, in an atmosphere of solitude and in a state of slightly clouded mind. So unique is Taylor's style of music. Like everything brilliant in this world, and his OST is of this format, it is not appreciated and understood on the first try.

My goal was simply to share this find with you. It's impossible to do a review on music formats, but I know there are many fans of the original Neverhood game who would be interested in this piece.

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