Columbarium. Cyberpunk 2077

Columbarium. Knight City's main cemetery and a collection of references.

Get up, Samurai! It's time to take this town apart for Easter eggs!

Columbariums are the repository of urns with ashes after cremation. (Колумбарий)



Every city, every community must have at least one cemetery, Knight City from Cyberpunk 2077 is no exception. Outside the city, in the area of North Oak have found their last resting place many characters of the game and not only ...

The entrance to the Columbarium. There is a fast travel terminal nearby.

By far the largest concentration of interesting things per square meter is in the central... Cyber vault? A cyber graveyard? In the center of Columbarium, anyway. Its location can be seen in the screenshot below.

Cyber Crypt or Cyber Graveyard?

Third-party references.

Here we find names like Roy Batty, the replicant and main antagonist of the 1982 Blade Runner movie. Of course, he is present here as a reference to the motion picture.

Roy's own quote from his final monologue is written as an epitaph.
"All these moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain.

To the right of Batty, the CD Projekt Poles pay tribute to artist and designer Sidney Jay Mead, known as Sid Mead. He is best known for his work on such sci-fi film concepts as the aforementioned Blade Runner as well as the Alien and Tron franchises.

The epitaph "Creator of Worlds" speaks to Sid's profession.

Game Characters.

When filling the game world with life, CD Project did not forget to fill it with death. Therefore, in Columbarium, you can find the names of story NPCs, which somehow participated in the story, or were mentioned in passing.

To begin with the "Tombstone" of the game's second main character and his girlfriend. We are talking about Johnny Silverhand and Alt Cunningham.

Johnny's full name is Robert John Linder.

You can learn more about Alt Cunningham in the dialogues with Johnny during the story missions. She will play a not insignificant role there. Johnny and Alt died more than 50 years before the events of the game.

Those who have been through the game as Corporat may remember Arthur Jenkins. This is Vee's former boss, who wanted to "Bribe" his superiors. As a result, Vee lost her dream job at Arasaka.

As the Americans say, "He who knows too much swallows bullets..."

Judging by the epitaph, which reads "Loyalty to the corporation to the end," Arthur made V look guilty of everything and left himself with clean hands. Probably died on a mission, though it's possible that Arasaka just doesn't put the betrayal on display.

Not far from Jenkins rests Lucius Rhyne, former mayor of Knight City.

Strange that his name isn't on the Cyber Crypt.

The news of Ryan's death can be heard on TV in the game, right after the prologue, you can't miss it. Later on, the "Guardians of Disorder" quest chain will be connected to this event.

The chain is given out by the Perales family, so the next tombstone is just right.

Strange that the brother doesn't remember him.

Antonio Perales is the brother of Jefferson Perales, who is running for the new mayor of Knight City and at one point, will ask V to investigate the mysterious death of the former mayor, Lucius Ryan.

In the same Cyber Crypt you can find a reference to "Knight City Legend" Andrew Wayland, known as Boa Boa, a mercenary corporatist who led the Water Leopards gang.

Changing reality is a dangerous business.

Andrew is glimpsed by Jackie Wells during his and V's visit to the Postmortem Bar, along with the other Legends.

I couldn't find Jackie's own grave, so here's a screenshot of the funeral

. Rest in peace, Chumba.

If any of you find Jackie's grave, tell me where to find it and I'll complete the article with a screenshot of it.

In memory of the fans of the game who didn't live to see the release...

CD Project has many fans all over the world, and due to the events of 2020, not many were able to see Cyberpunk. But the Poles have mentioned some of them by putting them in the middle of Columbarium along with Legends.

Judging by the image, COVID is to blame.

Unfortunately, there is not much information about the dead, so I cannot speak with certainty about the causes of their death. But the fact that the developers don't forget about their fans already inspires respect.

To summarize

, I want to say that CD Project tried to give the world depth and though it's not the level of detail RDR2, but no one doubted that the Poles will try over the game, right?

There are more graves as the story progresses, so on endgame I'll add to the article. Provided you find it interesting.

Thanks for your attention. And now it's time to burn this town to the ground!

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