Note on "Unstoppable."

Went to the movie theater the other day to check out Sylvester Stallone's new film, Unstoppable.

As a fan of action films of the glorious 90-80's movie I've been waiting for a long time, is it a joke to see in one film all the stars of those films, but unfortunately Stallone did not get to collect all. Steven Seagal refused, due to his employment in a show, later it turned out that he was involved in "Machete" by Rodriguez, van Damme said he was going to quit fighting movies and try his hand at something new.Wesley Snipes was not averse to film, but banal problems with the law did not let him in South America, where the filming took place. As for Willis and Arnie, then they dug only a small cameo role, Mickey Rourke does not appear much more.That's who no problems were able to get it Lundgren, the guy has long vegetated in trash movies, and perhaps "Irresistible" will be his ticket to a normal movie. After that, Stallone decided to join the young guard, the most paid Chinese actor Jet Li and a dream of all British women Jason Statham.Also, the director followed the latest fashion and the role of jocks invited wrestling stars Randy Kutuyra and Austin.Well, and completes the star cast Charisma Carpenter familiar to fans of the series Buffy as Cordelia and Terry Crews familiar to all fans of the series "Everybody Hates Chris.

As you have already guessed the film was made in the best traditions of the same 80-90 action movies, first of all it concerns the plot.In one of the banana republics, general Garrza seizes power, and to eliminate him, an enigmatic CIA agent or someone else named Mr. Temple hires a team of tough mercenaries led by Barney Ross (Stallone), at first Barney hesitates, and like the money is promised, but to fight the army of the general does not really want to, but in the end he does so organizes a sharp babadum
I have read a couple of reviews and watched a couple of trailers, I was expecting a hour and a half of fighting with explosions and gunfire as in "Rambo 4", but I was wrong. I don't know why Stallone inserted several completely unnecessary storylines into the film. The first is the relationship between General Korza and his daughter, it is unclear whether he really hates his daughter, then the line of Lee Kristmas and his girlfriend, only two scenes are dedicated to her, but I do not understand why she is in the movie. Is it because Stallone wanted to single out Statham as Hollywood's biggest action star? It's a little unclear about Gunner, whether he wanted to betray "unstoppable" or not.

Nevertheless, there are enough of cool action scenes in the film, the Irrepressible fully justify their name, sweeping away enemies platoon by platoon, by the most sophisticated ways, beginning with a plane from an automatic shotgun and ending with kung-fu tricks and throwing knives. And near the end of the film, the adrenaline begins to go off scale, the final fight is one of the best in recent action films.It is noteworthy that in almost all action scenes actors perform stunts tastelessly, Stallone even suffered an injury fighting with Steve Austin.
Of course, if you do not like "Stormtrooper complex" in an action film, you'd better not watch it, the Banana Republic bastards are terribly stupid here, for the rest of us, the off-scale nostalgia charge is guaranteed.

You know, every movie has a scene or a moment that sticks in your heart, so you want to watch it again just for that moment. For me, the dialogue between Willis, Arnie and Stallone is definitely written very well, I will not say anything, you watch and find out.
It is noteworthy for his role Arnie received a barrage of criticism saying that there are problems in the state and he wanders on movie sets, therefore, his fee of $ 385 he contributed to the state treasury, and at the site he was at all for 3 hours and at dawn was flying home, big respect to him for it

A few words about acting.Despite the fact that Stallone now and then criticized sarcastically ostensibly already 64 years old and still lighting up in action films, however, and in Rambo 4, and here he showed great form and it from the force could give 40 or not his age. Nevertheless, some brightness of the characters is not enough.Statham was remembered only for his knives, Lee and his constant talks about his not existing family and his complex because of his small stature (although, of course, compared to Lungren and Kutyur he is really a runt) Crews, his mania for weapons, and Lungren his defiant demeanor.

In general, I will give you a good action movie that is worth a 9 out of 10. If you are a fan of films like "Comando", "Rambo", "The Big Showdown in Tokyo" then the film is your choice for the weekend. To put 10 I did not give those superfluous storyline and unimportant soundtrack

P.S by the way as Stallone said himself to work on movies he really liked and if box office will be normal we can wait for the sequel Irresistible, Stallone, Willis, Stethem Write a comment Total comments: 4