Music from games] Composer Theo (Denis Liganov).

Hi all. I think for some of you this post will not be a big revelation, but I want to tell you about one composer. His name is Denis Liganov aka Theo and he's mostly known for his compositions for the Space Rangers 2 soundtrack. But not only them.

A long time ago, in 2006 I came across a link to Theo's site on some website.
I downloaded a couple of tracks, listened to them, liked them. I started downloading all the music, but the speed of the dialup connection did not dispose me to it. After I had downloaded half of the content I forgot about it when I went about my business and remembered it only in half a year.

To my surprise the site was dead by then. Looking for the reason, I Googled Denis's Vkontakte page. On the wall it said that he had run out of money for hosting and that a new site would be up in a month or so. Okay, I waited a couple more months. The site was not up. Went to his facebook page and...

Link to pageA
last entry on his wall killed all hopes for a revival of the site


Since then there are only traces of his work in the Internet, and compositions in the collections of fans who managed to download music from the site. So in this post I'd like to share with you all of Theo's music that I managed to find.
1. Full musicТоррент

- file.

. All Theo music included in the Space Rangers soundtrack 2Чувакам from forum Klisan-57- and Protoss Warrior
to Dmitry RangerDimidr0;u=106Daniel
Evstifeev MyO
- anonymousGugluA

recently I found out that the pseudonym (or more correctly say the label) "Theo" is assigned to another musician, which creates confusion


Here's Theo's page on, for example, created apparently by a fan.

The same confusion is in the audio recordings. Denis' original tracks are mixed up with tracks of another Theo.
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