Knock Knock Knock" by Ice-Pick Lodge [The game needs your support in Greenlight!]

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After a successful Kickstarter campaign ($41,021 of the requested $30,000), the wonderful developers at Ice-Pick Lodge are again asking for our help. This time it's needed in the new Steam Greenlight system. I think everyone knows what Greenlight is, so without further ado click and vote..

Also, don't forget that you can still pre-order the game with bonuses from Kickstarter on the Ice-Pick website. Details and a link to this case are under the spoiler of the old version of the blog.

Cool! A couple of hours ago Ice-Pick Lodge (almost the best Russian game developer, and which is quite appreciated by western gamers, the authors of "Turgor", "Mor. Utopia" and "Eureka!") announced their new game - "Knock Knock Knock".
The following is copied from the official website.
A strange thing happened in our studio recently. At the end of November, 2011 we received an email with a request to make a certain "non-standard" game plan. We receive such requests all the time, and usually they are not worth attention. But this time we were in for an intrigue.

The archive of 19 files, entitled lestplay.rar, was attached to the letter. Its contents (excerpts of texts, short audio and video recordings), as well as the style and vocabulary of the letter itself, were quite disturbing. At first glance they did not contain anything scary, but there was something evil behind it.

The sender asked to "finish what was begun", that is to make a game of these materials, being aware that in doing so we risked sharing the fate of the compiler of the archive - the proposed game situation provides the key to what had happened to him.

The author was lenient enough to leave us plenty of room for creativity, but apart from the game situation he demanded that the game include the materials from the archive "otherwise it will all make no sense".

We, like any normal people, believe in mysticism, but still not so clumsy. Dozens of similar stories about "cursed files" in creepy folklore have already become jaded. Perhaps we should have erased all that creepiness out of harm's way.

But on second thoughts, we decided to conduct an experiment. At least check what kind of chimera we'll get as a result, and how much it will cost us, the developers - after all, we will be the first testers of the finished game.

So here's the plot twist.

In the depths of a dense forest stands a wooden house. In this house lives a man.

Since recently, at night he has strange visitors knocking at his windows and offering to play hide and seek with them. It is easy to win - you just need to live until dawn in your right mind. And that means that you should not meet them face to face.

As soon as the first one appears from behind the forest canopy, the time until sunrise is over! With each passing hour, the guests get closer and closer. The walls of the house won't protect you for long. Something has already penetrated inside. Something opens the window and rattles the dishes. Something is already in the basement and the attic. The floorboards are creaking quietly behind the wall.

Just hiding is not enough - they generally know where to go. So one has to make a nightly rounds, looking for and closing the breaches through which the forest creatures enter the house.

The appearance of another breach can be prevented by watching for alarms and in time to turn on the light in the room where something strange begins. Then poltergeist temporarily recede, but after a while will remind yourself in another corner.

Some useful items to help you survive. Their set and characteristics each time is random, and the arsenal is limited to just five items. Each night you have to choose what to take with you.

If they manage to survive until dawn, the next monster will disappear in the first light of day. But if they get there before then... I'd rather not think about it.

*Hide and seek. A simulated game of hide-and-seek with nightmare characters. A hybrid of Lode Runner, Home Alone and Nightmare Ned.
*Don't look where you don't need to look. The goal of each game night is to survive until dawn in your right mind. Game night ("level") lasts 10-15 minutes.
*We turn on the lights. Only in lighted rooms can you wait and walk around in peace, and the light is not eternal and needs constant support.
* Fixing the house. The more breaches in the walls, the more fear, gloom and generations of a sick mind are in the house.
*Every night a new unpredictable set of items needed for survival is scattered in different rooms.
*The player builds the house himself: any combination of stairs, doors, and rooms are allowed. New rooms increase total health and open up new possibilities.
*All Guests are different in strength, characteristics and appearance. The game will be constantly updated with new episodes.
*Everything that happens has a clue that, if you try hard enough, can be brought out into the light.

All of this beauty is backed up by a bunch of art and screenshots and a gameplay trailer.
This one:
There's also a developer diary.

But the most interesting for the Ice-Pick, and for us is that their new project follows fashion and goes on Kickstarter, where up to September 11 plans to raise a modest $ 30'000.
In addition, for the Russian players will provide a separate option to support the Ice-Pick, using Qiwi, Yandex, Money or Webmoney, with preservation of the "bonus ladder" from the Kickstarter

I suggest not to sting and support Ice-Pick, just because the game looks interesting, off-the-beaten-track concept and the art is really great.

NOTE: Due to technical problem, all the contributions via Webmoney will be nulled. It will be necessary to repeat the deposit. Our hero is missing and has lost 126 thousand :

QQ: Where can I make a contribution and what are the available payment methods?
A: You may contribute either via Kickstarter (via bank card) or via Russian (via Qiwi, Yandex.Money or Webmoney) or English (via PayPal) project website.

Q: I want my installment to reach Ice-Pick to the very last penny, bypassing any payment system margins. Is it possible?
A: Payment without interest is definitely possible through Qiwi. As for PayPal, do not know yet, if I find out - I'll add here.

Q: If I pay 150 rubles / 5 dollars, I get the full game, or only a 50% discount on it?
A: For 150 rubles / 5 dollars you will get the full game and the related add-ons.

Q: Will there be support for Linux and, in general, what is Ice-Pick going to do if it raises more money on Kickstarter than requested?
A: Linux support is not excluded, what to do with the additional funds Ice-Pick has not yet figured out.

Q: Can I contribute money in installments?
A: Yes, the sum of the contribution is cumulative.

Q: How long will the fundraising campaign last?
A: On Kickstarter - until September 11, on the game's website - right up to the release date.

Q: When is the release date?
A: Scheduled for December.

Q: Will it be on Steam?
A: Yes.

Will I get a Steam-key or a DRM-free version?
A: The Steam request has not been submitted yet, but Valve estimates a 70% chance of the game showing up in the store by the time of release. If it does not, you will receive the DRM-free version.

Q: Will there be on discs?
A: It's not clear yet, but if it is - it will be a limited edition.

Q: Are they out of their minds? I want re-release of "Maura"/"The Cold"/"The Living Word"!
A: You here. Here you can transfer money to support the studio. ice-pick lodge Write a comment Total comments: 88