Why does a player need a VPS server?

Gamers are the most demanding group of computer users. We want not only the most efficient PCs, but often also our own game servers or even servers for voice communication. In this case, what is the best choice and why is it VPS?

If you particularly appreciate mutliplayer games with friends, then probably at some point the thought of having your own server has occurred to you. What for? To play games like Minecraft, Rust, GTA RP, or even Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, to practice your new moves in peace, or to participate in so-called PCW (Practise Clan War), a sort of friendly matches with other teams. Even TeamSpeak, probably the most popular voice communication application among gamers, requires its own server. What is the best choice in such a situation?

Types of hosting

To begin with, it's worth explaining what types of hosting there are and how they differ. There are three basic versions of servers:

Shared server - the simplest and also the cheapest solution. It is perfect for less demanding applications, such as a company website, which is not particularly popular. In this model, hundreds or even thousands of users use one server. The shared server has numerous limitations, among others for the number of files, the maximum load of the processor and RAM, as well as the number of databases.
VPS server - a much more interesting solution is the VPS server, or virtual private server. In this model, the physical server is divided into parts by virtualization, each of which imitates a separate physical server. In a nutshell, we can say that it is like dividing one disk into partitions. Each virtual server provides complete isolation of running processes and independent access to hardware resources. This means that you can install applications on them that are not available on shared servers. Moreover, we receive guaranteed computing power.
Dedicated servers - we have at our disposal the whole physical server with all its resources and possibilities. This is the best, but at the same time the most expensive solution, which is used by the largest websites, large stores or even Internet television. It would also work for players, but it would simply be too much form over substance. In games we would not be able to use the full capabilities of a dedicated server, not to mention the price, which would make this solution completely unprofitable.

For a gamer? VPS server

Why is the VPS server the best solution for gamers? I've already partially answered this question in the previous paragraph, but it's worth specifying. First of all, in most cases VPS servers are completely isolated from other virtual machines. Thanks to that we have total freedom in installing the systems. On such a server we can easily place various games, TeamSpeak and even a private cloud for exchanging files between users. We are not so limited as in the case of shared servers, where we can choose from a ready-made application package and nothing else.

VPS servers also guarantee the appropriate computing power. When buying the service, we get clear information about the chosen processor, its clocking, the amount of RAM or the capacity of the disks used. In practice, this translates into a much more efficient and stable operation. In VPS servers the computing power is supported by a small number of clients, and thus the service provider is able to provide a certain minimum, below which the server will not go down. This is a necessary condition in the case of setting up game servers, where stability is one of the most important factors. After all, no one wants the game to suddenly start lagging for everyone.

What to pay attention to?

Now that we know what a VPS server is, what are its advantages and why it's a great choice for gamers, it's time to answer the question: what to look for when buying this type of server? There are a few basic aspects that should be crucial for us. The most important ones are:

  • Processor - not only the model and the number of cores, but also the clocking is important. For example, nazwa.pl offers Intel Xeon E5 2.2 GHz and 3.3 GHz. The latter performs operations 40% faster.
  • Amount of RAM - influences the efficiency of the server, similarly to computers.
  • Disk space - determines how much disk space you have and thus what you are able to install on it.
  • Virtualization technology - in most cases, service providers offer full virtualization, where VPS server software works independently in a virtual environment. This allows us to use one of several systems that the hosting company offers for installation. There is also a paravirtualization technology, in which the operating system uses the software functions of the physical machine. The disadvantage of the latter solution is that we cannot choose a separate operating system for our server.
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  • Available management panel - the management panel is also not without significance. In the case of nazwa.pl we can choose a simple and clear DirectAdmin panel.
  • Monthly transfer - determines the total amount of data transmitted to and from the network. The higher the transfer, the lower the limitations for the users. After exceeding a certain transfer the bandwidth is limited, e.g. to 10 Mb/s.
  • SLA (Servive Level Agreement) - a guarantee of service provision at the appropriate level. At nazwa.pl all VPS servers have SLA at the level of 99.9%. What does it mean? The company guarantees that they are reliable and will work for at least 99,9% of the time.
  • Backup - seems to be basic, yet it is worth remembering about it. The nazwa.pl company automatically creates backup copies, which are stored for 72 hours. Thanks to that, even in the case of a potential infrastructure failure, you will not lose your valuable data.