The Stopgame Bloggers Hall of Fame! v. [Little Update]


Well, the hall of fame has moved to another floor and got a couple of new features.
Well, come on in, don't be shy. I'm going to give you a quick tour.
And the first monument we see in the middle of the hall is the monument to MikoWolf.
Don't crowd, gentlemen, you'll all have time to see it!

MikoWolf is the King of Flood!

The man of legend! A great warrior and fighter for freedom and justice! Warlord!
Commander of the Grey Guardians of the Plus League. Yes! This is a monument to MikoWolf! In common parlance, "Miko," "Wolf," "MikoWolf." Famous for helping poor bloggers in their hour of need by destroying the horde of Darkness Spawn trolls, evil schoolboys, and the like. Legend has it that a long time ago there was chaos in the Blogs, trolls and schoolboys rampaged everywhere, filling everything with floods and vile spam.
Young authors from Minusomet were executed. But one day a certain warrior appeared, it was MikoWolf "... and the proud warrior stood up, charging a plus-metre, right, left and right to trolls...". Miko wasn't alone, though. He organized a coalition called the Plusoff League, which fought the nefarious trolls and Sheolota.
The League's early members included such individuals as:SpecteR

(Another fallen warrior)

They deserve a special award for that! These brave volunteers, not afraid to lose their ranking once and for all, they fought valiantly and bravely!

And now the rats have come to an end! As always, the good has conquered the evil, and Miko has disappeared somewhere without a trace :(
Alas, no one knows where he is or what he's doing now. Maybe he retired, as befits a great warrior, in order to come to his aid when necessary, maybe he was taken prisoner by trolls and rats, nobody knows. But the hope that he will return still lives in the heart of oldtimers and those warriors who fought with him shoulder to shoulder.
On the blogs: from time immemorial to August 18, 2010, 00:37

Perhaps this was the most interesting monument of all present. Moving on.
On the left you can see a monument to a certain writer and singer.

Finoz 26 - Phillips Smart Hairdryer.

Perhaps the most talented resident of the Blogs! He wrote a lot of stories and sang a lot of songs of his own "production". One "Kotopalma worth!" And the achieved is not going to stop. On the blogs came almost immediately after their opening and immediately began to create. Yes, it, like everyone else, minusovali, and tough, but he tolerated. And he himself soon joined the League. Among other things, has the largest number of blogs on the entire site. As of September 27, 2010 he had as many as 168 (!) blogposts. And he's the "strongest".
On blogs: Since the dawn of time and to this day.

Gentlemen, we're done here, we can move on. The following specimens are also very entertaining. So, here we come to the monument dedicated to ... Coffee!

AFnescafe - Nescafe Gold.

A monument to the cheerful guy from Dzerzhinsk. His name (on the Blogs)
AFnescafe. In addition to being one of the first volunteers in the league.
Famous for his poems about the league and Yaroslav Shalashov love of
Cookies. Among other things, he is inducted into the Hall of Fame for his successful attempt to
To incite the inhabitants of SG Blogs, to rig the election of the school president (?!)
On the Blogs: From time immemorial to the present day. (Though it was once hijacked by evil trolls for a month.)

If you walk further you can see a monument to the Man who created, creates and hopefully will create very funny polls.

ArchAngelArt - Angel of the Apocalypse.

Got into the Hall of Honor, for his series of humorous polls about the end of the world, "what does a zombie look like" and "Top 20. Unclean." He even made trolls and the rat fraternity laugh with his polls.
In the long run he is not going to abandon his polls, but rather make them funnier and better.
On blogs: from time immemorial to this day.

So, let's move on.

Awakended - :(

The most depressing and sadder member of the SG, Awakended. That's what he's known for.
because he's always sad and depressed. Although judging by his early comments, he was
a cheerful and upbeat person. Hopefully the fact that he's in the hall of fame
will lift his spirits just a little bit.)
On the blogs: From time immemorial to the present day.

Well, next up is the monument that taught the whole world to suck making streamers!

Underverse - Teacher

Here's the monument to the man who helped half of the blogging population start making their broadcasts. Underverse, the foremost expert on SG software. He became famous for writing two manuals: "How to Stream" and "How to Internet Radio".
On blogs: From time immemorial to nowadays.

Well I guess we're done with personal memorials and can move on to collective memorials, but no, here are a couple more!

Fear30 - Scarf Writer.

Came to us for his interesting and funny scribblings about cheaters, schoolboys, trolls, etc. And lately he's been posting funny pictures and demotivators. The idea is not new, but it makes the articles better and more fun. Not without its flaws, the cheater story was so depressing that I had to rewrite it on a more depressing version. In principle, nothing special besides that did not stand out, but they say he can count up to 4! :)

Well, and next to it you can see a statue of the Great Sea Captain!

ShuAnS - Pirate of the Stopgame Sea.

Captain with the big Easter Eggs! :) Known for cracking the world's dullest shit! There's a lot to say about what he's done. I'll just tell you the most important thing and say that Captain is not only the owner of big easter eggs, but also the funniest person on the blogs! Especially when Roma is boozing! ;)

And just before the entrance to the hall, there's a statue of a chronicler.

secret51 - Nestor the Chronicler.

Got into the hall for writing the chronicles of blogs. Quite a good idea.
At the time the Hall was created, there was only one chronicle, about Miko. But executed quite well, so he gets a place at least for trying for the umpteenth time to memorialize Miko!
Annals of MikoWolf and the Evil TrollsLink to Saga

Well now the personal memorials are over, I hope there will be more. Well, we're moving on to the hall where the collective monuments stand.
Collective monuments are monuments erected to certain collectives for special merit. These monuments are no worse than personal monuments. If a personal monument was not erected in your honor - don't get upset! Maybe you're a member of a group that did something famous, so be proud! Be proud to be a member of one or the other!


For those who do not know M.A.T.S. translate machinima, and translate very well and qualitatively. Well, it's not even necessary to explain why they deserve a monument. Almost no one translates machinima on Stopgame besides them.
Composition:DES13 - manager, editor and can do everything;)
Sibiryak23 - text translations, voiceoverredfoxsleep
- translation (text, by ear), editing TIMELY absentMuс
- translation (text, by ear), voiceover and editing TIMELY absentguk8a
- voiceover and editingNoG
- translation (text, TEMPORARY
in the Darkness - voiceStarkiller96
- voiceDirectorD
- voicePonce
- voiceBargest2534
- voiceDairon


Thank you very much! Looking forward to more machinima!

Next statue will be a user's stream!


Pioneers of user-generated streamers. Came into the hall for their pioneering in user-generated streaming. In the beginning, we streamed individually, but then united.
Pioneer squad:DirectorD

We are waiting for more streams from you gentlemen!

Well, and of course everyone's favorite warriors of good and light. Lords of Plus and Flood,
League PlusoF
(original name)!!!

League PLUSOF warriors are dedicated to protect Blogs from evil trolls and mean rats!
The founder is the Great Miko. He is currently being replaced by Snouers and ShuAnS.
After the trolls were defeated, the League retired, which served to re-demobilize the Troll Troop.
League members:SpecteR

Hail to the League warriors!

Well, next to the trash can, you can see the stupid trollos and rats.
In principle, you can pass by, though I guess I can say a few words about them.
Trollolo!ssgowno is the greatest troll on SG. Trolled everything and everyone! Didn't live long. Was dethroned by the great League of Plusophs!

Schepard is the unofficial leader of all Trolllands. Commander of the League of Minuses. Just an unfortunate joker, though. He founded the League of Fewest Minuses just before the end of the war with trolls.

andreynaz - The man with the most negative rating on the blogs! So-and-so!

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