Hollow Knight Bosses. Part III - Warrior Dreams.

Materials on the subject:

  • Part I 1) Gruz Mother

    2) Vengefly King.

    3) False Knight

    4) Massive Moss Charger

    5) Hornet Protector

    6) Brooding Mawlek

    7) The Collector.

    8) Flukemarm

    9) Crystal Guardian

    10) Mantis Lords

    11) Broken Vessel

    12) Dung Defender.

    13) Hornet Sentinel
  • Part II 1) Nosk

    2) Hive Knight

    3) Uumuu

    4) Traitor Lord

    5) Soul Warrior

    6) Soul Master

    7) The Watcher Knight

    8) The Hollow Knight.

    9) Radiance

    10) Troup Master Grimm.

    11) Nightmare King Grimm

    12) Bonus! Grey Prince Zote
  • Part III (you are here) 1) Gorb

    2) Marmu

    3) No Eyes

    4) Galien

    5) Xero

    6) Elder Hu

    7) Markoth

    8) Bonus! Fragile Flower Quest

Hi. This is the last, third part of a small series of guides on Hollow Knight bosses. It's quite small, in it I'll talk about the minibosses from the Hidden Dreams add-on called Warrior Dreams. And a bonus at the end!

Disclamer - not claiming to be the only correct guide in the whole wide world. If you've found a new way to defeat a boss or a trinek combination not mentioned here, that's cool and great, good for you. Below is just my personal experience and my very important opinion :D Some of the material is taken from holloweenite wiki, thanks fandom.

Warrior Dreams are minibosses, echoes of great (or not so great) warriors who are stuck in this world. You can help them rest by defeating them in a fair (or not so fair) battle. Talk to them, then use Dream Nail and the battle begins. After your victory, they'll give you a decent amount of Essence for your magic sword and melt away. To make it easier to find, buy a mini-boss grave marker pin from Iselda for 180 pennies, this will help you not miss anyone. Their health is scaled depending on your sword level, which is fair - so, it can be either 200-250 or 570-650+ if you're a tough pie. There are 7 in total, and we'll start with my favorite


Gorb is great. He has one attack, mumbles something to himself and flies back and forth quite slowly. His attack, by the way, is used later on in some bosses, such as Radiance and Hive Knight, so after practicing on him you'll already know what to do.

Spear Cast - The boss forms a ring of 8 blades, which then fly to wherever they point. There's a decent pause between these attacks, where the Hump just flies and mumbles, but if you hit him, he almost immediately starts attacking again. In the first phase it's one ring of blades, in the second phase it's two behind each other and a small rotation, and in the last phase it's three rings of blades, each with a small rotation.

Position is very important here. Always try to stand right underneath him and attack from bottom to top with sword or Howling Wraiths/Abyss Shriek. When he's attacking with blades, focus on dodges and step left and right to get into the gaps between your swords. If you're far away from the Hump, the blades might not come apart well or at lousy angles, so some will slip on the ground and hook you. Stay right underneath him, and then this battle will be an iz-zeezy. If he does get you, just run away, maybe under the place where you're fighting him, and get mowed down there. Still be careful not to get hit by a stray blade, and be wary of the usual location enemies that are still around.

As for the recommendations - to make things more comfortable you can put on Shaman Stone to bust Howling Wraiths or dial Longnail/Mark of Pride to make it easier to hit the boss that's higher than you.


Marmu is very happy to see you when you come, but that doesn't change the fact that you have to fight her. If you've already defeated the Dung Defender, get ready for some serious nostalgia. Marmu only makes one attack:

Hurl - she'll curl up into a ball and hurl herself at you, as well as bouncing off the floor and walls, so it's very easy to get contact damage.

You can juggle it by hitting it from the bottom up once it's over your head. Shaman Stone + Abyss Shriek can help you defeat Marma in seconds.

If you're having trouble hitting it all the time, use an AoE build that will help you deal damage back - Thorns of Agony, Grubsong, Defender's Crest, Spore Shroom, any of these. Quick Focus will help you quickly kidnap if the battle drags on, and Baldur Shell will allow you to kidnap just for fun and avoid a single hit. If you have Quick Slash, it should be over quickly. You can try jamming Marma in a corner and using Steady Body (you can + Heavy Blow) to play rubber-ball with her.

Marmu is a very nice boss, but it's pretty fast, and it's not hard to die from it, especially if you panic and start running around the arena. Fortunately, there are quite a few ways to deal with her.

No Eyes

The creepiest boss, the one I've probably died the most times because I hate arenas with platforms and needles ><. To fight her, you definitely need the Lumafly Lantern (1800 kopecks at Sly's in town). Even if you get to her grave without a lantern, you still can't fight her, which is good because I can't see how you can acrobat there in the dark.

Attack, as usual, is only one:

Spirit Summon - The boss will summon spirits that will move in waves from left to right throughout the arena. You can't kill them. The lower the health of the boss, the more ghosts will be on the screen.

Basically, your battle boils down to you trying to jump to the platform the boss is hovering over while not getting snatched away by the ghosts, Radiance-style. After literally one hit, the boss teleports out and it's back to square one. It's a good idea to wear Grubsong and Soul Catcher to generate energy and heal. It's relatively safe to heal, as the wiki says, in the center of the lowest platform on the ground. For me, the battle was pretty long and exhausting, and the endless lullaby that is the soundtrack screams to this day.


Probably my second favorite miniboss because it's similar to the Hump, only more fun, but it kills the same way - from the bottom up. Curiously enough, Galien is often at the top of the most difficult bosses in many rankings. I think it's because a lot of people have the battle dragged out, and then yeah, too much stuff starts happening on screen, and it can quickly get overwhelming. Galien has as many as two attacks:

1) Scythe Slam - The spinning scythe will bounce off the floor and ceiling, slowly cracking you, occasionally interrupting;

2) Soul Scythes - In the second and third phases (60% and 30% health, respectively) the boss will summon two more smaller spinning scythes, which will also bounce all over the arena, bouncing off the walls and ceiling regardless of the big main scythe.

I was with the Quick Slash/Mark of Pride/Unbreakable Strength build, and Galien ended pretty quickly. Hardly any scythe hit me at all, as I was completely focused on being under him the whole time and beating him relentlessly with my blade. You can use Shaman Stone + Howling Wraiths as you would with any opponent hanging above the ground. Galien is one of the few minibosses that can't teleport at all - he just hovers slowly, which gives you plenty of time to attack.

Your success will depend directly on how fast you can kill it. If you slow down and lose focus - the entire arena will be filled with spinning goodness, which will bounce back in your face, so you'll have to work really hard.


The boss requires a decent amount of running and dodging flying projectiles at the same time as attacking the boss, which is almost mini-Radiance. There's only one attack:

Nail Cast - the boss will spawn two blades, one on each side of him, and every 1-2 seconds he'll throw one at you. The blade can go under the floor and then come back to the boss, so don't be too happy too early if you managed to avoid the throw itself - the blade can snag you on the way back as well. In the second phase the boss will spawn 2 more blades, 4 in total, and will throw one every 0.75 seconds, which is pretty fast.

In my opinion, it's better to prioritize your dodges like you did with Radiance, and deal damage when you get the moment. Xero can really pummel you with his needleblades if you're not careful, and this battle will be over in 10 seconds. Use the same builds as the others - Quick Slash/Mark of Pride/Unbreakable Strength or Shaman Stone + Howling Wraiths - and take your time. If you need to get stolen, go far to the left or underneath the platform you're fighting on and get hit. The easiest way to dodge the flying blade, just like with the orange balls of many other bosses, is when he flies closer, make a dash towards him, passing under him. He won't have time to zap you as quickly and will miss you.

Not the easiest miniboss, but focus and concentration defeat them all.

Elder Hu.

Ugh, had to run to find it. I found out about him by accident, flipping through the wiki when I thought I had defeated all the ghosts. His pic got me a bunch of "Who's that? Where is that?". Sitting in the appendix of Fungal Wastes above and to the right of the bridge in City of Tears. Dude thought the Mantis were infected and went to exterminate them, but was exterminated himself. I feel you, bro. By the way, the Mantis are one of the few who have kept their sanity. They are so tough that no white moth can break them.

Elder Hu has two attacks, and while Shadow Dash (Shade Cloak) isn't a must-have, and you can defeat him without it, I highly recommend you get one and make the fight ten times easier.

1) Ring Slam - This attack is very similar to Radiance's Sword Rain, only very sharp and fast. You literally have a couple of seconds to estimate the position of all the stacks of rings when they appear below the ceiling, and stand in the gap between them to be safe as they crash to the ground as if gravity had become ten times stronger. You can also save yourself some nerve and just make a shadowy dash to either side a microsecond before the rings fall on your head. A little work with timing and you'll be fine;

2) Ring Curtain - the boss will paired stacks of rings, starting at the leftmost and rightmost positions, and they'll fall to the floor as fast as they go toward the center. The tactic is the same - either find a moment when the stack of rings is still on the ceiling and make a dash against their movement, or just make a shadow dash through.

Elder Hu is pretty fast moving and teleporting. I don't recommend using Shaman Stone + Howling Wraiths here, because the boss makes his attacks so fast that your cast will be too slow and you'll get caught. Just hit him with your sword and take your time when the time comes - dodge, waiting for the best moment.


Rich with three attacks. Not the hardest of all the minibosses, just probably the most curious. His arenas are platforms, but the floor isn't covered in needles, which I sincerely appreciate, thank you.

1) Dreamshield Summon - Curiously, he has a Dreamshield that works just like yours - spinning and blocking incoming damage while dealing contact damage. Funnily enough, once you take half his xp off, he'll summon another one just like it, and he'll have two shields;

2) Nail Barrage is a basic attack similar to the Xero attack. Boss summons a blade, aims and throws, and so every second or two, after losing health - faster. Avoiding them is quite difficult because of the platforms, but the point is the same: start moving after he's already thrown, so the sword doesn't have time to track you down;

3) Shield Cyclone - the shield(s) start spinning around the boss, and the radius gradually gets bigger and bigger, until it takes up 60% of the arena. It's a great way to get into a corner and get kidnapped. Another great opportunity to run into the expanding circle and pummel the defenseless boss, but be careful, because the shields come back faster than they go.

Dodge swords and jump on platforms to get it - better with a sword, as the spell cast may be too long. Use Shape of Unn to hit outside of Shield Cyclone. There's a galaxy tactic with sliding back and forth on the wall and using Vengeful Spirit on the boss, but I didn't try it and just killed him with my hands xd

That's it with the bosses! I've shared all the knowledge I had, I hope it's helpful to someone.

Bonus. Fragile Flower quest.

Can't see the mustachioed gaffer.

I'll tell you if not the easiest, then one of the easiest ways to complete this harsh quest, for which you get a shard of mask.

The quest is to deliver the Fragile Flower from Resting Grounds to a grave in Queen's Gardens.

1) Ride a buggy wagon;
2) Use Dreamgate;
3) Take any damage, whether from enemies or from the surroundings.

You can:
1) Use the wagons;
2) ???

Here's the route I took, it seems to me the most optimal and relatively safe:

In this quest it will help you to know how the game itself works


There are two types of enemies in the game, let's conventionally call them "big" and "small". For example, in Fog Canyon, big jellyfish are big enemies and small jellyfish are small enemies. Small enemies reappear after you kill them, once you leave the screen and go back in. The big ones, on the other hand, appear again only after you rest on the bench (the small ones come back in this case too, the bench updates all of them). This little detail is what will help us get the flower out. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to complete this quest:

1) Once Ze'mer gives you the Flower, your checkpoint will automatically be tied to the bench outside her house


Place a Dreamgate near the bench. This is your trial run, which is to mop up all the "big enemies" that won't show up in the locations again. If you break a flower - no big deal, you take it just in case you succeed the first time;

2) On the bench, wear Grubberfly's Elegy and make sure you have a compass


You can take Dreamshield if that helps your sense of comfort;

3) Hit the road


Methodically clear every section of the path of all enemies. It's okay if you break a flower in the process, the important thing is to reach your destination. And remember - by no means rest on any bench!

4) In Fog Canyons, you may not kill a single large jellyfish. Go down carefully and slowly, cutting out the little ones you risk running into. Then you'll have to do it again, but you'll already know what's what. Look down as often as possible to see where you fall;

5) The most treacherous place is the platforming just before the grave, where you have to carry the flower


You might think that you can just dash to the next platform, but that's not true - you have to jump up just a little bit. I suggest you get a good workout there, especially if you've already broken the flower;

6) If you, while clearing the path, were able to save the flower and bring it back in one piece - congratulations, you're great. Use Dreamgate to go back to Ze'mer and get your reward. If you've reached the grave and the flower is broken - use the Dreamgate (it's infinite, costs 1 Esense) to go back and get another one, just don't rest on the bench. The whole road is now cleared except for a couple of bugs at Forgotten Crossroads, little jellyfish, and flying moss in Queen's Gardens, so it'll go a lot easier.

If you need more flowers, for example to give to other NPCs, you can pick them up at the grave, but they'll be just as fragile.

That's it :D I had a rather complicated relationship with Hollow Knight at first, but then I spent many, many hours in it and got very into it. Looking forward to Silksong, hoping to see more awesome bosses.

Thanks for the heads up!

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