How to quickly and efficiently start your adventure with dedicated servers?

A comprehensive guide on how to choose a dedicated game server. We answer the most frequently asked questions, point out the pros and cons of the most popular solutions and help to adjust the offer to your requirements.

What is a dedicated server?

The notion of a dedicated server among fans of multiplayer games recurs with almost every new release. A new title appears on the market, gathers around it a growing community and a few weeks later everyone suffers only from one problem - lag. It's getting harder and harder to connect to the game, and the lag during some matches completely ruins the pleasure of playing. Fans start to get annoyed and at some point a statement like "If only they had invested in dedicates..." is made as a solution to all server problems.

What in practice are these proverbial "dedicates"? It is nothing more than a computer that is permanently connected to the Internet. You buy access to your computer and all its physical resources are made available to you via the internet. You configure the whole machine, choose its components and it is made available to you by the provider, such as OVHcloud. From then on, you have complete control over your computer and you can manage the purchased unit via the administration panel.

Dedicated server from the different types of hosting, such as virtual server or shared hosting, stands out primarily because the full resources of the computer are made available, its RAM, disk space and computing power. Not without reason in English there is a term "bare metal" putting a clear emphasis on the physical capabilities of the machine.

The advantages and disadvantages of a dedicated server
From the perspective of the user, dedicated servers are the fulfillment of his most secret dreams. During the gameplay lags stop, the connection is stable and we don't have to worry so much about the quality of Internet for other members of the team. In many cases, developers switch to dedicated servers from the cumbersome peer to peer system, where the entire match is hosted by one of the players. If this happens to be someone from the other end of Europe with an unstable connection, the game starts to resemble a slideshow, and the famous "host migration" appears on the screen.

Switching to dedicated servers means that each player, instead of connecting to his current host, connects to the nearest server. The closer the unit is, the better the connection quality. The most recent example of the benefits of setting up a local server is of course Valorant, whose creators decided to host the machine in Warsaw. Overnight, Poles began to experience exceptionally smooth gameplay with pings ranging from 0 to 5. For games such as Riot Games' FPS or Counter Strike, latency is of the utmost importance and can play a huge role in 1-on-1 battles, so it's worth checking which dedication provider has a data center in Poland.

One of the biggest advantages from the perspective of a dedicated server owner is the fact that he gains access to all the resources of a single, powerful machine. The possibilities for a private gamer, who intends to use this unit primarily to improve daily gaming sessions with friends, are almost unlimited. Not only can you set up your own instances of Counter Strike, Minecraft or DayZ on the server, but you can also use your own TeamSpeak server to communicate with your friends.

The biggest barrier stopping most users from renting their own dedicated server is of course the price. The cheapest OVHcloud servers called Rise, which provide bandwidth of 500 Mbps and are ideal for hosting websites and streaming, cost 220 PLN per month. The gamer offer, on the other hand, is an additional 150 PLN, which you would have to spend on fees every month. Assuming, however, that you're sharing the cost as a group of friends looking for ways to spice up your gaming sessions, a single user's server could be as much as a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Until recently, a major limitation for private users of dedicated servers was their support. Root access required from the owner a huge amount of knowledge and skills to manage the purchased server. This barrier, fortunately, is slowly beginning to disappear. OVHcloud provides each of its customers not only an easy to use and clear administration panel, but also more and more ways to simplify the management of our server. There is even a Help Center on the provider's website, where you can read detailed information about managing your server.

Which dedicated server to choose?

When you go to the OVHcloud website, you'll see a long list of different kinds of servers. Each differs in machine specifications, capabilities and, of course, price. The cheapest options start from 220 PLN, and solutions for the most demanding customers can cost up to several thousand PLN per month.

Due to such a wide variety of applications for dedicated servers, OVHcloud offer has been divided not only into different price brackets, but also customer requirements. One look at the details of the recently refurbished Game servers is enough to realise that their name is not some cheap marketing ploy.

Based on the third generation AMD Ryzen platform, the servers will meet the expectations of even the most demanding gamers. Your Counter Strike matches will finally be lag-free, and playing on Rust or Army servers will provide your friends with plenty of entertainment. Most importantly, Game is enhanced with Game Anti-DoS protection to keep your servers safe from hackers. OVHcloud's advanced technology protects your servers from interruption of service to such an extent that sometimes, even during DDoS attacks, users will not feel any difference in the quality of their connection.

If you are interested in buying your own server, you can find out more details by clicking on the "Check prices" button at You will then be redirected to the configuration screen. You can select one of the offered kits or modify it with a few improvements. After that you just have to choose your server location and the payment type.

The Game offer is of course only one of the possibilities offered by OVHcloud's servers. On the website you will also find machines dedicated to building infrastructures in complex environments, small companies and their business needs, and even simpler activities such as web hosting and backup.

Dedicated servers are currently one of the most interesting ways to take your daily sessions with friends to a slightly higher level. OVH's powerful machines open owners up to a completely different world of gaming, where they can dictate the terms. Setting up a server in Rust, Army or DayZ creates a place where the only limit is your imagination. If you've been looking for a new multiplayer recently, it may be worth returning to these most popular titles, only this time approaching them from a slightly different perspective.