Note on Salt (Salt 2010)

I will be writing all sorts of subjective notes about films, games, books and in general about everything that happens on our crazy planet. I want to dedicate my first note to a rather kosher in my opinion film Salt.

The plot rotates around nowadays popular themes "bad Russians" and "new order", if you do not like these two themes, you can just pass by. In a nutshell, the plot is as follows: at the CIA headquarters a certain Russian defector is interrogated, who tells a rather interesting story, as it turned out, during the Cold War, a Russian network of agents of the highest level was formed in the USA.Agents etoeti trained almost from cradles should have penetrated the state structure of the USA and one day to strike, which will destroy the USA and put the beginning of a new order. Even the name of one of spies Evelyn Salt, all would be OK, but it turns out that just as the name of the CIA agent interrogating the witness. Naturally our heroine tries to justify and call her husband, neither of them she failed and she escapes from the headquarters. Her former colleague begins to hunt her.

I expected that there will be another story about a setup and the search for justice, but I was wrong, talk about how I was betrayed, oh I did so much for the country and she dumped me in the movie and close no. From the beginning to the end of the movie is not clear that Salt in mind, is she really a spy? Jolie decided to play a negative hero? Will she really kill a couple of presidents and there will be a nuclear bang and World War 3? Unfortunately, only one point is realized in the end of the film, all the rest is a typical happy end, the president is alive, the nuclear bombing will not happen, it upset us a little, but still the feeling of some novelty and intrigue was present in the film, we can not argue with it. We were fueled by a rather cool soundtrack from Howard who wants to compete with Zimmer.

Shortly after the movie was released the reviewers were accused of "cranberry", Russophobia, untruthful depiction of Russia and the USSR.It's a basis of all spy movies. These movies are made for the very purpose, to amuse people with different tales about secret services, powerful terrorist groups, secret plans, it all provides an opportunity to break away from the dull and monotonous everyday life.It is natural that there will be no realism, because the real spies will not share their secrets, and if someone tried to make a serious spy movie, it would be at least not understood. It's like making a movie about police everyday life without fights, shootings, because in real life, a policeman participates in two or three shootings at most, and who would like a movie dedicated to giving out fines or investigating "deaf" and that is a cop's everyday life.
Regarding Russophobia, many people say that the U.S. is a country of stereotypes, they say that Russia is not like that. But in Russia, too, there are stereotypes, stop any man on the street and tell him an American, you will be described as a fat stupid subject who eats hamburgers and laughing at the next lame sitcom. But few people know that most of the Nobel Prize winners live in the U.S. The same goes for the Olympic champions.And I know at least 5 Russians quite seriously declaring that the U.S. is going to take over the world. But most of all I laughed one girl on Kinopoisk who said that the Russians do not drink vodka on completion of a successful business, I wonder where she found such?

Now I would like to talk about acting. I would have screwed up my soul if I said I went to the movie not because of Angelina Jolie's boobs and lips. I generally have great respect for her as an actress and as a person, if most other Hollywood actresses openly suffer for nonsense spending money on walks, bling and clothes, Jolie helps people not only in word but in deed, and for that I respect her very much.She managed to recreate the image of a very cool, resilient agent who is however not strangers to gentle emotion.s role, she coped very well and created a good competition for Bourne, Bond and Hunt (by the way wanted to play a major role to invite Cruz, it is good that they did not invite or would have a mission impossible 3.5)
But at the same time bright Jolie overshadows other actors. except for her remembered except that a little bit silly president of the U.S. If other films show presidents as tough noble men here, the president is rather comic character.
The production and the effects are at a quite high level, it is obvious that Jolie did not spend $100 million just for royalties.

Quite a good spy action flick, highly recommended for watching with friends and beers. Best thing since Inception so far.