Why "Endless Summer" is not a masterpiece

So now it's my time to saw my own, most likely unnecessary, opinion :) Careful, it's not very coherent, written in the style of "I'm a graphomaniac at my mom's". In general, I first write such a thing.
Also there are spoilers, but if you don't care about them, you're welcome!

So, "Endless Summer".

This visual novel is pretty well known on Runet. And it's known primarily for its creation story. The leaks of different builds, the sudden change of the scriptwriter, the story about giving away CDs at a Moscow anime festival... in general, the creation of BL was accompanied by scandals, intrigue, and broken dishes. It's also known for the hype and excitement around it, which I don't think it really deserves. Why is that? That I will try to explain.

I'd like to point out that the character sprites and backdrops in this novella are really great. Everything is drawn beautifully and neatly. At the same time, the images that are any different from the "background and character sprites on top of it" scheme are somewhat inferior in quality to these very backgrounds and sprites. Such a feeling that these very "other" images drew a completely different person (with few exceptions).

Maybe it's just a nitpick, but the unity of style has never hurt anyone.

The soundtrack, and in particular the music, isn't bad. Nothing extraordinary, but you can't call it bad. Although it's more of a taste thing (somehow the local musical themes didn't appeal to me, sorry).

I don't know why you should always fall in love with this movie, but it's quite hard to believe that it's not as bad as other

visual novelties


If you compare it to other (good) visual novels, here it's pretty basic and there's nothing unusual about it... except holes the size of an elephant's ass, but first things first.

One of the main problems with BL's storyline is that it is far too eventful. These very events are spread so thinly over the plot that it seems as if all the main character did was sleep and eat (and do interesting things with the girls. Except for Ulyana. For Mizulina does not doze off). Really interesting events are extremely few. The branch girls themselves (with some exceptions, but about that a little later) are not very different from each other (the episode with a bomb shelter I had to watch about 12 times, and all that each time was different - the girl accompanying us ... I think I do not need to explain why I started to vomit). Almost the same thing happens in them (with a few reservations, but they don't make a damn bit of difference). Any major differences only appear at the very end of each branch.

The endings in each branch aren't particularly varied and are along the lines of "after the events in the camp, he immediately became successful". You know, like those dudes who tell great stories about how they immediately stopped being depressed and everything became cool, opened their own business, etc., etc. The division of each branch into good and bad endings is purely conventional, because the only difference is that in the good ones we meet the chick we came to, and in the bad ones we don't. Otherwise, the bad and good endings are absolutely identical.

Now for the exceptions mentioned above. First of all: the Miku branch. Unlike the other branches, there's only one ending and it has more variety than the other branches. The branch itself is pretty interesting and trashy (in a good way). But there is a "but": to the main plot it has absolutely nothing to do. It feels like they took the plot from some left-wing fanfiction. If there were no storyline, the plot would not have lost anything.

Second: Lena's branch. After the rather monotonous ending schemes in the previous branches (except for Miku of course) this was a breath of fresh air for me. The good ending is really good, and the bad ending is... bad. There should have been a similar thing (I mean diversity. The bad ending was a bit over the top here) in the other branches, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.

So there is also a main branch, which is intended to answer all the questions that have accumulated while reading. But if you don't really go into spoilers, no answers about what the hell has been going on all this time, we'll never get and things get even more confusing.

About the holes: there are rather large amounts of pathetic scraps of scenes and even storylines in the plot. Occasionally there's a scene that hints that something more or less global is about to flow out of it... but nothing ever does. And it's not that such scenes end up being a "flop," no. They're just thrown in and forgotten about. And this happens not just once, or even twice. Needless to say, these scenes make zero sense?

As for the characters themselves, they're pretty good...except for Lena. Her behavior...the only explanation the novella gives for it is "patamushta." By golly, that's not the point.

The main character is...er...hysterical. Seriously. Constant and sudden mood swings, sometimes illogical actions, which we can not influence in any way - with such a character is very difficult to associate himself. And his constant arguments about parallel worlds and other pseudoscientific bullshit and drives you into boredom.

The dialogues are not bad, but in some places a little forced:
- What do we do?
- I don't know.
- What will happen if we do this?
- I don't know.
A bit exaggerated, but nevertheless quite a few dialogues looks something like this.
It's not very interesting to read something like that, don't you think?

Summing up all the above written I want to appeal to those individuals who consider BC the best in the world: guys, are you serious? I realize it's probably the first and only representative of the genre you're familiar with, but read, for example, Ever17, Higurashi, Umineko or at least Katawa Shoujo (the story there is pretty simple too, but more elaborate, with no unnecessary elements and no such blatant plot holes and stumpy events). As for my take on the piece: I rather liked BL than not, but a couple or three more and it could have been called bad. The complaints I've listed (maybe they're stupid picks, but hey, that's my opinion) make it impossible to call it a masterpiece. You can read it, but I wouldn't recommend it. Here you go. Vn, endless summer, boring. Write a comment Total comments: 139