Iron] StopGame is looking for "Iron Editors" and a bit about the contest

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I have a notebook where I write down goals and global objectives. Invariably in the top 3 is, "I will make SG the most in-demand gaming portal in the RF".



, my friends.

The selection of "iron authors" is over, the winners have received their "letters of happiness", and I congratulate everyone again. Both authors, whom we want to continue working with, didn't get it on the leftover principle "well, since we promised", but really deserved it. In the same way, the 3rd and 4th place winners deserved their prizes.

Unfortunately, what happened outside the prizes is a nightmare. So many people asked me for feedback, saying what was wrong in my work. I have not seen everything: I got only 10 out of 200, the work of those who wrote without grammatical errors, not struck in obnakvatnye diatribe, not overflowing material "smishchy jokes" and right ... Yes, with TK not everything went smoothly. The line "... motivates you to buy a Gigabyte!" - is a crapshoot that I missed through personal oversight. However, other than that - there were people who got it right, there were people who went to my personal email for clarification. I don't think the wording was a real problem for those who really wanted to enter the contest.
The level of entries as a whole is monstrously low. Of the top 10 that got to me, about half are still very bad: inept language use, some crazy hell of a layout with constant cut-ins or, god forbid, an attempt at explanations based on examples of ketchup and mayonnaise. I can tell you for a fact that we won't be running contests in this format a second time.

Again, this does not apply to the winners, thank goodness.

But here we summed up the results and... All those interested saw what happened in the comments to the announcement of the winners. First of all, we used paragraphs about light bulbs as a sample of works in vain, and second, I can't help marveling at how "iron" is a rotten and toxic topic.

From the outside it seems like it raises purely technical issues. So you've got GDDR 5 and GDDR 3, that's it, what's there to argue about? Here the game gives 30 fps, here 50, it's strict and clear, right? Dick, every discussion I've seen descends into theological disputes and arguments about "untapped potential". And also absolutely every time for absolutely every "iron" there is a man who says that it is for suckers and there is a normal variant for normal guys. With all of this, discussions are rarely respectful, constructive and polite.

I f$#&ed that shit up on our site. The easiest thing to do in this regard is to give up and not bother. Andriukha regularly hints me :D But

I see that the iron materials gather a huge amount of views and, therefore, they are interesting to people


I do not see such a rubric in a decent form on any competitor's site (and I don't know why), but someone has to do it. So it has to be StopGame.

What are we here for?

I myself don't understand anything about the hardware, Andrey Makovlev doesn't understand anything about the hardware, and nobody at SG understands anything about the hardware. Now we have text writers, but there are no competent editors. But editors are necessary, because all people are human, they can understudy something and make a mistake somewhere, it is normal. It is not normal to miss materials with errors on the main page.

Therefore, the second planned step after the contest - to recruit enthusiasts who are competent in the iron more than in writing, want to help the site and always ready to have a heart-to-heart fight in search of the truth.

So, you can be the "iron editor" at SG if you
:- Think you know about hardware;
- Write about it in the comments;
- ????

How will it go down?
- The iron author writes the material and dumps it into the checking chat room;
- Everyone who wishes writes his comments to the material in the chat room and during heated discussions finds out who is a faggot;
- Edits are made, and the material goes to Andrey Makoveev, who does not need to think about the things he does not understand


Since the editing mind will be collectively located in a common Discord channel, I hope that
:- The quality of materials will improve;
- Bickering that no one needs but the bickering will go away from comments at least partially;
- Editors themselves will quickly pick out the incompetence in their ranks


If you're going to be picky about reading "ironclad" material on the main site anyway - let's do it for the benefit of humanity.

Your requests in the comments!

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