History of the keyboard. Genius ideas.

The history of the keyboard goes back to 1870, when inventor Sholes invented the typewriter. It was the most miserable keyboard of all. But progress has not stood still and the bravest and wackiest minds started to invent "Something".
We can start with the ASUS Eee Keyboard, but it's not really a keyboard - it's something like a computer in an aluminum case. It uses an Intel Atom N270 system with 1GB of RAM and all sorts of goodies - like WIFI, bluetooth, headsets.

The Wolfking Warrior Xxtreme is the device for those who play a lot of games. The keyboard is kind of divided in half and the keys are grouped in a circle, equipped with backlight.But this keyboard is not very comfortable, even if you're an avid player. And it's backlit! So you will have to go to the eye doctor more than once.

iKey AK-39 - This keyboard is undoubtedly from robot sci-fi movies. This device is put on your wrist. But unfortunately, such a keyboard has not yet released, and she is not needed. (In general, they produce them, but only for the military)

Maltron 3D Ergonomic Keyboard

- This brick with the size of half table is hardly a keyboard.

It was created in 1977, but it is very comfortable for typing and judging by its shape and design it is shockproof!

FrogPad - the company has developed this device for people who text a lot. It's a compact, green-colored panel. The developers declared that this model will help you in any business and also you will have an ability to type at a speed of 40 words per minute.

"Optimus Maximus " is a keyboard with a display in each button and is designed, by the way, by our Russian people. The device has 113 built-in displays that refresh at a rate of 10 frames per second and also has 65,000 colors. But this entertainment costs very little.