Games in modern society.

Modern computer games, and especially three-dimensional shooters, it is impossible to imagine without the PC. Every day we meet a person who at least once did not talk about the game!
The main component of PC is a video card, CPU and OP. But there are games that will not go even if you have a modern PC with 6 cores, etc. You need special manipulators for them. For example a mouse like this one:

In this article I will talk about what hardware is needed for different types of games. There are three types of games: technically simple 2D and Flash games, massive 3D games and high-end 3D games.

Components for simple games
Processor frequency not reaching 1.6 GHz, a video card with 2D graphics performance, such as NVIDIA GeForce 8400/8600/9400/9500 or ATI Radeon HD 3400/3600.
RAM does not exceed 1 gig.

Massively resource intensive game components
Such games as GTA 4, Call of Duty MW2, Sims or World of Warcraft have higher demands to PC hardware than described in the previous section. These games use multi-core processors and complicated 3D technologies. But the result of these games is very good - great graphics, excellent gameplay, multiplayer and the ability to communicate.
But it takes a lot of money, because 2 Giga video card is not cheap!
And finally virtual reality. It exists, but only in the development stage, and when it appears, fans of Star Wars, Crisis, Mafia will enjoy almost real game!