The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan[Coop] co-op review

Better a horrible ending than a horror without an ending. Ferdinand von Schill

Hello all!
Back in 2018 there was an announcement from Supermassive Studios, which is known around the world for a cinematic horror game called Until Dawn. Man of Medan is the first part in a whole anthology of games, each of which, according to the authors, will be able to surprise the player and make him worry about the main characters. The only thing that all the parts will have in common is the narrator, that is "observing" our actions.

The game is already out, and I can tell you about the situation in cooperative mode, so that you could understand, if you need to waste your time on the walkthrough or you'd better play something more worthwhile.
Let's start with the main part - the plot. Itis
not a bad story, of course, it doesn't reach the level of Until Dawn, but will do
A company of young people goes to explore the depths of the Pacific Ocean, where it is rumored that the artifacts are hidden during the Second World. However, things don't go so rosy and we find ourselves on a ghost ship, which is the basis of the whole game...

The big plus is that the developers left the "branching" story system, which allows you to replay the game several times in search of a new ending


In cooperative mode you are connected, and there are a lot of cases, when the both of you should make the decision. But in most cases, you will be disconnected, and everyone will walk around in different locations, and therefore will not see the whole game. And it's not really cool, because for example, one player is swimming in the ocean, and the second one is walking around the ship and talking to the characters.
GameplayThis is the
downside of the game, it's made cheesy so much that you don't understand why the developers didn't diversify it? Fast time events are made so that you can press 4 buttons right in a panic, the last one flies so fast, and even in another part of the screen, that you do not pass it, and the character, which you so diligently kept alive from the real threat, stumbles and falls to the abyss and dies ... Many decisions are so questionable, that it seemed the most appropriate answer may become fatal for the character and you can not change anything. If in Until Dawn you take a shortcut, but dangerous and die, it seems to make sense, but Man of Medan knows how to play and plays itself. This is what discourages you from replaying the game and coming back to it ever again.

The corridorship is another downside to the game. I understand that the ships are built in a very "template", but the developers could diversify the walk through the narrow and identical corridors, at least something more interesting. In co-op we got through the game in 4-5 hours of which 1.5-2 hours is a corridor in which you want to finish sooner with it.
If you think this is a horror, it is not, eventhat
tries to scare, makes it obvious and not convincing, therefore it does not cause any emotions

Maybe in solo playthrough - it's really scary, but in the co-op version the horror effect is noticeably missing...
As for the visuals of the game, in principle, he is not bad. BUT, the facial animation leaves a lot to be desired... There is a feeling that the first started to make the narrator, who is the only one in the game has a living facial expression, and the rest on the leftover principle... In the end, the girl characters were at the end of the line and made them on his knees.


the co-op they are interconnected, but you can put a point here


By the passage of the game we often see "Relationship updated," but in the end it is not like that, does not affect anything. By the end of the game noticeable that the authors scored the meaning of dialogue, and they look like this, like this:

"What do you think Fliss?"


can talk a lot about this game, but in my opinion it is prohodnyak at one time


Hopefully the next parts to change the situation, as at the end of my passage I saw what will be the next part and look forward to it. I suggest you watch the walkthrough on my channel or channels of other authors.

This is my first post on Stopgame, hope it was useful to you.
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