I'm 80.

At the end of January, my hunter reached the formal ceiling on the number of levels: 80. Formal - because there are still some experience bars. Reputation in the factions of the WoW world is a separate branch of scoring and once you reach the level ceiling, they don't end. However, "farming turnips" is still not the most important activity in the life of an octogenarian.

There is a widespread stereotype that gamer's life in WoW begins after the levelcap, reaching the masimal level. This stereotype stems from the fact that it is then open access to endgame content: raids. Difficult dungeons, designed for groups of 10-25 people and a few hours of passing. It is in these dungeons spend the bulk of their game life hardcore players and where casuals tend to get. It is this game content that requires the most time commitment on the player's part.

I won't say I'm not interested. But getting into a game at half past ten and getting out of it at 1 a.m., or even later, doesn't smile on my face. Once a week at most. So raid content is left for now. However, this upsets me very little. Simple casuals like me here, and so there is something to do.

The first thing I did after the final "ding number 80″ and going into Ironforge to replenish supplies and learn new talents was to visit a number of instances for five people. The goal was simple - to find out how accessible the group content of the "lower" levels is to a maximum level casual player in "blue" outfit with an "epic" gun.

The first instance was Uldaman, an abandoned underground dwarf city. Initially, the instance is designed for five players at levels 38-42. The zerg zerg with MultiShot and Volley's AoE spell (area hit) I figured out that I'd pass without any problems. So I went to Eastern Plaguelands and visited Stratholme, an undead invaded city of humans. Instance is designed for players on levels 58-60 and in the era of the original WoW (before the first additions to the game) was a transitional link from the insta for five to raid content. Exactly here and in Scholomance farmed armor sets, without which you should not go to Molten Core.

Taking out the thrash was easy, and the first boss was put to rest in a minute. Therefore I decided not to clear the instance completely and went to Outland, where the dungeons are designed for a group of 58-70 combatants. As a result, Mana Tombs (64-66) was passed completely with only one vipe in an hour and a half.

Conclusions: After the release of WotLK all the group content to at least level 66 is quite accessible to a casual single player dressed in "blue" 78 +. What is the point of such activities if there are "heroics" and raids?

First, half of the content for five people I have not seen for a variety of reasons. At least once want to see. The second reason - working out the technique of the game (especially suitable for this dungeons levels 60-68). One thing to hide behind their comrades just to damajit, and another - to choose the moment of the pool and then kayt mobs. Finally, it's just money. The total income from the loot selling and collecting money from the looted mobs was about 300 gold coins. And it took just over two and a half hours, and it was a little more fun than farming saronite in Sholazar Basin.

So my immediate plans for the content mastering - visiting all 5 ppl instances of the Old World and raiding instances 60+