Doom Eternal - Game Review: Exemplary shooter, but a standby sequel

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Doom Eternal, for all its publicity and vaunted by all the journalists, is a rather controversial project. It seemed that in the perfect mechanics of Doom (2016) and not worth changing anything at all, but the team id Software still decided to start fixing the already working bike, did it work? In part.

First and most importantly, Doom Eternal is still a hurricane actioner, which has everything that we once loved the original game of 2016. The fast-paced gameplay, endless meat and great level design, however, things aren't so clear-cut here. For example, the mechanics, by which you have to shoot the enemies certain vulnerable parts or hit a certain point for greater efficiency, looks a little too irrelevant. The previous game easily managed without this element - now the player sometimes has to stop to aim as accurately as possible at a certain point on a particular monster, which does not so much bring variety to the usual gameplay, but cause a crushing blow to the dynamics.

Doom Eternal is trying to sit on several chairs, and it is not always successful - on the one hand, the game tries to look like from the 90's, to be the same as before. Secrets in levels, cheats that need to be carefully looked for in locations, endless crowds of enemies, general location rentality - everything is as it was then. And the many types of weapons, each for a particular situation, and the need to beat out of the enemies, literally, forcing the player to run around the location in search of "easy pickings. This unwittingly brings to mind the classic parts of the series.

The brutal kill animations seem a bit trimmed down compared to the last installment

But on the other hand Eternal is trying to prove that it is modern, offering us many times more story information than all three "classic" games put together, more motivation to look into the codex to read about the enemies' vulnerable points and much more. But does a franchise like Doom need all that? That's a question that won't leave you until the end of the playthrough.

The plot became more, the cutscenes began to look more coherent, but reviewing the interview with the developers for the last part and their words: "We don't want there to be scenes from the third person, because then the player wouldn't associate himself with the hero", you suddenly realize that in Eternal all these statements are somehow forgotten, bringing in quite a lot of those scenes from the third person, from which three years ago id Software themselves went away. Eternal doesn't look like a strict piece of work with its own style, now it's a game full of all sorts of ideas from everywhere and little by little. The acrobatics in Doom, that you could have literally laughed at a few years ago, now is absolutely normal in Eternal. And let the journalists not deceive you, and yes, perhaps this element will teach you better control of the hero's body in the heat of battle, but when the acrobatic sections begin to take up most of the screen time, while without any explanation from the lore and script - it's pretty sad. The jumping around in Eternal looks completely out of place, making it feel like someone from the development team was playing Mirror's Edge in between working on Doom Eternal. During our stream, my co-host and I have repeatedly swapped places on these very moments, and if I don't find the acrobatics to be that criminal, then for some, a very large part of the audience, the acrobatics may become the very point of no return and one of the very strong reasons to never play the new Doom again, and it's completely understandable.

The locations in the game will delight players with gorgeous views

Don't get me wrong, the acrobatics in Doom E ternal are done pretty well in terms of design and overall gameplay, but it looks like a lengthy episode of shooting, rolls and cover-ups has been inserted into a classic point'n'click quest. It just looks pretentious and completely bland.

Doom Eternal is times bigger than Doom (2016) and much more varied, but now the game doesn't feel like a solid piece of work at all. It has plenty of absolutely stunning locations in terms of design, every arena is thoughtfully detailed, and the soundtrack makes every skirmish unique, but all these elements are juxtaposed with a completely gut-wrenching interface that is not at all helped by the ability to change colors and idiotic costumes that you can put on the executioner of rock in the main menu (which generally turns brutal Doom Eternal into an Anime Fest for sixteen and up).

Who's to blame? Unknown. It's clear that the decision with Season Pass, costumes and two future paid add-ons clearly came from Bethesda, but you should not think that the publisher keeps key developers from id Software in the basement forcing them to insert such a thing out of hand.

Doom Eternal - is a perfect example of the arena first-person shooter, but not because the game has some innovative and breakthrough features, but only because there are no competitors on the horizon, which means that even if we introduce a completely archaic innovations or elements that violate any laws of logic - the project will still sell and the players will still bring the cash, providing the creators another million in financial statements. A network mode, especially in the background of statements about the classic Deathmatch mode obsolescence, will be a good lever to promote the project, though, who is seriously buying Doom for the multiplayer.

The locations' design is so good, the art from the game may well replace your current desktop wallpaper

Doom Eternal is still the same Doom (2016), only without the bold experiments and structure. It's an explosive remix of all the ideas that the developers brought to their office, which tries to be both stylish, trendy, youthful, yet brutal at the same time, for old fans of the series. You can still enjoy a cocktail like this, especially considering the beautiful visual style and great optimization, but to do so you need to turn off your head for the next 20-30 hours of playthrough and not think at all about what's happening on the screen. Then you'll almost certainly find Doom Eternal to be one of the best games of this year. doom, doom eternal, review, video review, review, opinion, id software, article, blogs. Write a comment Total comments: 2