Is this a PC? Is it a console? It's a calculator on a potato! What DOOM was run on.

After the apocalypse there will be only two things left on Earth: cockroaches and Doom. Cockroaches will play it on whatever is left on the expanse of the nuclear wasteland. After all, it seems to work on anything with a screen at all. But while we're still here let's see what people have already managed to run the brainchild of John Carmack and John Romero on.

All videos will be under spoilers, because without them, the text looks like hell)

1-Calculator on a Potato.

The most recent of such phenomena, after which I actually decided to make a complete list of things that launched Doom.

The enthusiast and author of the Equalo channel originally wanted to run the game on a Raspberry Pi Zero single board computer. By his calculations, he needed 770 pieces of potatoes to get enough voltage and amperage. He spent three days on this task, during which time he boiled and wired the potatoes. But the work was in vain; the TV set to which the computer was connected just couldn't see it. Frustrated, he left for work, but on arrival he remembered that he had another device, which can run the game. It was a TI-84 graphing calculator. It required much less energy, and this time 45 kilos of potatoes was enough to run Doom.

2-The Machine

In 2015, a user with the nickname DavidXNewton ran Doom on his Honda Fit with a Raspberry Pi mini-computer installed there.

Before that, another enthusiast ran the game on his Porsche, in which case it was controlled by the steering wheel, pedals and gearbox, which caused him to have to wheel around the parking lot. But then it turned out that the video was a fake.

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When you don't have enough plasma in your bedroom, you can just run Doom on a bigger screen.

Apple Watch and Android Wear.

If you're sitting in class and the teacher has taken your phone away and you really want to beat up a few demons, don't despair, because now you can run your favorite game on your smartwatch

5-Apple TV

6 - GAME BOY micro.

You don't have to have a Nintendo Switch to play Doom on the go, all you need is a small, console.

7 -

Of course, it's unlikely you'll run Doom (that's a challenge) on a regular calculator, but a scientific calculator is quite possible. The graphics won't look great but if you fiddle with it you'll get acceptable results.

8 - Printer

Yes, we ran it too. The only problem is the lack of sound, but if you have at hand another printer, you can turn it on the soundtrack.

9 - Chainsaw.

This is almost as cool as playing Doom on a shotgun, but the craftsmen have managed to implant a screen and board into the chainsaw only so far.

10 - piano.

My personal favorite in today's top.

Dark Souls on bananas is a thing of the past. Doom on the piano is the choice of a true aesthete. The main thing is not to get tangled up in the keys.

11 - Cash machine.

One day Ryan Edgar was able to take an old cash register from McDonald's, and without thinking twice he decided to run Doom on it. Let's see what happened:

12 - Task Manager.

When he wanted to close the game, but accidentally played it again

13 - ATM

ATM runs on PC, so all you need to do is install it dum, though you have to play through the input buttons.

14. Ipod and MP3 player.

-The screen?




-Start it up!

15. E-book.

Finished reading Lords of DOOM by David Kushner? It's about time you played it!

16. Electronic pregnancy test

17. Touchbar

Toward the end of last year, Apple released the Macbook Pro, which had a touch screen on the keyboard, you can also play Doom on it

18. Camera

Running a game on a camera from the last millennium is not a problem either:

19.Payment terminal

Continuing the theme of ATMs, this time the game ran on terminal payment. It is worth noting that at the terminals Qiwi could play Doom anyone who wanted to. To do this in the search it was necessary to enter "IDDQD".

20. On the keyboard button

Many people know Artemy Lebedev for his design work, but few remember that back in 2008, the Artemy Lebedev Studio released their keyboard called "Optimus Maximus", where each key had a small color screen so that users could customize the keyboard for themselves. However, launching on it is only partially considered a success, because the keyboard only displayed screenshots, and the game was run on a third-party device.

21. Oscilloscope

Clever name, boring experiment, because you just need to install the game to run it, as the device originally ran on Windows 98

22. Minecraft

It's not as simple as it may seem, because this is not DOOM in Minecraft, this is a simulator to run DOOM`a in Minecraft. To start with, in it you first need to order the parts for your computer, assemble it yourself, install all the necessary components to get a virtual computer inside the game on which you can put Windows 98, and already on it run Doom. (waiting for the version where it will be necessary to run it on a potato).

23. DOOM^2.

Love this game so much that you're ready to play it all the time? Rejoice, now you can play Doom as long as you play DoomWhen

I started looking for material for this article, I didn't realize people could have that much enthusiasm

. I

sincerely believe and expect that the craftsmen will surprise us again and again, and soon will launch Doom on (leave your suggestions in the comments)

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