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Salaam kids, concocted a brief guide on the basics of the recently released game and already gaining mad popularity - Apex Legends. Briefly about what is capable of each hero in this game, some tips and tricks, so that the novice player can quickly get accustomed to the game.
The video lays it all out, so turn it on if you're a beginner:)
In the topic let's go through the legends(heroes) in this wonderful game!
BloodhoundBloodhoundis a
born assassin and the most mysterious character in the game, no one even knows his name
His passive skill "Pathfinder" allows him to see the tracks of enemies that recently ran nearby. The tactical skill "Eye of Allfather" allows you to see opponents, traps and tracks through walls, other objects and smoke for a short time. And the special skill "Brutal Hunter" heightens all the hero's senses, allowing you to quickly run and see your enemies.

is a tank with various defensive skills
Such characters are very useful in a team. His main tactical skill is the "Defensive Dome", which shelters allies for 15 seconds. Passive skill "Weapon Shield" protects his character with the shield during target shooting. A passive skill "Bombardment" deals good damage to a tagged enemy position.

CausticThe Causticis a
rather dangerous assassin - he sets gas traps and waits for enemies to fall into them
His tactical skill Knox Trap allows him to set up traps that release poisonous gas when fired at or attacked by enemies. The passive skill "Knox Visor" allows you to see enemies through the gas from the traps. The special skill "Knox Grenade" allows you to spray gas over a large area.

is a support character that can restore the health of allies with his tactical skill "D.O.C. Healing Drone"
The passive skill "Guardian Shield" speeds up the regeneration of your squad members and heal items can be applied 25% faster. The special skill "Supplies" calls for a capsule containing powerful equipment that can be used to turn the tide of the battle.

is a holographic trickster that can distract enemies with its tactical skill, Psychosis. It summons a holographic decoy. As long as the enemy runs after the hologram, you can hide in peace. The passive skill "Encore!" triggers automatically and applies the cloak for five seconds after the knockdown. The Disappearance ability simultaneously summons a group of holograms and cloaks the hero.

PathfinderThe Pathfinder
is a mix of the scout and the fast movement wizard
The hero's passive skill "Infiltration" lets you see how the ring will be narrowed on the map. The Cat Hook is a tactical skill that allows you to quickly climb up any elevated ground or leap high to bring your enemies down from above. TetherMaster is a special skill that allows your whole team to quickly drop down from any elevation to take the enemy by surprise.

is another character that lets you move quickly across the battlefield and take enemies
by surprise.
Her tactical skill, Into the Void, allows her to turn invisible and sneak up on enemies. Her passive skill "Voices from the Void" lets her sense the impending danger so she can react in time. The Rift special skill opens up two portals for 60 seconds, through which your team can pass.

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