Interesting hardware. No. 1 Silent computer is it real?

In today's world, there are all sorts of things that can change our perception. Starting with simple headsets and ending with super-powerful 6-core processors. Everyone is looking for a toy to his liking, and spoils until it breaks. Of course, if there is no money for something big and powerful, users begin to think with their heads and invent their own hardware. At first it was a necessity for this thing, but soon it turned into something else - sporty, like, look what I've made a cooler, etc.
Probably all have long tormented by the same question: is it possible to make a computer completely silent? Yes, it is possible! No matter what we perceive the sound to be, it must have the following qualities:
1. be low in volume - lower than the ambient noise
2. it must be constant or nearly constant so that the user's attention is not diverted by changes of its (sound) characteristics.
In short, people have created a fanless system!

But it is not completely elaborated. So it turns out that the creators have failed. But we know how to make our computer silent even without them, don't we? All sorts of programs help our PC to work more quietly, and of course our fantasy.