News from the Dragon Age 2 world.

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So, the list of fresh food:

- Embark on a brand new adventure, the events of which will take place over an entire decade. All of your actions will affect the world around you.
- Decide which road you will take your way to power, transforming from a dispossessed refugee to a hero of the whole country.
- Think like a warlord and fight like a Spartan with the new dynamic combat system that puts you at the heart of the battlefield, whether you are a mage, a warrior or an outlaw.
- From the beginning of the game and throughout its duration, experience the depth of Dragon Age's world through an immersive, cinematic experience that will haunt you from the beginning to the end.
- Discover a new reality created for you by the detailed graphics and the game's updated design.

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Game Informer magazine got the rights to the interview, and now brazenly teases the public with crumbs of information: the sequel, it seems, will not continue the story of the first part characters. Perhaps the plot focus will shift to the protagonist, rather than being sprawled throughout the party. The action will unfold in a hitherto unknown part of the Dragon Age world.

At the moment, some websites already know a lot about the game, but for obvious reasons, keep it a secret. In August various game magazines will be released, where some mysteries from the world of DA2 will be revealed.

Extra specials list:

-In an interview with Joystiq, BioWare Vice President Greg Zeschuk assured Dragon Age RPG fans that the sequel to this RPG will be a real treat for those who care a lot about beautiful graphics.

"With Dragon Age 2, we're going to pay a lot of attention to technology in the case of this game," he said. - "I can assure you that we intend to make serious improvements to the Dragon Age engine, 'pumping' it up so that the next game will look very cool."

- Dragon Age 2 will not be released on handheld consoles. BioWare head Greg Zeschuk has denied that the Dragon Age RPG sequel will be released on DS and PSP. He stressed that to date, the developers have not even thought about such a thing. Besides, the company already has little experience in creating projects for portable platforms.

The expert says that Dragon Age 2 RPG will please gamers with a lot of innovations. We should note that most of the various innovations are simply missing in the BioWare's projects - the developers have recently started to repeat themselves even more than before. We hope, that in the Dragon Age sequel will be really a lot of brave ideas.

According to Zeschuk, the developers have decided to change the protagonist of Dragon Age 2 in order to diversify the sequel, and not just to give the gamer a fresh dose of the old material. The specialist stressed that the main idea of Dragon Age 2 will remain the same, but the developers will make the role-playing game more interesting and challenging.

Dragon Age 2 will be released in March 2011. The project will be released on PC and consoles (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360).

"Dragon Age's visual style will continue to evolve," Greg Zeschuk added. - Players will be able to see something...Anyway, I can't really talk about that just yet."

In the meantime, it's unlikely that the work on Dragon Age 2 will stop BioWare from continuing to release Dragon Age expansions.

I just need to remind you that Dragon Age 2 game's debut trailer will be released on 08.17.10. And the game itself will appear in March 2011!)
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