Own Game": what is it and how to eat it

"Your Game" is a program from NTV, which has found a second life on the Internet thanks to the programmer-enthusiast Vladimir Khil. He brought the TV fun to computers in the form of an application game, which not only does not lose relevance, but is becoming more popular every day.

Perhaps you've heard of the game. Maybe you've seen the streamers. Perhaps, theoretically, you've seen the CYO public stream:

And you may have the following questions:

Where do I get the game?
How do I play it?
Where do I get packages for the game?
And how do I make packs myself?

I will try to answer all these questions in this blog. Also, the whole story I decided to divide into 2 parts: for players and for people who want to create their own packs of questions, rather than indulge in someone else's (although you can implement both (OWN) options).


you've decided to play "Svoyak"


What do you need to know?


can download

the gamefrom the

official site of the developer


There you can also download the pack editor with questions, but more about it later. The site is as easy as possible to understand and find the information you need, so if you're not a commenter from YouTube - you'll find it in a couple of seconds.





of "Your Game" are simple enough


In front of you is a table of topics. Music, movies, games, paintings, sports, books - it can be anything (even anime!). Each category has several questions, which usually differ in price. You know, the "Humor for 200," the "movies for 400," that stuff came from "Svoyak.

The price determines the difficulty of the issue. The higher the cost, the harder the challenge.

When the first player chooses a question, all participants in the game (except, of course, the leader), may, after reading it, press a special button, thus showing a desire to answer the question.

areas that can be pressed to answer the question are shown in red But

usually people assign themselves a special key, which they will press just like a real button in this TV show


Usually everyone does it on the space bar, but here, it depends on what's convenient. You can at least F13, if you like it that way. You can select the button in the settings that are cleverly hidden in the bottom left corner of the screen (indicated by a purple arrow for people who are not pumping Perception).

Oh, and by the way, before you get out of settings. Friendly tip: go to the "App" tab and uncheck the "Sound" option. This will turn off all in-game sounds, music and video issues you'll hear regardless of the settings.

Back to the rules. If you clicked the answer button and gave the correct answer, you get the specified amount of points. If you did the same, but did NOT answer the question - you lose it. You didn't press the button at all? Then nothing happened to your in-game balance. You just got left out.

In addition to the usual questions, there are little surprises:

1.The cat in the bag is a commonQuestion

, which must necessarily be given. Its topic may be different from the above category. Let's say you chose the "Books for 300" question, and there's a cat in the bag on the subject of poetry, worth 500. Absolutely normal situation.

2. Cat in the bag summarizedThesame

, only this cat you can both give

and keep.

IMPORTANT: only generalized cat in a bag can be prescribed function "show the subject of the cat BEFORE giving this very cat to any of the players. I usually always choose it for the integrity of the game and prescribe this function, so that the cat is not quite random naobum.

3. AuctionThe

answer to this question is not whoever presses the button first, but whoever offers more points for it


Participants take turns bidding their blood money, trying to outbid the previous bidder. And you can also go to VA-BANK. Then all the following players will also have to go all-in. Or pass, giving the question to the winner.

And yes, if you win the bidding for a question, you have to answer it. And you can lose your bet by giving the wrong answer.

4. Sponsor QuestionIf

you get to this point, you're a lucky guy


The question is just for you, you don't lose points if you fail, and if you answer correctly, you get double the reward. Free!

Also, the game has a finale. Usually there are several questions, each belonging to a different topic. Players take turns removing item by item until there is one topic left, which all participants will answer. The price of the question is what the players themselves dare to bet. And, as usual, if the answer is wrong, they lose that amount.

By the way, if you don't agree with the presenter's decision regarding the answer to the last question, you can click the "dispute" button at the bottom right and start voting. If a majority votes that the presenter is being blatantly arbitrary, the points will go back into place. But usually this feature is only needed for games with randoms - you can always tell your friends to go to hell via voicemail or in person.


LEADERWhat game would you play without someone to point out the mistakes of the plebs with his sovereign finger and reward the wise with points for their keen intellect? The gameplay for the leader is very simple and necessary for those people who want to hang out in "Svoyak" with the guys, but do not want to think. And for packet writers, of course.

They have it simple - compare the player's answer to the correct one and give them points. Also, the presenter can determine the player that at the beginning of the game will be the first to choose a question and give points at his discretion, using the panel in the lower right corner.

Oh-oh-oh, I almost forgot. Mr. Host, don't forget to tweak the time allocated for player actions in the settings: length of round, time to give an answer, etc. Configure, as you please, except to say that the round is worth a twist at most if you want to play all the questions. I configured like this:

through the settings, in addition to time, you can set up false starts, and other useful things


Take a minute and wander over there to adjust everything you need. And yes, when you create a server with the package - DO NOT put a check mark on the special questions. If you do, the game will turn the questions in your pack into random cats in a bag, auctions, and so on at will.


can be found on the same official SIGame website in the gallery, as well as in the official VK tab


In addition, there are a bunch of groups and communities devoted to "Svoyak", which also collect / produce their packages.

Basically, this is all the basic information you need. And if this wall of text scared you - do not be afraid, in fact, in "Svoyak" everything is intuitive and you can sort out all the complexities almost by feel.

And yes, do not forget to configure the game profile! Fancy nickname, stylish avatar - where else?

Here you can customize everything. By the way, your avatar must be on your computer. The game does not save it, so remove the picture - instead of avatars blank space.


Before you know it, you've already got about a couple of dozen played back packs


During this time you've had enough of amateur content up to your ears: the same questions (guess who the quote "WHAT IS Madness" belongs to - this question occurs to all fans of gamer packs almost every other game), stupid riddles, mistakes on the facts... In general, shit happens.

Having seen enough of this circus, you decide to make your own, cool, cool puzzle pack. Say you're a movie buff? Then you'd better show all these amateurs what movie questions are, and not the usual "guess the Ghostbusters by their theme song". Well, go for it!

1. Download the pack editor.

It is taken at the same site where the "Svoyak". Where exactly - I won't tell you. Think of it as an IQ test - if you can't find the blue link on a one-page site, you should not do packet questions.

Mocking chuckle

Okay, that was a comedic digression. It was just 1 point too small and I decided to dilute it with water. HOW WITNESSY.

2. We open the editor.

We run SIQester and see something like this:

In the center you will be prompted to open old question packs (if you have already been doing any packs), and at the top left (I even indicated where with a red arrow) you can both open a file from your drive and create a new


We create a new one.

Settings differ in the number of rounds, categories and questions in these categories, as well as the presence / absence of the final round. In general, take any option - in the process of creating a package any element of the game can be safely removed/created, so if you choose the standard format of 3 rounds, no one will forbid you to add, say, another 12.



Let's start creating!

This is what your workspace will look like. Your packet is such a tree where everything goes in descending order. First the rounds that unfold into categories. Then the categories unfold into questions, and within them you string the content. The question options are in order: text, picture, music, more picture, cat in the bag. In parentheses you write the answer, which will be displayed to the presenter as correct (you can customize additional answers and incorrect choices through pkm). The numbers on the left are the price of the question, you can adjust that too.

It is also possible to insert video, but here (as with all media files in the package) it is necessary to remember one thing - the size of the file. If possible try not to put into pack more than one or two megabytes, because the game does not always have time to load big files. Especially if the players with slow internet or connecting from somewhere in Zimbabwe.

It is also desirable that the players had not fallen asleep operating system, capable of supporting .NET Framework 4.6 or better. Since this will depend on whether you will even display the media files. In case of technical problems, there is an online version. It does not allow you to choose an avatar, but it works like clockwork and without delays.

You can configure the content of the question by selecting it with the LKM. After that, this menu appears with a very clear and flexible editor. I will not even describe it well - there is everything as simple as possible. The only two things:

1. With the green plus, you can add items to the question. They will be played from top to bottom in order. You can change items with the blue arrow.

2.Sometimes, when editing a generalized cat in a bag, some of the functions of that cat disappear while packages are still being created. This is a glitch that appears in the extra roundscategories (extra = those you added over and above the usual 3 rounds5 categories). Just create the cat in the first 3 roundscategories and drag the finished one down with your mouse. Or recreate it.

The main thing is not to panic, mistakes happen, so before a serious streaming or any other demonstration of your cool package be sure to test it for lice with your friends.

From there you'll figure it out on your own. Just don't forget to save your work - in case something gets lost.

1. Try to write the conditions of categories / questions as clearly as possible. Test the wording in games with friends. If they don't understand the question, you may have written it loosely.

Example: the category is called "Music Questions. The Witcher's OST is playing. Your friend Vovan presses a button and yells "WEDMACK". And you do not count, because you had to name the exact part! But how would Vovan know that? To avoid confusion was not, write in the conditions of "tell me the exact name of the game" or somehow specify this point. Or in other words say, "Vovan, name a part, or do not count.

2. All files for the package put in one folder. In the case of editing a package, you will have a place where you can take the files again. And when you are done - all unnecessary things can be removed with one click.

If you have already deleted sources, and you need the file inside the package, you can unload it from the package through the same SIQuester. Only then you need to convert the rescued file through some program (e.g. Photoshop or Sony Vegas).

3. Do the package competently. Take your time, sit on it for a couple of days, double-check. Do not hesitate to crop pictures and sound. It is very bad to download music for the issue of VK and shoving it all 3 minutes 12 seconds (or whatever it will be) in the game, forcing the players all 3 minutes 12 seconds to sit and listen. Trim it down to the right 20 seconds through programs. Cut the big pictures to 720p so they load fast, and so on.

4. Don't be corny. Before you make your own package, watch or play someone else's on the same theme you want to make so you don't repeat the same popular questions. The main theme of The Witcher 3, the Divinity Original Sin menu music, the Good, Bad, Evil main theme, the Bioshock screenshots - trust me, there are dozens, if not hundreds of packages with all these things and more. Be original - insert some other song from "The Witcher" or add such a screenshot from a popular game that it is not immediately recognizable.

5. Keep a balance of difficulty. Leave the easiest questions for the first round and the hard stuff for the last. Same with the cheap/expensive questions. Try to go incremental, rather than "Question for 100 - what was the name of the third-ranking extra in the scene where Aragorn leads his army in the last Lord of the Rings movie?" Have pity on those who will play your package.

All in all, if you've read all of this and haven't died of boredom/misunderstanding, consider yourself 99% aware of "Your Game" and all of its pitfalls. The only thing left to do is either play or create! Good Luck! my game, sigame Write a Comment Total comments: 15