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Scientists have already conducted numerous studies that have shown that the mental abilities of gamers are significantly different from those of people indifferent to the gaming industry.

Test results have shown that gamers process information faster and more accurately, and their reaction speed increases considerably. In addition, scientists have found that gamers' brains are constantly improving, honing visual skills and spatial memory.
But why do players play games so differently? What influences the gaming style: age, gender, nationality? We can assume that most likely a special influence has a person's character, and it can only be influenced by the stars . Astrology - the stars, planets, constellations and magnetic storms - can influence gamer's success, his relationships with friends and opponents, his style of play. As the saying goes - the enemy must be known by sight.


: Flamethrower
"That's it, you're going to fall! Team fortress 2 has a new update. Let's play now. Let's just get the patch. What, you didn't pay for the Internet? Let's make a quick payment with your phone number. There's multiplayer. I'm gonna kill everyone. Ha-ha-ha! What? Are you busy? "Why?"

That's Aries, with his spontaneity and energy


He'll barge in on the opposing team as you calmly make your way to your destination. As a result, you'll see either a blooming and infinitely happy Aries, or hear yelling about the broken keyboard. These fellows are easy to lure into a laid trap, they instantly succumb to provocation. If you show an Aries that your opponent's squad is extremely weak, he will not be able to resist the temptation to rush forward and tear the enemy apart.
Aries is selfish but also loyal to friends. He is the one capable of reaching to the far end of the map just to heal an ally.


: clan-bank
"Have you seen how much I've earned?In the manga, there's a


that's stolen... He's stolen all the time and there's noone there... He's stolen all the time and there's no one there... He's stolen all the time and there's no one there... He's stolen all the time and there's no one there... He's stolen all the time and there's no one there... He's stolen all the time and there's no one there's anyone here to steal my stuff... He's stolen it from me or else he won't stand by hislord...

To begin with, he will thoughtfully gather all the important resources and will vehemently oppose unnecessary, from his point of view, costs. If you know how to conduct surprise attacks, it is possible to beat Taurus, but rather not due to the element of surprise itself. But due to the fact that at this point Taurus did not have the necessary resources to counterattack.

Civilization, global economic strategy, Starcraft 2 - all this for Taurus. But even if you suddenly thought that Taurus is extremely stable morally, you only imagined it. They are very emotional and it is better not to piss them off, especially at the time when the Taurus is engaged in the gameplay. It is certainly difficult to do this, but if you manage to do it, then... Anyway, you are warned.


: 10 bases in RTS
"Well well well, what should I do?I'll play a game of chess, and, here yet on the Internet to find something ... Oh! In Wow need to go at the same time ... Or maybe for fuck all this and sleep? "

Peremenchivost.exe and Mnogozadachnost.dll - the most working files in the configuration of Gemini


If Taurus collects games in Steam solely out=of character property - to accumulate as much as possible, then Gemini's reasons are completely different. Well, he does not know how to concentrate on one game, it's boring!

Red alert, Age of empires, Stellaris in these games can often be found Gemini, and it is possible that at the same time in all.

It is for Gemini created in-game chats. Even in the most critical moments they can remember that they did not chat with over there acquaintances. However, Gemini at the same time and manages to nawavalat enemy and appoint a date.

Taken with such a person on some kind of clan quest? I assure you that on the way he will definitely convince you to look in the nearby dungeon, because he has to. You got killed and ended up with an important mission gone wrong? At least you had a good time. Sense of humor and eloquence in Gemini is well developed, but if you can safely kill him in the game, the forum is his territory and it is better to be careful.


: heavy armor.
"Where are we going? What? To a friend's house to play on the console? No, no, home is nice and cozy, but I have nothing better to do than to drag somewhere. I don't like that idea. Why not? I don't know, but... "

That's the way Cancers are, don't be offended by it.

They just love the home environment, and home PC, code-named "calculator" just idolize, because it is on their desk. The chair that cozily accommodates the bottom of the Cancer while their head is thinking about the game is necessarily covered with something soft, because it's more comfortable that way.

By all canons Cancer is Fallout, plays for the brotherhood of steel. In other games is great in defense, because he thinks wide and is able to cover all points of a possible attack. They take defeat hard and are extremely vulnerable. Hiding their delicate nature, often turn the gameplay into a farce, choosing losing options beforehand, and then mock the winner, openly saying that he merged on purpose.

These comrades are absolutely disinclined to share information, they can safely be trusted with all logins and passwords, in such claws everything will be securely hidden.


: clanleader.
"Hha! Of course the victory is mine. Compare his level to mine. I was laughing at the naive fool that decided to try and compete with me... What? Join his guild?Iwill consider it. "

Often the founders of clans and guilds, leaders who love absolute power, are talented organizers


For Leo great for any MMO - ArcheAge, BDO, Tera, Lineage II and many others. But you have to be more careful under his command - nothing warms the soul of Leo like the "kick out" button in the guild management menu.

Flattery - praise their play, pretend that his tactics are the best in the world and the Lion will lavish you with his royal sympathy in return. Can't get enough for the imbo sword? Ask, Leo's ego will purr like a tiny kitten with pleasure that the next "nub" needs his help.
And definitely - the Lion is always on the front line, his heart doesn't know what fear is!


: walkthrough guide.
"As shown by my graph, which was created based on an analysis of 2547 pro player fights and battle outcomes, considering characters and classes, race relationships, with less than... Hell... there's a 0.0001% error here. "

Punctilious, methodical, and hardworking


Maiden instead of meeting and having a beer will be translated from all languages of the world to pass the next quest and put it on the forum, it's more important than carousel. Dwarf fortress, Darkest dungeon, Skyforge - games that are just created for this sign.

Can't stand laziness. Have you ever been caught chatting with a Virgo? Rest assured, he won't get off your neck and will eat your brain with a teaspoon until you've accomplished all the tasks that he thinks are extremely important.


: shield and sword.
"How is it that you have 53 armor in your boots and only 52 in your gloves? Dysbalaaaans, you're not dressing your character correctly at all, I'll advise you on that now. Hmm, and on the other hand... that can be balanced too, though... and if you increase here, your head will be better protected... Why are you so green? No need to be nervous. "

The bully of absolutely all gaming forums, because his goal is harmony. Theoretically able to play MMO games, but I personally imagine his Zenyatta from Overwatch, with his favorite and often repeated phrase - "Feel the harmony!"

RTS is not for Libra, too long and hard for them to decide


In that time, both bases will simply be in ruins. Inconsistent: today sincerely glad to win, tomorrow failing to say that the game is stupid, allies numbskulls and it's time to delete the client game. On the way to balance and equilibrium are able to break lances.


: the invisible dagger.
"You are incapable of defeating me, not even because you have less experience, resources, and fighters, but simply because it's me. Don't fight back, it makes no sense."

An incredible confidence in his abilities is Scorpio. He never forgets that the battle is between people, not figures on a screen, and he takes great advantage of that. Did you get blown away with a sniper in PUBG? Oh yeah, that's the pesky Scorpion at work. His invader instinct just draws him into games like this.

The urge to dominate drives them to pick up anything that rolls under their feet and will give them some sort of advantage in the end.
They love to serve revenge as a cold dish.


: stunner.
"You know, your character is a total dud. So what if you've been playing him for a year, you haven't developed him right. Yes, and stuffot on it not very, and in PVP you do not cope. How did you even get to this level? Good for you, but it's weird. Hey, are you offended? "

Straightforward, they are also absolutely unable to lie. But despite this, have a terrific charisma, so that usually Sagittarius is sincerely loved. You can find this type in Skyrim.

During the gaming process to sit still is not about Sagittarius. Rather, he will walk around the computer, simultaneously performing a lot of movements on the table of all items. Their memory is excellent, at the right moment can remind you of a battle you faced a couple of years ago.

They love to have fun dying in battle with monsters and make racing accidents. Well, they do not understand that the game - a serious matter.

The symbol

: a riding tank.
"I was chased everywhere, cornered, bullied until I won, just like I planned "

Turn-by-turn strategies, that's where Capricorn's heart lies


Able to seize the initiative at the slightest of your wrong moves. Not posers, quietly and quietly go to their goal, capturing one city after another, securely controlling what happens.

If Capricorn has become a clan leader, you are likely to be hurt and pestered by your opponent for a long time until he moves to your side. The tank games World of Tanks and Armored Warfare will also suit Capricorns, but only as some kind of field commander who can intelligently take advantage of the obstacles on the map.

They carefully study all the little things that may come in handy in battle, reading all the guides on the game forum in order.


: playing cube.
If you had to play with an Aquarius opponent, be prepared for unexpected moves. They come up with new tactical tricks literally on the fly and often this feature brings a pleasant effect. Aquarius is strongly developed intuition and perseverance. This is them nightly search for bugs in favorite games, teaching bots to work at a time when their masters are asleep, hacking servers.

Pillars of eternity - quite suitable for the modern Aquarius to implement its abilities.


: enchanted lake.
"This is where I'm going to have my cabin. Aha - and here's the storage room where I'll keep my supplies. Okay... A bunny rabbit ran. What a cutie. Aaah! Why did you kill him?" (Tears.)

For Pisces, the game, is a completely different reality in which to live, to experience all the things the characters feel, to dive in there headfirst.

Life is a harsh thing, and there, look how beautiful it is! But at the same time, Pisces carries all the things that all the other Zodiac signs are famous for. They will be great in any game genre and will always help allies.

A definite suitable game for Pisces is The sims. games, horoscope, blogs. Write a comment Total comments: 37