Top 6. The longest single games

Sixth place - the Diablo devil series

What is Diablo, we must think, many fans of the classics and players with experience know. In a nutshell it's a series of four games (we don't consider the third part yet) - Diablo, Diablo: Hellfire, Diablo 2 and Lord of Destruction. All of these games except for Hellfire, created by the notorious Blizzard (Hellfire did people from Sierra). "Rogalick" quickly became a cult (and very long) game, which could draw and not let go, as now many - World of Warcraft.

This was due to simple as a sheet of paper gameplay, and not bad (at that time) graphics, and a random map generator, thanks to which it was impossible to see the same card more than once in Diablo - which gave the game a ton of replayability. In fact, the story revolved around Beaver vs. Donkey... or rather, Good vs. Evil, of course, and you as the main character had to destroy the great Diablo - the demon that lives under the church in Tristam. Or him, but in his own underworld (the second part).

In general, if you think about why "Diablo" was long, there are two facts - the same generator of levels, and three levels of difficulty, which are opened one after another, and which can (and should!) Repeat for pumping, good stuff, and a lot of fun. There is also a network game on, with which you could stump poor Diablo in ten. But don't think that the game only gave a rest to the spinal cord - gawked - and "AM!" That's the kind of pie with Diablo.



Diablo II:


Diablo III:


Fifth place - a series of "for girls" TheSims.

One of the most poppy and longest games of our time. It is played by everyone from teenagers to old housewives. All the so-called "Cake" game is that you can create even yourself, even the guy you hate, or an ex who dumped you. And make fun of him. Throw him in the fire, starve him, make him do things right in his pants.

It never gets boring. True, there are types of people who are serious about the process and make almost his clones (usually a total waste of the virtual world nerds), but some people do the exact opposite personality Ya their own does not suit, but money for plastic surgery do not.

Also, one of the answers to the question "Why are you playingThe Sims for years?" is that man creates himself (well, at least a little bit like himself), and the girl of his dreams, with whom he wanted to live forever. Next comes love carrots, children, old age. At least virtually, but satisfying. But the real reason why everyone plays The Sims humanity still does not know.

Scientists of the world are still battling to solve this great mystery...

The Sims:


The Sims 2:


The Sims 3:


Fourth place - the epochal series S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

Domestic long-build, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl waited for nearly six years - from the time when GSC Game World announced the project Oblivion Lost, and until he did not appear on store shelves. It's a series with a long history and a very long "player drag-out time." Yes, Stalker did not become "our Fallout" - although in the end it won a respectable 82.19% on Game Rankings, and gained a lot of love from the public. What attracted so many people to the game?

Well, first of all, "that Chernobyl. The game cheekily exploited all the rumors of mutants in the zone at Chernobyl, and remade them into a larger scale. The result was 2012 in the game, the crowds of mutants, and subtle, barely visible, but existing atmosphere of the novel "Picnic by the Side of the Road" by the Strugatsky brothers. Secondly, not every domestic game is made with such care and attention to detail - even if they were "smeared" and scattered over the three games in the series - Shadow of Chernobyl, Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat, but still strongly attracted the player. And thirdly, not every project in 2007 could boast such a long walkthrough time (already then went the fashion for a short game) - the passage of the "Stalker" many require no less than 70 hours of real time. And with the additional quests - and more than a hundred. Plus, of course, the two additions also have sizable "time" underbelly - the total passage of all three games can easily spend more than 300 hours.



Third place - radioactive series Fallout

That's something, but it's hard not to know such a game as Fallout - the third part sold a huge amount, New Vegas by almost the entire old team (Obsidian, if you don't know, consists of many old Interplay employees)... Well, we should have remembered the famous post-apocalyptic series, which, moreover, in a far away and dense 1997 offered complete freedom of action, a huge world, interesting tasks and all the other components of this, excellent sandbox-project. The second part only consolidated the success, but the third, with all its DLC and unofficial nickname "Oblivion with guns" brought Fallout to a new level.

Mostly Fallout was loved for its setting and atmosphere. Well, also for the complete permissiveness - not every game could score a bolt on the plot, and wander around, scaring mutants and raiders. Also the whole Fallout universe is imbued with the spirit of the "futuristic sixties" - sound machines, "pudgy" TVs and monitors, which were adjacent to the Brotherhood of Steel, power armor and robots. Of course, the game had its flaws (especially in the original) - but they were more than compensated for by all the advantages.

Yes, you may not know those times when Fallout was not yet a classic, but certainly you've played the third part. And if you liked it - get over your aversion to the ancient graphics, and play the first two parts. Because of the monitor you will be taken out with a crane - so Fallout draws.



Fallout 2:


Fallout 3:


Second place medieval series The Elder Scrolls.

The TES series has always been famous for its length. For example, the second part of the saga, Buggerfa... sorry, Daggerfall, is probably the longest RPG ever - you could spend up to two years on it. The next parts (and the first, too) were much shorter, so much so that even the huge (by modern standards) Morrowind takes up "0.01% of the total size of Daggerfall". Oblivion was even less. But the longest of all, was the recently released Skyrim! You have to admit the fact that the series is considered almost the longest in gaming history.

First, the often short storyline (in Oblivion it runs literally in a day) is made up for by wagons of side quests, from the traditional "kill 10 goblins" to the more complex and multi-step ones like the Daedric Princes' quests. Secondly, the size of the game world is always impressive - for example, in "Morrowind" the size of the game world is 63.125 square miles, and in "Oblivion" - 16 square miles. And, of course, the game impresses with its variety and a lot of space for experience.

Of course, people who don't like RPGs are unlikely to understand the beauty of the TES series. However, if you're a fan of RPGs, then you know how long you can spend collecting the roots of Nirn in Tamriel.

The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind:


The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim:


And finally, first place! And on it, what would you think ... Tetris!

"Tetris" has always been (and always will be!) a truly iconic game. First released June 6, 1984, and created by Alexei Pazhitnov, our compatriot, "Tetris" quickly became a true cult, if not a breakthrough. This says a lot - from the fact that the "Tetris" was played in the West, and with pleasure (it was after Tetris began to change the English "R" to the Russian "I"), and to the rabid popularity of our days.

"Tetris" is inherently as simple as a stool, and everyone has played it. Everyone knows the rules, probably since childhood - falling figures from the top, which should not fall in a mess. You have to "unpack" them so as to form neat rows, which then disappear - and you get points.

There are, of course, many explanations for the love of "Tetris" - from the uncomplicated gameplay (which, strangely enough, dragged me away with my head), and ending with the Russian folk music in the game. Still, it's hard to understand why many people like this ancient puzzle game better than modern projects. It's a shame, of course, but many people don't get it anymore.

Also, Tetris is full of imitators, which can't help but say that this primitive toy is a real hit. Also specially for "Tetris" was released, ahem, pocket console Brick Game, which in addition to "Tetris" itself often inhabited "Snake".



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