I like this guys.

So, in response to your friend Sibiryak's post number 23, I decided to take a shot at your own kaleidoscope of cool guys. I'm not going to give any seats, because all the guys are cool and it's a sin to distribute seats between them.
Unlike Sibiryak, I will talk about them myself, i.e. what exactly I respect and love them for.
So, let us begin.
And open our peculiar top...hidden text NOBODY from the Warhammer 40,000 universe!

And their specific representatives are noobs. Huge, green boulders, sweeping away all living things in their path. And undead too, by the way. Why do I love orcs? For their simple-minded nature. Just look at a typical orc song: "
We are coming, we are coming, this one we are coming

We are coming, we are coming, chiris cosmas,
We are coming, we are coming, this we are coming,
We're coming, we're coming, chiris biscane,
We're coming, we're coming, this we're coming,
As we come, so we'll know, de we.

Why is an entire race represented in a category with one name? Because any one of them is my idol in absentia and all that.
...In continuation of the theme suddenly pops up...
hidden textBlack Templars!

Also from the Warhammer 40k universe. What are comrades who are almost the exact opposite of orcs doing here? Well, I'm probably such a versatile person.
The motto is "No pity! No remorse! No fear!" sounds so chic. And they look, you have to admit, insanely cool. Black crosses with outlines, mostly close combat weaponry, red eyes (all green) unlike the rest of the Space Troopers, and the purest genocode since the Ultramarines.
...Now let's get closer to the solid earth and remember...
hidden textMax Payne.

An undercover cop who wrapped a yellow ribbon around himself that said "Look out! He's got nothing to lose!" was my main idol when it first hit the shelves. And for a very long time he stayed in that position, simply because his sadly philosophical, deeply imaginative thoughts, so often glimpsed and heard in the game of the same name, stuck strongly in my heart. Especially this phrase: Everything in this world is subjective. And the end of the world is different for everyone. If it comes to you - it will not seem trivial, in fact I still adore these words and often resort to quoting them.
...and then out from behind the wall comes...
hidden textSolid Snake.

A gloomy, sarcastic, inconspicuous killer with a cigarette in his teeth. A hero who rightly does not consider himself a hero. Clone. One could speak long and tastefully about Snake, but I will confine myself to the fact that he is insanely charismatic .
...just as imperceptibly from above comes...
hidden textALTAIR.

A masterful assassin who eventually turned against the Brotherhood. A pesonage strong in character, moving beautifully, and generally appealing to my eye and heart. Why not Ezzio? Because Ezzio is not an assassin. He's a playboy. He's not the blob of cold-bloodedness that can intimidate anyone. Anyway, I don't like Ezzio specifically as a hero. Yes, he's more human and all that, but he's also more flat.
...and in the conclusion, out of thin strands of air materializes...hidden textAgent 47.

The Cold-Blooded Killer. A one hundred percent anti-hero. A mercenary who doesn't give a damn about anything. Strong hands, a cool head, quick feet, and the ability to handle all conceivable and unconceivable weapons... See, there's the cool head again.
In addition, it would be nice to add Garrett the thief, because he is really 100% anti-hero, because he never pursued any human goals, and is always looking for something to steal and from whom. He is a professional in this business.
With this I bid farewell, criticism is not going to catch, for this is my personal opinion, and not an attempt to impose it on anyone. nasty top, how many people, purely imho. Write a comment Total comments: 27