Children of Wrath

About two months ago on one of the English-language blogs on World of Warcraft I read a curious material about several generations of players. In a nutshell, it boils down to the following. In the four-year history of the game three periods clearly stand out:

WoW v 1.xx: November 2004 - January 2007. So-called "original WoW" or "vanila WoW", "pre-TBC WoW.

WoW v 2.xx: January 2007 - November 2008. So-called "TBC WoW".

WoW v 3.xx: November 2008 - present day. "Wrath", "WotLK".

A list of changes introduced by Blizzard developers over the course of four years would take more than a hundred pages. Changed the mechanics of the game classes, there were two new races, new territories scale continents (Outland and Northrend), small islands, new dungeons, vehicles, new heroes, and more. Twice the character growth limit was raised. Blizzard held world events to coincide with seasonal holidays and epic events like the opening of the Dark Portal and the departure of the Horde and Alliance to Northrend.

In the aforementioned article, the author says that the generation of players starting out in Azeroth now will play a different game than those who started 3-4 years ago. They probably won't get into the legendary raid instances of Molten Core or Black Wing Lair. Gather the company in it now is very difficult. Unless they go on a fan raid with the old guys. They'll fly past dungeons for 5 people that were already empty in the TVS era. They won't see half of the Outland zones, because they'll only need half of The Burning Crusade content to get to level 68 and get to Northrend, where life is now boiling. They don't know that you used to be able to fly to a certain point on a griffin and then transfer to another point. They don't know that you used to be able to go to Stratholme in a group of ten. They may not even know there's such an instance at all, because after the 58th they go straight to Dark Portal.

As the old guys in my guild said after I shared my thoughts on the article - the game is different. Some say quite different.

After that sat back and thought for a long time about what generation I belong to? I started playing before the release WotLK, when the word "seventy" still meant something, the first riding mount given at level 40 and before the patch 2.4.3 it cost more, the system "achievements" was not the word and no one really did not suffer without it. I myself became a seventy two weeks before the release of WotLK. So technically I'm in the "TBC generation". On the other hand - I never reached TBC raids, so I can not consider myself a full-fledged "child of TBC".

In general, the topic is interesting. Yesterday in the strart zone Dun Morog ran in a party with another hunter and a mage. How to invite the party did not know. When I asked the hunter why he was backing away from the mobs, and not cajit it, he went silent. In general, both were silent as a fish on the ice. As it turned out later, both played the first day. Children of Wrath.