Why a home game server is not worth it

We're continuing on the topic of dedicated servers. This month we'll bring you up to speed on the costs of buying your own dedicated game server and show you why it's a more secure and cost-effective solution than a standard home server.

A server tailored to your needs

We discussed the topic of dedicated servers comprehensively last month. Thanks to our cooperation with OVHcloud, we managed to explain the whole process of starting your adventure with "dedicated servers". In the August material you will find all the necessary information on what is a dedicated server, what are its advantages and disadvantages and how to buy it. Today we focus on the advantages of dedyks over home servers. After this reading, you will see why a dedicated server for many players will prove to be the most economical and secure solution.

The first glance at OVHcloud's offer makes it clear that their wide range of possibilities will allow you to adjust the offer to your personal needs. Choosing a server is definitely one of the most important decisions in the process of buying your own dedication. The OVHcloud offer ranges from the simple, affordable Rise servers, ideal for hosting websites or streaming, to the premium class, which guarantees impressive scalability and configurability for Big Data or Machine Learning projects.

So depending on what the use of your dedicated server will be, you will decide on a different offering. Each of the sets can be further configured, their bandwidth can be increased or you can use more powerful components.

The current Game generation, servers based on AMD Ryzen processors, was created with gamers in mind. Throughput has been increased up to 1 Gbps, so that the lag during the game is very low and players using the server are guaranteed a smooth, enjoyable game.

The cost of a dedicated server

The price once again depends on the responsibilities you plan to burden your new server with. Programmers planning to set up simply their own website, can start the adventure with dedicates already from the efficient, affordable Rise. The price/quality ratio in this case is definitely the best. Rise, like all other OVHcloud servers, is covered by DDoS protection and servers are available in many regions of the world, which reduces latency and allows users to load our site quickly. Rise pricing starts at just £224 per month.

On the example of Game servers, however, we can see that the initial amount is the price for the most basic variant. Each of the offers available on the OVHcloud website can be configured with additional components. Together with the cost the potential of our server increases.

The price of a basic Game-1 dedicated server starts from 371 PLN per month. Then we get AMD Ryzen 5 3600X processor and bandwidth at the level of 1 Gbps. However, for an additional 140 PLN we are able to take advantage of the higher Game-2 package, which already offers access to a powerful machine with AMD Ryzen 7 3800X. During the configuration process, where we choose the location of our server and learn the details of its modification, we can also increase the available memory and disk space. In the case of the Game-2 offer, the base set of two NVMe Soft RAID SSDs can be upgraded with two SATA HDDs with a total capacity of 8TB for an additional $90.

So the most important thing is to adjust the offer to your intentions. The advanced configuration possibilities of OVHcloud servers will not only allow you to find what you need, but will also save you a few pennies. Do not decide to increase the server memory or capacity if you are not sure if you need it.

A secure and economical solution

Thanks to the freedom of configuration, you will be able to get exactly what you need at a reasonable price. On the OVHcloud website you will currently find up to six different dedicated server offers, each designed with a slightly different type of user in mind. On OVHcloud's servers you can set up your own website, a server to play Counter Strike, Rust or Arma, and even store valuable backups on their powerful storage spaces.

Each server is also available in at least three different price options. On the price list screen, you'll get a sneak peek at all the details of the individual servers, their components, memory and bandwidth. During the further configuration process, you will also be able to upgrade some of them and customize them according to your needs.

The attractive price is only one of the advantages of dedicated servers. Both developers, businessmen and gamers will appreciate the high attention to security. Each of the OVHcloud servers is equipped with the Anti-DDoS protection, and the offer for gamers is additionally enriched with the Anti-DoS Game. The main objective of this system is to prevent any interruptions in the availability of the service. To this end, two-way filtering technologies and ready-made game profiles have been introduced. Thanks to this, sometimes even during DDoS attacks the server users will not feel any difference in gameplay.

Players will also undoubtedly appreciate the high throughput of the servers in the Game offer. All Valorant fans undoubtedly felt a powerful change in gaming comfort recently when Riot opened the first server in Warsaw. The quality of matchmaking immediately increased, ping in some cases even dropped below 10ms and Poles could finally feel like Koreans in Seoul. You can also set up your own dedicated server in the capital city of Poland, which will significantly affect the latency of its users and allow for smooth, enjoyable gameplay.